German post-hardcore group
will release album

Black Hole
Through The Night
Learn To Be Alone
Calling You
Vicious Cycle
Help Me Out!
Summertown (ft. Breakdown Bros)

to watch the video-clip of ‘Black Hole’, please click play…

Timo Bonner – vocals
Steffen Hirz – guitar
Manuel Möbs – bass
Daniel Maus – drums

Post-hardcore outfit OUR MIRAGE announced their third full-length album called »Eclipse«, due for release on November 25th via Arising Empire.
The band also serves their first chapter ‘Black Hole’ of their upcoming trilogy included on their brand new album.
“Deep inside your mind, it feels like being trapped by our own fears. As fear overtakes more and more the sun and light vanish and leave nothing but darkness. You are caught in a black hole and while you’re struggling, you keep on falling. The longer you fall, the more you get pulled in. The happier you could be, the unhappier you become. Every night you feel the same and cannot escape. So when you put on your disguise, who knows what you are hiding? Deep within ourselves, fear overshadows our happiness. Even when little things are overwhelming, trust me, you’re not alone.”
Hailing out of Marl, Germany, this four-piece Post-Hardcore group really hits you deep in your emotions.
From the ambient music to the emotional lyrics that really strike a nerve, OUR MIRAGE offers a vast variety of elements that many of us can relate to.
This young group is becoming known for the emotion that they pour into their music and their latest release ‘Unseen Relations’ takes that line even deeper.
The group largely focuses on the problems that our youth deal with internally, but their music doesn’t just speak to them; it is very intuitive of the problems and struggles that we all deal with on a common basis.
“The Post Hardcore, clearly inspired by The Amity Affliction, is composed confidently, professionally produced, and performed in an appealing manner.”

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