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a Polish female fronted
melodic death metal band

Moyra was founded in 2017 by Margo Szkoda-Hreczuch and fills in the gap in polish metal scene, bringing a breath of fresh air in there.
Moyra’s music is melodic death metal with a hint of experimentation, blending various genres of metal.
This combination makes Moyra’s music coherent and interesting for present and future listeners.
Themes which are dealt by the band are life and mythical symbolism of Moyras – goddesses who rule the human life – the earthly and divine one as well.
It’s them who weaved the strands of life and set the path of life.
Now, Moyra presents a solid piece of energetic music with lyrics referring to human’s life and fate seen from his own perspective as well as others.
The band also does not forget about power of nature without which the humanity would not exist.

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