sons and preachers
new single ‘consuming fire’

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„Consuming Fire“ is the latest single from a vintage rock band from North Germany, Sons & Preachers.
Yonatan Pandelaki, the bandleader who also sings and plays the Hammond organ and synth bass simultaneously, is a passionate soul singer with a very distinct bluesy and rock sound.
The Indonesian born combined with Myriam Lemberger on the microphone, whose voice resembles Janis Joplin in her best years, are an explosive mixture.
Hence the song title which makes you guess what might come from the four piece band.
Opened with the guitar riff from Tobias Lemberger, the twin brother of Myriam, another uniqueness of the band, the song quickly smashes with a strong intro followed by Volker Starr on the drums.
Like the other well known Starr drummer – pun intended – Volker has such a big sound.
With a german precision yet funky feel the drummer leads the band with his strong beat.
Just by the time the hooks hit you with the powerful duett from Yonatan and Myriam, suddenly the song shifts to a tempo changed funky beat, where you can hear one of the funkiest instruments on the planet, a Hohner Clavinet D6 accompanied by Tobias delicious guitar sound.
Before he plays his Solo the song shifts once again to a high paced psychedelic part, before switching back to the previous tempo.
The song is a true roller coaster of big rock
guitar riffs, funky drum beats and vocal parts which ended in a big explosion at the end.
The lyrics itself talk about the paradoxes of love.
The first line „Love is rough, love is mean“ implies it already and takes you to the depths of the meaning of love.
Sons & Preachers is an experience you have to hear and see for yourself.
After being founded in 2018 the band released an album called „Blackstone“ and did an extensive Indonesia Tour in 2019, where they also had a concert in front of more than 20.000 people.

After they found a label called Major Promo Music they released a single titled „Leave Your Hat On“ at late 2020, a year where they could have a second Asian Tour which was cancelled due to Corona pandemic.
„Consuming Fire“ is the second release under Major Promo Music.
After the first release „Leave Your Hat On“ made its way to many international playlists and radio plays, the band is ready to land another hit.

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