German death-thrashers
have released album
‘Pure Organic’

sleep awake
shallow hearts
nordic sky

In the summer of 2020, Volker Pannek, Tim Pannek and Franziska Stolze decided to record a few songs for themselves in order to make the time of ordered ‘doing nothing’ meaningful.
The three of them are connected to each other through various band projects and have a lot of conzert-experience.
The goal was to develop structured songs with a high recognition value and to preserve the naturalness of the instruments.
A name for their project was quickly found – NEOCRACY (new democracy).
NEOCRACY was an earlier project by Volker, which released two self-produced albums, where Rene Jauernik was behind the drums.
Actually, the songs should only be created for them, because nowadays noone should have any illusions about becoming “famous” or even being able to make a living out of one’s own music.
In addition, all three band members have got their jobs.
But then something strange happened in the studio.
Each of the three musicians worked on the songs with so much emotion, devotion and heart and soul, revealed so much personal information that these songs should eventually reach a larger audience.
They also think, that music only works, if it is mirroring innermost feelings, emotions and experiences.
The home of the band is Eisdorf in Saxony-Anhalt.
Volker and Tim are father and son.

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