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German brutal death metal band
will release album
‘Anthems From The Abyss’
on the 11th of november 2022

Anthems From The Abyss
Insidious Resurrection
Soul’s Mirror
Supreme Enemy
I Am The Silencer
Blood Harvest
From The Nether Realm
The Last Supper
Spirit’s Asylum

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Mathias Junge – vocals, bass
Jan Resmer – guitar, back vocals
Matè “Balrogh” Balogh – drum

Anthems From The Abyss (2022)
Lifeless Obsession (2021)
Chronicles of Decay (2020)
Sadistic Parasite (EP 2018)

Since their debut EP in 2018, Soul Grinder have managed to become a figurehead in the field of extreme metal from germany in no time at all.
The band from Bremen is no longer an insider tip, the trail of destruction they have left behind with their 3 releases and their live shows is too obvious.
Anno 2022, after last year’s 5-track EP ‘Lifeless Obsession’, ‘Anthems From The Abyss’ is the trio’s second longplayer, on which they consistently continue their path and set new standards in terms of brutality.
Finest death metal, from blast speed attacks to groovy steamrolls to mystical hymns.
Also on their new output, the band offers an enormous bandwidth without deviating from the core of brutal death metal.
The bandmembers Maté ‘Balrogh’ Balogh (Balrogh Recordings) and Jan Resmer (Silenced Soul Records) are once again responsible for the production and provide a wall of sound that more than does justice to their style.
The artwork by Misanthropic Art rounds off this longplayer, on which no other wishes of genre fans remain unfulfilled.

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