Italian black metal project MAMAEV KURGAN
has released album
‘Destruction That Wasteth At Noonday’

to watch the video-clip ‘Stormwatcher’, please click play…

Italian extreme black metal project has released their deput album ‘Destruction That Wasteth At Noonday’.
the album was recorded and mixed at Jasta (nov 2021/jan 2022), mastered at JKON audio by Giacomo Gastaldi.
All music and lyrics are written, arranged, performed and produced by Mamaev Kurgan.
Divebombs on track 2 by Andrea Toto.
lyrics review by Eddie MacGowan.
Mamaev Kurgan is a one-man band from Italy,
which plays extreme black metal influenced by acts like Dissection, Mayhem, Emperor, Marduk, and others.
The project was started by Damiano Michetti
(Handful of Hate, Coven of Impurity, Axevyper) in march 2020.
The first same titled demo was released independently on october 2020 in digital and CD format, distributed through the band’s social media.
The second independent release was an EP published in february 2021 featuring some classic black metal cover songs.
On august the 3rd 2022 the debut album
“Destruction That Wasteth At Noonday” is finally out in digital format on Bandcamp and other streaming platforms.

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