Frensh alternative act
has released single/video
‘Death Awaits’

Anthony Diliberto – Vocals
Antonin Carré – Guitar
Robin Mariat – Bass
Nathan Mariat – Drums

pic by Anthony Arbet

to watch the video-clip of ‘Death Awaits’, please click play

Siamese & Resolve
Support: Senna, Odd Palace
»The Wired Hearts Tour« EU/UK Co-Headline Tour 2023
01.04. DK Sonderborg, Mejeriet
02.04. DE Hamburg, Logo
03.04. DE Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
04.04. DE Nürnberg, Z-Bau
05.04. CH Baden, Werkk
06.04. DE Stuttgart, Club Cann
08.04. DE Berlin, Cassiopeia
09.04. BE Antwerp, Kavka
10.04. UK London, Underworld
11.04. UK Leeds, Key Club
12.04. UK Bristol, Exchange
13.04. UK Manchester, Rebellion
14.04. UK Birmingham, The Devil’s Dog
15.04. NL Heerlen, Nieuwe Nor
16.04. DE Oberhausen, Kulttempel

»While She Sleeps – Live In France May 2023«
Support: Resolve & Ashen
03.05. FR Nantes, Warehouse
13.05. FR Istres, Rock à L’Usine
14.05. FR Lyon, Ninkasi Kao
16.05. FR Toulouse, Le Bikini
17.05. FR Metz, Bam
18.05. FR Lille, Le Splendid

Resolve returned with their new single ‘Death Awaits’.
A track that is both positive & beautifully brutal all at the same time.
It follows the band’s debut album »Between Me and The Machine« and sets out a new era for Resolve with a relentless touring schedule ahead.
Robin Mariat (bass):
“Death Awaits’ is a creed. Down the line, we all end up the same, and that we should embrace and not fear. But while death is – at least in our society, often perceived as something sad and solemn, our track is nearly the opposite: upbeat and ferocious with a hopeful chorus. Creating the music video for this song was the most fun we’ve had in ages: we gathered about a hundred fans and friends and celebrated our love for life the only way we know how: beating our skulls to the sound of music together. We especially cannot wait to play this track live on our upcoming tour starting next week!’
‘Death Awaits’ is released ahead of the band’s forthcoming UK/EU co-headline tour with Siamese, kicking off on March 31st.
Resolve will also be supporting heavyweights While She Sleeps across Europe in May & will be appearing at this year’s Hellfest in June.
Ever since their public reveal in February 2017
with the debut single ‘Exposed’, the quartet has been eager to show their peers that they won’t settle for anything but greatness.
Their strong work ethic and attention to details allowed them to open shows for Architects, Every Time I Die, While She Sleeps to name a few, all of that within the first few months of the band’s stammering career. Resolve released their debut album »Between Me and The Machine« in 2021 and had support from the likes of Kerrang! Magazine, Rock Sound, Metal Hammer, and Kerrang! Radio, while their tracks were rightfully placed on Spotify editorial playlists like New Core, New Metal, and Kickass Metal.

RESOLVE live on summer festivals:
27.05. FR Poitiers Baillarock Festival
18.06. FR Clisson Hellfest
08.07. FR Colombier-S. Plane’r Fest
09.07. FR Gisors Kave Fest

RESOLVE will release on Friday
the 26th of November 2021 their album
‘Between Me And The Machine’

Anthony Diliberto – Vocals
Robin Mariat – Bass
Nathan Mariat – Drums

The best things in life come to those who work.
Dipping your toes before jumping in at the deep end is something that will reward you in more ways than you realise.
Those extra hours spent wondering, “what if?” will all be worth it when you figure out the best way to make it a reality rather than pushing too soon and being left to wonder, “what if we had done this differently?”
RESOLVE are a band that have been savouring every second of their journey so far and biding their time – observing, learning, building – and making sure that every single aspect of how they’ve wanted the band to function was fully realised before delivering it to the world.
But now is their time to show you what they have been working on, and it is quite the spectacle.
Starting their journey back in 2016 after their previous projects parted ways and their intentions set on this being their forever band, vocalist Anthony Diliberto, bassist Robin Mariat and drummer Nathan Mariat have spent the last half a decade tinkering with the formula that feels the most suited to them.
Making their first mark in 2017 with debut EP »Reverie« before following with standalone single ‘Carmela’ in 2018, it wasn’t until 2019 that they felt truly at home in their sound.
That was in the form of ‘Pendulum’, a collection of three songs that not only represented the beautifully bludgeoning and densely expansive sound that was resting in the back of their heads but that also found them appearing on Spotify’s New Core, New Metal Tracks and Kickass Metal playlists.

“It was with those three tracks that we really started to find what our sound was and how it was resonating with people,” Nathan explains. “We had been working so hard on everything already, but it was us simply figuring everything out. It just felt more natural than making a big jump.”
“At that time, it was about getting a community together,” Anthony nods. “And because of our music suddenly getting to more people than had before, it all became much more serious.”
Though as the pressure to succeed increased, the band stayed cool and calm.
The hard work had already been done, and the tools were in place to create something that truly represented who they were.
Made in the surroundings of Resolve HQ, a studio, rehearsal space and sanctuary built from the ground by the Mariat brothers, and crafted through the uncertainty and radical societal changes that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, the trio set about forging »Between Me and The Machine«, a record that perfectly encapsulates the chaos and callousness of the world we’re living in through Resolve’s ambitious lens.
Recorded and mixed by Robin, the record is a richly textured and gutturally poignant collection of tracks that bat between white-hot riffs and shimmering ambience with the flick of the wrist.
From the gorgeously pummelling storytelling of ‘Emerald Skies’ and the melodic genius of ‘Seasick Sailor’ all the way through to the textured grit of ‘Cycles’ and haunting atmospheres of ‘Sing Me To Sleep’, it is as varied as it is visceral, showing off the bands attention to detail as much as their ear for an addictive chorus.
Though dig a little deeper, you’ll find that the band delve even deeper into the emotional side of the times we live in.
It’s an adventure, told through the eyes of a space explorer searching for a new world to inhabit after being overwhelmed by the level of technological advancement on his own planet and internal struggles he experiences along the way, into the deepest corners of the heart and soul, a search for tranquillity in a world controlled via buttons and wires.

It’s about the balance between the self-doubt that we’re losing who we are as a society and the fear of what we would be without the means to live our lives as they are right now.
More than anything, it’s about humanity, connection and community, three things that have inspired the band from the very beginning.
“It’s about finding your own place within a world that is becoming more and more dominated by machines,” Robin states. “We are part of the last generation that grew up without the Internet. Even though it feels natural to us, it’s also easy to still feel a little bit lost.”
When looking out for each other and soul searching feels more crucial than ever before, RESOLVE have put together a record that transcends borders altogether.
They’ve created a universe littered with as much darkness as light and as much hardship as hope.
»Between Me and The Machine« feels like just the beginning of a truly spectacular voyage to the stratosphere, but right now, it is the sound of a band making the most brutally honest and
beautifully human music they can.

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