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All songs written and performed by Ethereal Void
Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Voiicide at Abstrakted Records

Overture to Annihilation
The Faceless
Seeds of Hatred
The Art of Ruination
Psychosomatic Suicide
Decay (Interlude)
Return to the Void
The Brown Stone Spire
Gods of a Dead World

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Voiicide – vocals, bass
Terci Ruina – rhythm guitar, songwriting
Nemesis – lead guitar

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Gods of a Dead World – 2023
Acolytes of Entropy – 2021
Disciples of the Void – 2020

“This album is definitely our most consistent offering to date. We refined the sound both in writing and production while maintaining a unique angle for every song. The biggest stand-out is the introduction of orchestral elements to the sound. It feels like a long time coming, at least from my perspective. The album is much more refined musically as well. While we generally keep to the traditional EV themes, There is a constant-running sub-theme of the futility and violence of warfare.” – Ethereal Void
Gods of a Dead World is a dark and heavy exploration of war, suffering, and demise.
Overture to Annhiliation
“We’ve never done an abbreviated album intro for Ethereal Void, so I wanted to experiment with how it would work in the flow of the album. It works great for building tension and setting up the context of the album.”
The Voiceless
“Conceptually, this song is about a mass exodus of people from another realm, silently venturing onward to an unfathomable destination. ‘The Voiceless’ is a rushing charge. It gets the listener’s pulse pumping because the song itself has such a mad pulse. Many of them actually, from the fast jolts in the fuzzed-out riffage to the die-stamp hammering of the snare and the jackhammer impact of the bass. And it does sound like a mad pulse, thanks to the swarms of frantic tremelo’ed fretwork, the relentless double-bass strafing, and the ugly ravenous growls. While the head-hooking energy of those assaulting ingredients never really lets go, the music does also move sideways. Eerie spectral tones ring out, creating an overlay of melancholy. The music even seems to elevate in wailing splendor, as a prelude to a sorcerous guitar solo that sounds both inviting and yearning, both enticing in its glimmering tones and downcast in its mood. Even the unhinged screams of the vocalist almost sound like singing (almost).”
Seeds of Hatred
“This song is about a geographic area that’s cursed to be forever torn by war. Era after era, it sees bloodshed and turbulence.”
The Art of Ruination
“Similarly, this track is about the futility of war, and how there’s always someone else ready to cut you down after you’ve fought your populace to death.”
Psychosomatic Suicide
“This song departs from the theme, and offers a more traditional death metal vision of a mind betraying the body and causing a suicide.”
“This is a clean instrumental interlude pushing into the real of post-tonal. it offers a break from the relentlessness of the album, and allowed us to explore a style of melodic writing rarely glimpsed.”
Return to the Void
“This is a classic EV theme; worship of entropy, and embracing the end of all things.”
The Brown Stone Spire
“This song is unabashedly about a minor gag from a show called Welcome to Night Vale.”
Gods of a Dead World
“The planet is dead, life is forsaken, and the ones responsible for the downfall of humanity are left alone in the barren wasteland that is the world.”
The band was originally designed to be an outlet for dissonant, chromatic, and more brutal riffs.
Things that would not fit in with our other band The Design Abstract.
Ironically as the years went on, TDA became more suited to traditional death metal riffs, AND Ethereal Void added in more diverse musical elements.
They are still two distinct sounds, but the original vision of the band was to allow what was not allowed in The Design Abstract.
Ethereal Void is a 3-piece death metal band from Ontario.
Incorporating grooves and progressive elements, the band creates dark, rhythmic sounds of worship to the void.
The album will be released on the 26th of may 2023 via Abstrakted Records.
For fans of Gojira, Septicflesh, The Design Abstract

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