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Finnish darc electro act
will release album
‘Out Of This World’

The Chosen One
Time To Die
Part Steel, Part Human
A Lighthouse
Through The Dark Days
Dead Autumn Leaves

DreamSpy is about to release its second album.
The album is titled ‘Out Of This World’ and will be out on March 31st through Inverse Records.
The undertone of the album’s songs lies in the rhythms of blues-based dark rock, dark electro and the moods of the painting synth world.
The lyrics of the album wander in the turmoil of a selfish and destructive mind, seasoned with sarcasm and flashes of light.
“The dance of the subconscious and the superego in the world of distortions.”
DreamSpy is an experimental, audiovisual solo project of vocalist-bassist Anssi Tamminen.
The vocal point of the sound is an electric upright bass coated with distortion and effects, which is supported by drums, a mix of machine and the traditional-type of drum sounds.
Sounds from piano and synthesizer take the spotlight every now and then.
Guitar tracks?
Vocal-interpretation of Tamminen goes sound-wise from a fragile whisper to a blustering baritone.
All the songs are written and produced by Anssi Tamminen.

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