Finnish melodic death metal act
has released celebrating EP

As the Stars Align
Beyond the Horizon (acoustic version)
Ode to Life (symphonic version)
Evolve Cycle (arcade version)

line up:
Allan Välimaa – guitars
Juhana Korkka Heinonen – bass and backup vocals
Jouni Matilainen – lead vocals
Iiro Karjalainen – drums
Oskari Niekka – guitars and backup vocals

pic by Allan Välimaa

Finland’s melodic death metallers Re-Armed has released today a new EP celebrating its 20th anniversary, titled “XX”.
The EP contains two new songs, one demo song ‘Morrow’ (first demo – released originally 2002) that is fully re-produced, re-recorded, re-armed and renamed as ‘Tomorrow’, one acoustic version from previous album’s ‘Beyond the Horizon’ track and two special versions from previously released songs ‘Evolve Cycle’ as arcade version and ‘Ode to Life’ as orchestral version – all these versions are released with videos and are available on YouTube.
The EP is available on all the major streaming platforms.
The band comments on the special release:
“We wanted to put together a somewhat special release that includes something new, but also echoes from the past. The new and the latest single ‘Tomorrow’ from the release is great example of that. The track was originally released under the name of ‘Morrow’ in 2002 as first demo for the band. It was more than exciting to shake its foundations after all these years and make it much better song. Now you can actually feel and hear its strong emotional charge, that’s been hidden in that shitty demo version, heh. Of course, it could have been way more easier to pick up some songs from all the previous releases and make just some kind of collection album, but it sounded already in the beginning so damn boring idea. And since coronavirus came and shuffled the pack with our previous album promotion tours etc. – it basically cancelled most of our booked shows at that time. What else we do have than time to make some new music? Staying put and waiting for some virus to disappear would have been pure waste of time. Massive thanks goes to our partners in crime, all these guys and girls who helped us to put this bungle together. We shared our vision to them and asked help here and there, especially this happened with the special track versions – The end result is great and special indeed. Enjoy!”

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