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American pop/rock band
will release a new single

Danny – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Ethan Jenkins – lead guitar
Thomas Wintch – lead guitar
Mikey – lead vocals, drums
Ben Iba – bass

19 miles per hour will release on the 1oth of september their new single ‘Contradictions’.
From an assortment of locations across the US,
indie-pop enthused 19 Miles Per Hour are set to release their new single, ‘CONTRADICTIONS’ this month.
With the goal to unite using music, the quartet centralizes upon the notion that melodies have the power to make us feel like we are not alone in this world.
Culturally relevant lyricism coupled with catchy yet passionate rhetoric, 19 Miles Per Hour hope to bring further awareness to conversations surrounding mental health.
Mikey wrote ‘CONTRADICTIONS’ one day after he was inspired by the lead piano riff.
He felt like he needed to write this song about the crazy world we live in and how we all say we want the world to change, but yet we don’t prove it with actions.
the singer comments:
“‘CONTRADICTIONS’ is our cry for help. It’s our cry for love and togetherness. We want this song to inspire people to be the best version of themselves and to show love and acceptance towards everyone and anyone they come into contact with.”
Following their previous release ‘Ruined Reputations’, the group captured Utah
when they won Provo’s 2019 Battle of the Bands, BYU – after only a week of practice with their entirely fresh lineup.

19 Miles Per Hour succeeded themselves when they were voted “Favorite Overall Artist” 2021 at the Local Utah Music Awards, and named “Best Band” in the Daily Herald’s “Best Of 2021” magazine.
Taking up instruments at a young age, the members developed their tastes early on, helping them channel this when coping with hard times.
Namely, Mikey suffered from Depression and Anxiety, using jam sessions with brother Danny (who is also in the band) to help treat them.
Founding the band, the duo continued to echo their passion with new members and line-ups;
friends Brady Ellsworth (original lead guitarist)
and Noah Lefgren (original bass).
After highschool, Mickey went on to serve a mission with his church – this experience proved challenging on one’s physical and mental health.
The struggles resulted in his return and this experience proved a fundamental contribution
to the passionate integrity you can hear in 19 Miles Per Hour’s music.
They began circulating in local grassroots scenes across Utah, performing at a plethora of venues and events like Battle of the Bands.
Accumulating a sizable following, the band won runner-up in All-Star Battle of the Bands 2020, Provo.
Similar artists include The Killers, The Backseat Lovers, Ben Rector, and Mayday Parade.

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