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German doom metal project
will release EP
‘Graveside Service’

Graveside Service
What Was Does Not Define..

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2020 ‘New Doom Rising’
2022 ‘Know your pain, pick your poison’

German doom metal project RODTGOD will make public on the 3rd of march 2023 their EP ‘Graveside Service’ as an indepentend release.
‘Graveside Service’ sings a swansong of a failed life form and the ways in which it suspends itself out of the orbit of an otherwise bright system with more potential and hope than it receives credit for.
A glimmer of hope remains, when closing the eyes, thinking that the living learn from the deceased.
May it instill some thought into the mind of the listener.
Being rather blunt and less optimistic than other Rodtgod’s offerings, ‘Graveside Service’ stands on its own as a short excursion into the abyss of the human experience.
Where all is doomed in one way or another.
Either to endure, or to diminish…
Established in 2016, as a side hustle to house unused tracks from another band, RodtGod (shortened ‘RG’) developed ist own weird dynamic.
Turning the human experience into doom and death metal into ‘health metal’.
The latter describing an ugly sound, with a rather wholesome intention.
A heavy sound with some light hearted elements to the lyrics.
Proof that you can’t have both (Hot-) rods and rot (hence both the ‘T’ and the ‘d’ in the name).
The 2023 EP ‘GRAVESIDE SERVICE’ acts as an excursion into a different musical and lyrical territory than the other two albums.
Ignoring the ironic undertone and taking itself a bit more seriously for once.
There’s no path set in stone.
Neither for RG, nor for any of us.

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