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Finnish melodic metal band
has released deput album
‘Plains of Oblivion’

Remnants Astray
Northern Lights
Grasp Of Hell
Plains of Oblivion
Desolation Fields
Maw of the Dread
The Ruins

Finnish melodic metal band Blackment has released their debut album.
The band was founded 2014 in Hyvinkää, Finland.
Their unique sound is a combination of catchy melodies, cunning and heavy guitar riffs, atmospheric keyboards and tight rhythmics with distinctive vocals approach.
Debut album ‘Plains of Oblivion’ was created with the top sound tech professionals.
The idea was to keep the album sound natural in order to get unique and grooving dynamics.
Before the album Blackment has released ‘In The Dark’ EP and some single releases.
Blackment’s debut album ‘Plains of Oblivion’ is an epic journey through diverse and massive melodic metal soundscapes.
The album introduces dark and heavy as well as more joyful and lighter atmospheres.

Finnish metal newcomer
release new single
‘Northern Lights’

to watch the video-clip ‘Northern Lights’, please click play…

Music by Saalas Ruokangas
Lyrics by Saalas Ruokangas
Mixing & recording engineer: Harri Petjakko
Mastering engineer: Mika Jussila

‘Northern Lights’, third single from the upcoming Blackment album introduces surprising folk influences.
Finnish metal band Blackment (founded in 2014 in Hyvinkää) unleashes their massive and melodic debut album ‘Plains of Oblivion’ on September 9th 2022.
A new single ‘Northern Lights’ has been released as their third and last preview from the album.
The song was recently premiered exclusively on Finnish Radio Rock channel.
Additionally, an epic music video for the single will be released next week.
Composer and guitarist Saalas Ruokangas explains:
“‘Northern Lights’ originates from the early days of our band. I wrote the main melody when I was 16 years old but the song has grown and changed massively over the years. Stylistically ‘Northern Lights’ leans towards classic heavy metal with some folk influences. The lyrics are heavily influenced by the book series ‘His Dark Materials’ where one can observe parallel worlds in northern lights.”
Blackment has previously released two intriguing singles from the upcoming album:
‘Maw of the Dread’ and ‘Clouds’.
The band’s signature sound of melodic and playful guitars combined with Sami Vuorenheimo’s unique and skilled vocal style truly captivates the listener.
Traditions of melodic metal from various decades, as well as massiveness and some more modern influences can all be heard.

Finnish metal newcomer
release new single
‘Maw of the Dread’

to watch the video-clip ‘Maw Of The Dread’, please click play…
pic by ​Joona Laitinen

Blackment are:
Sami Vuorenheimo – vocals
Saalas Ruokangas – guitar & backing vocals
Allan Välimaa – guitar
Väinö Huhtanen – bass & backing vocals
Sebastian Nyandoto – keyboards & backing vocals
Akseli Aalto – drums

Finnish metal newcomer Blackment criticizes the decision of an easy path with their new single ‘Maw of the Dread’.
Blackment was founded 2014 in Hyvinkää and they are ready to release their debut album ‘Plains of Oblivion’ on September 9th this year.
As a sample from their upcoming album, they now present their strong new single, ‘Maw of the Dread’.
Previously the band has released couple of small releases that gave a glimpse of the band’s sound that combines catchy melodies, striking riffs and a tight rhythm base, atmospheric synths, and a distinctive versatile vocal approach.
The same elements are also present in the new single.
Guitarist Allan Välimaa explains:
“‘Maw of the Dread’ is an energetic and heavy song that starts like a thunder. We’ve played this track on our rehearsal room since summer 2016 so this is one of our oldest tracks on the album. The structure of the song is still pretty much the same as back then, except for a couple of changes along the way.”
The vocals lead the listener through a heavy, somber, emotional, and melodic atmosphere.
Lyrical theme has a twist of horror that deals with the subject of taking the easy way, in some sense with a hint of satire.
“It’s about people trying to manage things taking the easy way, usually with someone else’s expense. Writing lyrics is kind of a way to cheer myself up and most of the subjects has been created by my own challenges and mistakes in life. So basically, it’s also me looking myself in the mirror, even to this day”
Allan Välimaa tells.

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