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a heavy metal act
from New York

Founding guitarist Corey Schaefer marched through the ranks of bands like UNCLE JACK, NOTHING SACRED, KRYONIX, MISERY, AND MISERY KILLS.
His axe ripping assault raised hell and eyebrows while touring as support for DEVIL DRIVER.
Pounding percussion pugilist Kevin Daily smashed skins and cymbals in acts such as AKALAMATHESIA and the Long Island legends EXIT VERONA.
Grinding bass assassin Steve Little honed his four string virtuosity with bands like INTOGREEN, COBALT 60, IMAGE WITHIN, and IONIZE.
Self proclaimed chokalist Mr. Bush fronted the bands SOCIAL DISEASE, IRONLUNG, EVILEYE, WELT, and PUMMEL.
The band came together in the spring of 2022.
The members of Frequency Overload have the combined benefit of thousands of live performances over numerous years.
Sharpening the blade of a metal style that slices into your consciousness.

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