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Swiss progressive metal band
has released single/video

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‘Dreamland’ is the second single & video release from the upcoming album ‘Sequences’.
Before the album release a third single & video for the song ‘Haunted’ will be released by end of May.
Inspired by the stories and poems of Edgar A. Poe and H. P. Lovecraft a piece that ties in with these impressions musically and spherically was created.
Poe’s poem ‘Dreamland’ was therefore a must to complete this song with lyrics.
Let yourself be carried away into the mystical and gloomy worlds of Poe and Lovecraft.

The word ‘progressive’ can be explained with ‘developing’ or ‘evolving’.
The band GREEN LABYRINTH takes this to heart, and so the Swiss band ventures further into the depths of progressive metal with their new line-up, without forgetting their symphonic roots.
Since the formation of the band in 2008 and the debut album ‘Shadow Of My Past’ from 2014, new band history will finally be written, and in June this year a new album will be released via BOB-MEDIA / Fastball-Music.
With nine brand new songs, the band demonstrates their entire musical and lyrical spectrum.
Starting with the epic eight-minute opener ‘Dreamland’ to the dark, pounding ‘Haunted’ to the atmospheric and solemn album finale ‘The End’, all of which represent the previously released singles and video clips, GREEN LABYRINTH impress with sophisticated and exciting arrangements, a high-class production and the perfectly suited voice of singer Seraine.
With the new band line-up with singer Seraina Creator, guitarist David Vollenweider, keyboarder Tom Hiebaum, bassist Stephan Kaufmann and drummer Mättu Dätwyler, the numerous concerts of the past few years are to be resumed before and after the album release.
GREEN LABYRINTH keep going forward – one can be curious.

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