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American hard rock act
has released album
‘What A Weird Hill To Die On’

Long Haired Country Boy
Coughing On The House Of Cards
Corpse Shoveler
Highway Patrol
Hammer Coming Down
Path Of The Dead
The Reckoning

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BUZZARD n. A large Vulture like bird that feasts on the carcasses of dead animals.
Scavengers that coast thru the air patrolling the ground below using their keen sense of smell to seek out the smell of decaying flesh.
Old Dirty Buzzard consumes the rotting blight of bands, like Motorhead, Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath, crammed in a dumpster with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Howling Wolf.
Like a good, hard stiff arm to the face or a throat punch from Viking Jesus, Old Dirty Buzzard live shows leave your ears ringing and a sense of what it used to be like in the 70s, when bands just turned it up and somebody shouts “It’s freedom rock, crank it!”… as they drink moonshine from a Bota bag.
They are a classic power trio; the roots run deep with ex-members of Holy Terror, Zeke, Agent Steel, Mind Shaker and The Kings of Cavalier.
ODB is Kurt Kilfelt on bass, guitar and vocals, Ben Axeman on guitar, and Ben Still on the drums.
The band will be on the road in 2023, blowing the windows out of a venue near you.
The much anticipated first record, ‘What a Weird Hill To Die On’ has been released through Rotten Records on April 28th and is available world wide as an LP, CD or digital download.

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