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Greek metalheads
have released their debut EP
‘Stand Up And Be Counted’

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Obscurus Rex is a Metal band formed by bassist Panos Karabelas in 2021 in Athens, Greece.
Having diverse influences they have created a recognizable sound of their own, that – while familiar – it cannot fit easily into a specific subcategory of the genre.
And this is the band’s greatest asset…
Initially, and after collaborating and jamming with many musicians, the first member Karabelas recruited was Dimitris Sakkas on drums, a multi-instrumentalist and producer behind projects like Horrorgraphy, Misanthropy Apotheosis, Gospel, Ectoplasma among many others.
Soon after, the ranks of the band were reinforced with the addition of Kimonas Alex on guitars (ex-Social Scream) and on early 2022 with Manos Xanthakis on vocals (Alphastate, ex-False Coda).
The band had to make its presence known and proceeded to the recording of their first EP ‘Stand Up and Be Counted’, which was released on March 2023.
After the recordings Kimonas set out to pursue his own musical adventures, experimenting with different musical genres and Constantinos Mavroyannis took on the role of Obscurus Rex’s axeman.
‘Stand Up and Be Counted’ was recorded at Dimon Studios in a period of not only global turmoil, but also of personal challenges for almost all members of the band.
But there was no turning back anymore.
The band chose their words on the first page of the EP carefully:
“This journey begun as a dream quite some time ago. When the timing was right, we took a leap of faith with no possibility, reason or intention to turn back. In the process we had to overcome several serious difficulties which only made us more focused and determined than ever…So, here we are: We stand up to be counted!”
As they explain:
“‘Stand Up and Be Counted’ is quite simply the result of devotion and determination; the need to make our stand and share our music to as many people and as far as humanly possible. While ‘Stand Up and Be Counted’ is not a concept EP per se, there is one subtly recurring subject: ‘Inner Fire’. The fire that burns inside us (and burns us inside…) in every form, whether it is inspiration, passion, revenge or desperation. In this madhouse that our modern world is, and despite our internal firestorms, we all must somehow find the strength to stand up, speak our mind and with a steady pace move forward! ‘Stand Up and Be Counted’ is not only Obscurus Rex’s introduction to the world, but it is also an open invitation to everyone truly alive inside, to walk with us with no compromises whatsoever!”

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