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Artwork by The Nearlies
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Composed by Jarmo Kortesmaa
Lyrics by Hanna Kortesmaa

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Composed by Jarmo Kortesmaa
Lyrics by Jarmo Kortesmaa, Hanna Kortesmaa, Jan Djikstra

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The Nearlies are:
Hanna Kortesmaa – vocals, bass
Jarmo Kortesmaa – guitar
Derico Da Purificacao – drums

French-Finnish Ghost Rock act The Nearlies is set to release their second studio album ‘Fresh Memories’ later via Concorde Music Company.
The first single Polska Konitski has been released.
Drummer Derico Da Purificacao comments:
“It is with great satisfaction that we invite everyone to come and check out the release of the second album by the rock band The Nearlies. The album is called ‘Fresh Memories’ and was conceived by guitarist J. Kortesmaa and singer and bassist H. Kortesmaa. The compositions and lyrical conception are authored by the Kortesmaa leaders, whereas the guitarist was responsible for directing the project making it even more special and authentic. We hope that all rock fans are pleased by our album, with the first single release Polska Konitski. Available on all streaming platforms you can listen to our new music wherever and whenever you want. Don’t waste time and add The Nearlies’ new single to your playlist now! Rock on!”
The Nearlies was formed some 15 years ago in France.
Future bass player and guitarist were seeking other options than excessive wine drinking for their leisure time.
Starting with instrumental music they soon realised that adding vocals was compulsory to open the doors of local concert venues.
After auditioning one singer it was decided that the bassist must sing.
Fast-forwarding to 2019, the duo met their missing wheel, percussionist Derico Da Purificacao.
Things moved rapidly and first album ‘Ghost Rock’ was released in 2020.
After a few years of practising and brainstorming, maybe a few bottles of wine, comes ‘Fresh Memories’ in autumn 2023.
It’s a collection of melodies and thoughts they have gone through with these complicated times On the more serious note, the guitarist had some experience from years before, playing with Mama & The Darkbreakers in early 90’s in Pohjanmaa and late 90’s with B-fly in Helsinki.

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