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Finnish melodic metal band
released album
‘Arctic Atlas’

-273.16 °C
In The Theater Of Fire
Killing Floor
Heartache Parade
Island Across
She & The Dark Winter
Little Lotus
Black Butterflies´ Night
Atlas Of Hearts

pic by Vin Valentino/Framenoir
to watch the video-clip ‘In The Theater Of Fire’, please click play…
to watch the video-clip ‘Killing Floor’, please click play…
to watch the video-clip ‘Black Butterflies’ Night’, please click play…

Averlanche releases their long-awaited second album ‘Arctic Atlas’.
After a few years of composing and producing, ‘Arctic Atlas’ is finally available as a physical album or digital version.
Averlanche is more than ready to introduce themselves as a newborn Symphonic Metal band from Finland with modern sounds and a completely new style.
The album has been released through JVR MUSIC GROUP record label.
INVERSE RECORDS handles the digital promotion worldwide.
‘Arctic Atlas’ is an interesting album full of surprises.
It starts in the freezing cold and then jumps straight into a burning theater.
It is something you never expected from Averlanche.
Averlanche’s debut album ‘Life’s Phenomonen’ was produced, recorded & mixed by the famous Finnish producer Hiili Hiilesmaa, best known for collaborating with bands like HIM, Sentenced, Apocalyptica and others.
After a long collaboration, this time the band’s manager Joonas Rinne was chosen to be the producer.
The album was recorded in different sessions during 2022-2023.
Joonas Rinne, producer:
“Working with Averlanche has been an interesting journey through time. The album was being prepared for about a year, from the demo sessions to arrangement and production. The album was fun to mix and the collaboration with the band went well. Mika Jussila took care of the mastering process and a few days ago we received the finished product from Finnvox. The entire production team and the band are very satisfied with the results. I hope the listeners will take the album as their own from the first time listening.”
The recording process of ‘Arctic Atlas’ was a very different experience from recording the debut album.
This album was recorded in different sessions and every session had its unique style.
Rebecca Spörl, vocals:
“I enjoyed the recording process and I think we have all grown a lot during this past year. My favorite song on the album has been changing a lot. It really depends on my mood. At the moment I would say ‘Island Across’! I love the atmosphere it creates. I would like to thank you so much for your patience and your support. Soon it will be rewarded. We hope to see you at the upcoming shows!”
Most of the songs on the album had already been composed before the release of debut album ‘Life’s Phenomenon’.
Antti Kopra, keyboards:
“The oldest songs of the album, ‘In The Theater of Fire’ and ‘She & the Dark Winter’, we have already been playing live for a while. We put a lot of time and effort into the production phase of our songs and tested and discussed many different possible arrangements to find the best versions. This time we did the recordings in multiple sessions in Oulu, instead of all at once like last time. This way we had more time to work on the details.”

Finnish melodic metal band
released new single/video
‘Little Lotus’

to watch the video-clip ‘Little Lotus’, please click play…

Music & Lyrics: Antti Kopra
Produced By: Joonas Rinne & Averlanche

pic by Vin Valentino/Framenoir

Averlanche are:
Rebecca Spörl – vocals
Antti Kopra – keyboards
Otto Haalahti – guitars
Henri Tenhunen – drums

Averlanche released new music.
‘Little Lotus’ tells a tale about corrupted beauty and takes the listener on a journey into a beautiful snow-covered forest.
Averlanche released their new single ‘Little Lotus’ on the 27th of January, along with a Hollywood-style music video.
The single is taken from their upcoming second album ‘Arctic Atlas’ and is available on all streaming platforms.
Other singles that have been released from the upcoming album are ‘In The Theater of Fire’ and ‘Killing Floor’ with music video.
‘Little Lotus’ tells a tale about corrupted beauty and combines the freezing north wind with an atmospheric verse, brought to life by Otto Haalahti’s beautiful guitar playing.
Creating the song and filming the music video were experiences that happened exactly at the right time for the band.
Antti Kopra, keyboards:
“The idea for ‘Little Lotus’ came from the guitar melody in the song’s verse. Originally I composed the melody on my keyboard, but later on I changed it to be played by the guitar. ‘Little Lotus’ was easy to shape into its final form and everyone in our band agreed that we just have to shoot a music video for it. It is fun to play and I can’t wait to play it live at our concert at On The Rocks in Helsinki!”
The band has been recording the new album within the last year and it was carefully put together, taking every detail into consideration.
The album ‘Arctic Atlas’ will be released in spring 2023, digitally as well as physically.
Antti Kopra, keyboards:
“We are almost done with the recording process, our last trip to the studio will be in the beginning of February. I can’t wait to listen to the entirety of the album for the first time. There will be many surprising elements and even surprising guests!”
Joonas Rinne, producer:
“Working with Averlanche has been interesting and almost felt like time travelling. We have been working on the album for about a year, from demo sessions unto arrangement and production. We started building the album from the many new songs Antti Kopra brought to the table. ‘Little Lotus’ was the first song that stuck out to us, since it isn’t the typical sound one would expect from Averlanche. The main melody is annoyingly catchy. In my opinion it is the best song on the album.”
Averlanche will celebrate the new single by playing it live for the first time ever at ‘On The Rocks’ in Helsinki on 27.01.2023 together with Dorothy Polonium and Memoira.
Averlanche is a Helsinki-based melodic metal band, founded in 2017.
Averlanche combines catchy melodies with beautiful female vocals.
Their sound is influenced by Finnish heavy metal music from the 90’s and early 2000’s.

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