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German prog rock newcomer
released single/video
‘Raise Your Voice’

lyrics: Maximilian Krüger, Simon Gatzka, Alexander Dachwitz, Stephan Nabbefeld, Anne Gatzka
musik: Maximilian Krüger, Simon Gatzka, Alexander Dachwitz, Stephan Nabbefeld
produktion: Bertram Engel, Peter Keller, Tilman Ilse

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AEDON are:
Simon Gatzka – vocals & guitar
Max Krüger – guitar & backing vocals
Alex Dachwitz – bass & backing vocals
Stephan Nabbefeld – drums

“Mood is important to us. We want to make music that you can fall into, sink into and that won’t let you go for days.”
Away from the radio mainstream, what was called progressive rock in the late sixties still exists.
Music that is just as melodic as it is virtuosic, that sounds playful, fantastic and at times academic, and that usually goes beyond the ‘3-minutes-before-the-news’ line.
Prog Rock has been declared dead many times, but it’s still here.
Just like Aedon, Germany’s big rock hope.
Younger representatives of the prog rock genre like to borrow from alternative, metal or indie.
The best example of this is the German quartet Aedon, which has just triggered a real hype.
Because they are – sorry – really hot shit.
Prog rock with a commercial dimension, “the perfect mix of energy, lightness and melancholy” (band info).
The hype is also fueled by the fact that two old hands in the music business are enthusiastic about the quartet – Bertram Engel and Peter Keller, both in the service of German superstars Peter Maffay and/or Udo Lindenberg;
both producers of ‘Nightingale’, the meaning of ‘Aëdon’ in ancient Greek.
Father of the gods, Zeus, turned the accidental child killer into a bird at her request.
But this is another story…
producer/drummer Engel:
“This band is absolutely amazing. I believe that there is something very special in her. I’ve never had such a positive feeling before.”
Together with his multi-stringed guitar colleague Peter Keller, he produces the band, which met through internet exchanges and coincidences.
Sounds unromantic, but if it works, why not?!
If you take the three titles that were created in Hamburg’s Chefrock studio as a benchmark, then you can confidently have high expectations.
‘Change This World’ begins cautiously, with a plucked guitar, and then increases to a chorus-driven powerhouse song thanks to the metal riffs.
The mixture of a quiet start, choruses that are likely to hit, polyphonic singing and powerful guitar action also proves its worth in one form or another on ‘Gentle Rain’ and ‘Raise Your Voice’.
Ornate and yet straightforward, playful and powerful at the same time, dreamy but sometimes also tough.
Aedon, who as root system Porcupine Tree, Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge), Dallas Green (City and Colour), The Dear Hunter, Karnivool, Nothing But Thieves, Pain of Salvation, The Beatles (!), Paramore, Haken, Coheed & Cambria have learned their lessons and developed an idiosyncratic tone, their own stylistic language at an early stage.
Hats off!
The band itself describes the inner chemistry of the group as follows:
“Simon and Max are the songwriters of the band. They usually come to the rehearsal room with an idea for a song. This can be a guitar riff, a chord progression, a melody, or an entire song. This idea is then worked out with the whole band. Bassist Alex is our ‘song doctor’, he often has the one idea that takes the respective song to the next level. Drummer Stephan knows everything that has to do with sound technology.”

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