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Swedish electronic post punk dark wave duo
releases new album

Jan Strandqvist – keyboards and music
Susanne Jonsson – vocals, keyboards and lyrics

The electronic duo’s sixth album after their most successful year: “AWAY”
Not here.
Dreams of being somewhere else.
A commentary to the contemporary.
To the dread of 2020 and everything breaking down.
Sometimes darker than ever before.
Sometimes ambient driven electropop tunes.
Sampled pile drivers.
Held together with dark wave atmosphere.
All the time outside the frameworks and in perpetual motion.
This is us.
Hopeful in spite of darkness.
Jan Strandqvist, keyboards and music in Red Mecca, states about the new album:
“One positive thing the unexpected jigsaw puzzle of life last year came to be, was that me and
Susanne slipped into an overwhelming creativity of creating music when the live performances came to a halt, and we found the expression and communication through the music we were looking for. We stepped up and the flow was a lifebuoy.”

And more than well, Red Mecca survives even in times like these – with “Away” the electronic duo
writes another epic chapter after receiving the Manifest Award, being on some of the most central scenes at some of Europe’s biggest festivals in the genre and not least, last year a sync in the awesome BBC series “Killing Eve”.
“The album AWAY is our commentary to the harsh reality of 2020. And it´s in our opinion a diverse canvas we´ve been painting. It´s been a year of new heights of oppression as well, from world leaders, not just a pandemic roaring throughout the world. We´re very proud of what we´ve created and we´re very much in constant progression and forward motion. And I think that we´re just in a startup mode.
There´s so much more to come. But now, our greatest wish is to be able to come out and play live again, all our new material, throughout Europe.”
And vocalist Susanne Jonsson adds:
“Trapped at home, afraid of meeting others I made my own livestory on an album. Like living the dream in a fantasy. Making up stories, reading history and making my own future in front of the microphone. Jan’s music makes imagination flow and the music inspired me to build life stories. It could have been me, in another lifetime.”

The album “Away” is released on 30th of April 2021 via Massproduktion Sweden.

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