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presents SCREAM IDOL
an alter ego

pizza patty
teenage doom disciple
kick it down (part ii)
kid city (act ii)
soul sucker
i woke up in love this morning
1000 years too deep
never loved me back
sara soda (act iv)
go go girls in love (act iii)
movie mary

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In a world where Marilyn Manson is a Lady Gaga cover band and Ziggy Stardust writes songs for the Ramones, Scream Idol could definitely get a few gigs.
Even though Star Star is considered a New York band, they originally formed in Hollywood.
They signed to the Roadrunner label and took a year to record the “The Love Drag Years”.
The big budget project (Roadrunner’s biggest) included producers Earle Mankey, Richard Gottehrer, Neil Kernon and Phil Greene at six major studios in New York, Los Angeles and New England.
The album was a mix of Rock n Roll personalities at a champagne cocktail party, hosted by the Devil himself.
A dark period followed.
Singer Johnnie Holliday had a serious car accident and had to undergo multiple surgeries.
More tragic blows came when guitarist Jay Hening killed himself, and drummer Deon got sick and died.
Johnnie and Weeds continued writing and recording while looking for a drummer.
They met Jack Kennedy from hanging out at the clubs.
He joined the band and Star Star became a trio.
To round out their new sound they added two background singers, “The Trashettes”.
The band has played all over the US and Europe.
Headlining smaller venues and as the sole opening act for Alice Cooper, Joan Jett, Guns n Roses, and quite a few more.
For 2022 STAR STAR present their alter ego SCREAM IDOL.
The debut album “Movie Mary” is a trashy New York story set to a Sunset Strip beat.
A fresh soundtrack…for a new degeneration.

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