Finnish melodic
death metal band
has released album

Never Coming Back
Silver Moth
Your Room
Out of Time
Don’t Get Used To This
The Unquenchable
Falling Down
Scars of Life

Pic by ​Jere Hyppönen & Jonas Eriksson

‘Colours’ is a guitar-driven short melodic death metal album with a long history.
The more synth-based album was originally recorded for the first time under the name ‘Machinæ’ in the summer of 2018 but the original tracks were lost because of hard drive failure just before the mixing phase.
After that the band took a short break from the studio and continued their occasional gigs.
During the Covid-19 crisis, the idea of re-recording the album slowly arose.
The setlist consisted mostly of Colours album material and the more guitar-driven set was well received over the years by the fans.
While playing these gigs, the idea of recording the whole album based on the setlist slowly arose.
Between the lost version of the album, bassist Janne Saikkonen and drummer Severi Häyhä had joined the band.
The new band members brought the spark needed with them and inspired the other members.
An entirely new pre-production began during the Covid lockdown and in the spring of 2021 the actual recordings began.
With the change of crew, the keyboards were more background and the guitars of Jonas Eriksson and Juho Karengo were more highlighted.
The band also decided to change their name at the end of the album’s production phase, to underline a new direction and a squiggly path to this point.

Finnish melodic
death metal band
has released single
‘Silver Moth’

Composed and written by Jonas Eriksson

Finnish melodic death metal band Misaligned has released their second single from the upcoming debut album ‘Colours’, which is to be released in May 2022.
The band backgrounds the story:
“Misaligned has always been into handling themes like mental health issues and intoxicants on their lyrics. Our society reflects a dystopic image that alcohol, drugs and mental health issues are something that you prefer to keep silent about. ‘Silver Moth’ symbolizes another deceitful savior that aims to escapism to ease the pain of the dystopic world by drowning the sorrow to alcohol and drugs. And that is something that leads to even worse perdition on the war against the addictions and broken minds. Musically the song has some Gothenburg style melodic death metal vibes. And the message is pretty much that we cannot win every fight, but losing the war isn’t an option.”

Finnish melodic
death metal band
released single
‘Don’t Get Used to This’

to watch the video-clip of ‘Don’t Get Used to This’, please click play…

‘Don’t Get Used to This’ is the first single from the upcoming debut album by Finnish Melodic Death Metal band Misaligned.
The track is relased along with horror movie inspired music video that was filmed in abandoned sausage factory.
The band comments on the new single
“‘Don’t Get Used to This’ is about equality and that you do not consent to be a victim. Put up your fists and move up against the next challenger. Even if the track sounds aggressive there is a positive message.”
For Misaligned the future brings another single and debut full length album ‘Colours’ to be released later this year.
Band shall release music video of each of the album tracks during this year.

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