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German death/crust band
will release album

Dead Inside
Left To Fate
Alongside Hell
Vortex Of Torment
Terminal Darkness
Spiritual Arsonists
No Tomorrow
The Echoes Of Doom
Excessive Force
Fire And Fury

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pic by Cliff / Terrafolio

Leif – vocals
Philipp – guitar
Arne Lead – guitar
Ulf – bass
Marc-Andree – drums

2016 ‘First Commandment’ Mini-CD & 12″ Mini-LP
2018 ‘Cause And Effect’ 7″ EP
2018 ‘Belligerent Powers’ Split 7″ EP w/Slaughterday
2022 ‘Banner Of Hatred’ Split 12″ EP & CD w/Harrowed (Swe)
2023 ‘Fallout’ Album CD/LP/MC

Death Crust the brutal way:
PHANTOM CORPORATION was started as new musical outlet for old buddies (Leif – Vocals, Philipp – Guitars, Arne – Guitars and Marc-Andree – Drums) from both the Northern (Bremen) and Ruhr-Area (Dortmund) of Germany, previously active in bands like Dew-Scented, Eroded, BK 49 or also Weak Aside in order to combine mean d-beat crust, some punishing death metal as well as good old school thrash/punk into an intense crossover result.
In October 2016, PHANTOM CORPORATION released a first mini album entitled ‘First Commandment’, which showcases cover artwork by Michel ‘Away’ Langevin (Voivod) as well as a guest-vocal appearance by Jason Netherton (Misery Index).
The 6 featured tracks were recorded and mixed by Klaus Spangenberg at Beatpoint Studio in Krefeld/Germany as well as mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studio.
Next up, PHANTOM CORPORATION recorded 4 more new tracks (again with the Klaus Spangenberg/Dan Swanö team!) for two 7” EP projects:
The ‘Cause and Effect’ 7″ EP, which was released in 2017 via Affront Records, and then the Split 7″ ‘Belligerent Powers’ with Germany‘s Death Metal commando Slaughterday, which was released in 2018 via Bastardized Recordings.
Additionally, ‘First Commandment’ was issued by the German label FTWCTP Records as 12″ Vinyl and a Southamerican version of the Mini-CD came out via Colombia’s Trauma Records.
2022 saw the release of the Split 12″/CD ‘Banner Of Hatred’ with Sweden’s Death Metallers Harrowed via Supreme Chaos Records, as well as a change in line-up with Bass-T stepping out and Ulf (also live member in Slaughterday) joining the band on bass.
On the live-front, the CORPORATION is completed by Exumer/The Very End guitarist Marc and the group has by now appeared at selected festival events (Bloodshed, Ruhrpott Metal Meeting, Metal Bash, Obscene Extreme, Tombstoned Fest, etc.) and also shared various club-stages with acts like Trap Them, Venom Prison, Voivod, Asphyx, Midnight, Disbelief, Wiegedood or Krisiun.
On June 23rd, 2023 PHANTOM CORPORATION will release their first full-length ‘Fallout’, which just like the split album was again produced by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Recording (God Dethroned, Temple Of Dread, etc.) in Rhauderfehn, Northern Germany, via Supreme Chaos Records and continue to bring their very own brand of Death Crust punishment to the masses.

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