Finnish melodic death/thrash band
has released single/video

Lyrics by Janne Keskitalo
Composed by Mortyfear

to watch the video-clip of ‘Kaunankantaja’, please click play…

Janne Keskitalo – vocals
Ville Kivimäki – drums
Tapio Laitila – bass
Riku Metsä-Ketelä – keyboards, guitars, vocals
Jorma Muhonen – guitars, vocals

pic by Mortyfear

Finnish Seinäjoki-based metal band Mortyfear released a new single and music video ‘Kaunankantaja’.
The track is taken from yet unnamed upcoming studio album.
Vocalist Janne Keskitalo comments:
“After our latest album the fire for making new music was strong in us all the time. We took a breath and thought what we would like to do. We considered between making more new music and live shows and it did not take too long when we found ourselves making new sounds and ideas for new songs. This time the process was way different than when making ‘My Dystopia’ because nowadays we live close to each other. It brought a new, kind of easiness and naturality, to the composing process. ‘Kaunankantaja’ (which means grudge bearer in english) had its birth when me and our guitarrist Jorma sat in front of a synth and wanted to make something raw and primal. After this we relied to the same process as on the last album, which gives the opportunity for everyone in our band to give their own and unique touch to the music as a whole. Finnish language was a natural choice to the song and I could not think of a better way to express the atmosphere in the lyrics and in the song. Finnish language has always been a part of Mortyfear and the time was right to bring it more strongly – even to the songs still in process. As in this song, the future songs will have the presence of death and deathwish in lyrics as the soundscapes and composing are part of our own unique way to express us. Like it has always been and will be.”
Mortyfear was founded already in the late 90’s in Ostrobothnia, the rugged heart of Finland by Tapio Laitila.
On the year 2018 Mortyfear renewed it’s line-up and began to work passionately on their second full-length album ‘My dystopia’ wich was released on summer 2021 by Inverse records.
On ‘My dystopia’ the band developed the unique Mortyfear sound to even more chaotic and haunting direction and the album was praised in music medias around the world.
After that Mortyfear has been actively practicing and composing new material.
New single ‘Kaunankantaja’ has been released on 13.4.2023 by Inverse records.
This song will once again introduce a new side of Mortyfear with it’s oppressive mood and finnish, death embracing, lyrics that make the songs atmosphere even more hopeless.

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