Shwedish one-man melodic death metal act
has released single
‘Ready To Go’

to watch the video-clip of ‘Ready To Go’, please click play…

Shwedish CHAOS ETERNAL has released single ‘Ready To Go’ from album ‘The Journey. Pt2: Higher and higher’.
In 2014 Johan Ahlqvist decided to start the one-man band Chaos Eternal after the drummer of his thrash band Dust had an accident and no longer could play.
The idea was to have a project where all kinds of genres could be explored freely.
Four EP’s of different genres were released quickly in 2014 on most streaming services.
Then there was a pause up until 2020 because of health issues and some other projects.
2020 the self-titled album was released and the move to bandcamp was made.
After that, several EP´s and releases were made on bandcamp.
Now the return to streaming services is finally here with the upcoming quadrilogy of albums called ‘The Journey’.
‘Pt1: Through the maze’ and ‘Pt2: Higher and higher’ released on the 25th of November 2022.
“Pt3: The path to the void” is basically finished and writing for the closing “Pt4: The path to enlightenment” is on the way.
The journey albums each represent a different genre and the quadrilogy is a concept and the albums tell a story.

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