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Siva Six are:
George-Z – vocals
U-Ri – keyboard

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‘Greek’ Industrial/Dark Electro act
has released EP
‘Fight The Machine’

Front Cover by Marios Fotiadis
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track-list :
Fight The Machine
Fight The Machine (ΦΩΝόΠΤΙΚOΝ remix)
Fight The Machine (Euphrosyne remix)
Fight The Machine (Infected Sound System remix)
Fight The Machine (Xentrifuge remix)
Fight The Machine (Hell:Sector remix)
Fight The Machine (To Avoid remix)
Fight The Machine (Asylum Promises remix)

‘Fight the Machine’ Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Psychon
All remixes Mastered by Sebastian Komor

‘Fight The Machine’ is a cyber-industrial dance floor killer taken from SIVA SIX’s latest 5th studio album “DeathCult”.
It stands for the band’s war cry against the Metaworld, corruption, injustice, inequality, profit over human life and the decadence of moral values we live in…
“In a world of chaos, be a whore or join the Metawar…”!
Z (vocals) and U-Ri (keyboard) get surrounded on this EP by 7 bands ( ΦΩΝόΠΤΙΚOΝ, Euphrosyne, Infected Sound System, Xentrifuge, Hell:Sector, Asylum Promises and To Avoid ) playing different music styles who deliver remixes that differ from the norm and give quite eclectic renditions of this harsh and powerful track.
Join & enjoy.

Industrial/Dark Electro act
will release new ep

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SIVA SIX are currently on the making of a new EP.
Hopefully out late spring or summer of 2023.

‘Greek’ Industrial/Dark Electro
rereleased album
‘Black Will’

See The Six
Heart Of The Master
Now Its Dark
The Seal
Dark Night Of The Soul
Her Eyes Black
Line In.. Line Down
Deep Black Will
Dawn Revelation
Now Its Dark (Cyborgdrive remix)
See The Six (Teknovore remix)

‘Black Will’ is one of the best – if not the best- Siva Six albums, definitely the one that made their name spin around the worldwide Industrial/Dark Electro scene.
Considered their Black Opus.
‘Black Will’ is the band’s second album, originally released in November 2006 by Decadance records and sold out just a year later.
Despite the demand and the fan’s request for a second pressing, this never happened until today.
‘Black Will’ received excellent and epic reviews world wide, and climbed to the No1 position of IAC (Italian Alternative Charts).
This was followed by a 10 week stay in the GAC charts and 6 weeks in the GEWC Charts.
‘Black Will’ Tracks such as ‘Her Eyes Black’, ‘Now it’s Dark’, ‘See the Six’, ‘The Seal’ stood out and entered the playlists of many Goth/Industrial Clubs around the globe, appeared in various CD compilations, and saw the band play 20 shows in 7 countries.
After 16 years of the original release date ‘Black Will’ is finally reprinted in a 4 panel / 8 pages booklet limited edition Digipak of 400 copies.
Remastered by Psychon (SEPTICFLESH) at SoundAbuseProductions Studios including 2 bonus tracks.
Produced by Dimitris Douvras
Artwork by Seth Siro Anton, Artwork retouch by Sakis Axiotis
Mastered by John Rivers, Orchestral arrangements by Christos Antoniou
Siva Six will take part on the 31st of october (halloween) at the Nocturna Festival in barcelona, spainand on the 4th of november at the Hellsinki Industrial Festival 2022 in helsinki, finland.

SIVA SIX New album ‘DeathCult’
at GEWC Charts – Germany
(5 weeks in a row) !!!
new Video ‘December’ out Now

track-list :
Ghost Dance
The Cult
Jack The Black
Fight The Machine
Club Macabre
Lily Dale
15th of …

to watch the video-clip of ‘December’, please click play…

Z – vocals
U-Ri – keyboard

Fraters & Sorors… For Fifth week in a row.
The New Album ‘DeathCult’ at GEWC Charts-Germany (Top 15 Albums) Position No 11 – KW3
Its the first time that one of their albums stays for so long at the GEWC charts.
Siva Six thanks all so much.
Web sites/web zines/DJ’s from Germany that has voted for their new album and all the DJ’s from all around the world for the support and for including tracks from their new album in their podcasts.
Unique, obscure, grotesque:
‘DeathCult’, the long-awaited 5th album of Siva Six is imminent.
12 songs about the great mystery and the awful tragedy that Death is:
the glory, the pain, the madness…
Death enslaved Siva Six for more than 2 years under its wings for the creation of ‘DeathCult’.
With sonic commander Psychon (mix/mastering/production) by their side, they stared straight into the Beast’s eyes with humility and respect.
They walked its path and learned its ways.
They were marked with his seal and ultimately entered into communion with it.
The infamous entity of Siva Six spit their much anticipated 5th full length studio album into your face!
From alfa, ‘Ghost Dance’, …to omega, ‘…December’, ‘DeathCult’ is a true master-piece.
Z (vocals) and U-Ri (keyboard) invite you to the ultimate danse macabre and deliver their most dramatic, darkish and poignant opus ever.
From ghostly choirs and possessed harsh screams to hellish hammering rhythms, Siva Six serve us a lethal elixir distilling the artists various influences ranging from dark electro, industrial to EBM, through classical avantgarde and goth.
See them…feel them…and ‘Ghost Dance’ with ‘ em…

Siva Six
‘Ghost Dance’
new Digital Single & Video

to watch the video-clip of ‘Ghost Dance’, please click play…

Greek cult dark elektro/industrial duo SIVA SIX break the silence and invite you to the ultimate ‘Ghost Dance’ and reveal the first song from their much anticipated new studio album.
Constructed on the foundations of the 19th century ‘Gnossienne No1’ masterpiece by French avant-garde pianist and composer Erik Satie, this new song expands the haunting atmosphere of the original piece and takes it to a darker and macabre dimension once reflected through the obscure sonic kaleidoscope of SIVA SIX.
The tortured dark vocals, the echoing icy piano lines, the oppressive atmosphere and the upbeat electro sequences all contribute to the particular, disturbing and almost deviant setting of this noir song.
This single comes with 3 radically different reinterpretations by MACH FOX, CONJECTURE and MYSTICAL PROLETARIAN.
See them…feel them…and ‘Ghost Dance’ with ‘em…

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