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American death/thrash group
will release EP
‘Silver Bullet’

EP Artwork by Genoicide Artwork

Crypt of the Gorilla God
The Swamp
Cycle of the Werewolf
Silver Bullet

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Written by Michael Nystrom Bala
Produced by Charlie Waymire
Mixed by Charlie Waymire
Mastered by Ernesto Homeyer

Necronomicon Ex Mortis ‘are’:
Michael Nystrom Bala – guitar
Manuel Barbará – guitar
Yusuf Rashid – bass
Joey Ferretti – drums
Craig Schmuhl – vocals

No Clean Singing:
“From start to finish, it really is a head-spinner and a heart-pounder, and some of the most fun you can have with your clothes on (though you might need to strip down and dry off after the EP is done with you.). If it wasn’t clear already, it’s damned clear after ‘Silver Bullet’ that Necronomicon Ex Mortis is ‘a band to watch’. And if these peoples really do have 69 more songs fully written, bring ’em on!…You might suspect we’re exaggerating, but we’re really not. The four songs on the EP are undeniably sinister and ferocious, but the dominant impression of the music is that it’s exhilarating and exultant, the work of people who decided to put their formidable talents to the test, while having a shitload of fun doing that. When you listen it will make sense to hear that the EP comes recommended for fans of Black Dahlia Murder, Obscura, Arsis, Racer X, and Megadeth.”
Metal Noise:
“Inspired by Swedish Death Metal ‘Celestial Tomb’ lays down the blast beats while having an interesting melodic lead that flies into a monstrous extended face melting solo of the highest order, confirming if there was any doubt that these musicians have the capability to step on stages with World Superpower level bands and hold their own. If it wasn’t for their love of old school works, you could easily see them going down the more technical road of an Archspire or Inferi, the clues to that murder mystery are all wrapped up within this whirlwind of an opener for all to witness.”
Distorted Sound Mag:
“You can’t go wrong with the combination of death metal and horror, it’s a blend that goes together as obviously as blood and guts. With so much influence on offer, newcomers NECRONOMICON EX MORTIS have taken the idea and ran like a madman with it.”
Metal Bite:
“the EP feels solid. It has remarkable melodies, a good sound and a cool cover.”
WORT FM 89.9FM (Madison, WI):
“Epic/symphonic black metal, good technical and proggy stuff too.”
Necromance Magazine:
“They are young, their desire is noticeable and they are also capable of entertaining… ‘Earth Cancer’ radically changes the record and becomes something more classic, sounding more like things like CANNIBAL CORPSE or CANCER, but maintaining the technique of the former. I am very surprised by the work of both guitarists, since they are capable of combining good riffs with a certain dose of brutality without leaving an unintelligible hodgepodge.”

2023Silver Bullet – EP
2023Necronomicon Ex Mortis – EP

Do you like Shred and B horror movies?
This has Shred and B horror movies.
“We are aiming to do one thing and do it well.”
Crypt of the Gorilla God:
“A song about getting ripped apart by a giant undead ape. Musically, the song is thrashy, takes a number of interesting turns, and has a huge helping of guitar solos.”
The Swamp:
“More or less Michael’s attempt to do a song that is 100% a tribute to Swedish death metal. At The Gates and In Flames were the inspiration here. The song is about fish people because that seemed appropriate.”
Cycle of the Werewolf:
“An intro track that only exists because the rest of the band told Michael it should be an intro track and not part of the main song. Manuel wrote it and it is named after a Steven King story.”
Silver Bullet:
“A song about a werewolf move that has Gary Busey. Michael’s wife saw that movie and hated it so he thought it would be funny to write a song based on it.”
Necronomicon Ex Mortis was formed by Michael Nystrom Bala out of a desire to combine elements of classic death metal, the 80s shred worship, and gory lyrics about B-horror movies.
After writing far too many songs, Michael contacted guitarist Manuel Barbara, who joined the band because he had ‘nothing better to do’.
Shortly after, bassist Yusuf Rashid joined the band so he could escape the jazz world and play music people would listen to outside of an elevator.
The three amigos then enlisted fellow Berklee Bros Craig Schmuhl and Joey Ferretti, on vocals and drums respectively.
Apparently, they didn’t have much better to do, either.
After polishing up the first 4 songs, Michael, Manuel, and Yusuf recorded guitars and bass with Charlie Waymire of Ultimate Studios in Los Angeles, California.
Shortly after the strings were finished, Craig recorded vocals in his studio in Illinois.
The debut EP ‘Necronomicon Ex Mortis’ was released on March 31st, 2023.
Currently, the lads are gearing up to release a follow-up EP ‘Silver Bullet’.
More music will always promise over-the-top guitar playing, a comfortable blending of old-school metal and modern techniques, and a touch of campy, dark humor.
They hope to make you sleep with the lights on!
“Michael and Manuel got obliterated on Tiki drinks the day we finished recording and got lost in Pasadena after eating extreme amounts of Tommy’s Burgers at 3:00 in the morning.”
“No one in the band will actually watch horror movies with Michael (Manuel watched Evil Dead with him once).”
“We keep bringing our engineer maple bars and he gets angrier every time.”

“We ended up using a single guitar on the entire EP.”
“Manuel bought an Earthquaker Plumes pedal the day before recording and it ended up being used on nearly every guitar track and the bass track as well.”

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