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to watch the video-clip of ‘Rains of Castamere’, please click play…

Creator and producer Niko Paterakis inaugurates his latest project OLAouto with a video/cover of the song ‘The Rains of Castamere’
from the popular show Game of Thrones.
The external shooting took place at the famous Instagram-able
Iron Throne of Pavliani Park (Fthiotida region)
and internally at the tavern Meterizi
of the nearby village Athanasios Diakos (Fokida region).
Featuring cellist Alexandros Botinis, beloved for his unique Youtube presence as CrazyCelloas well as his more recent solo work.
The video was published in time for the premiere announcement of HBO’s prequel show, House of Dragons in Sept 2022.
OLAouto is the latest project by creator and producer Niko Paterakis
After years of experience focused on music technology and film composition abroad, Niko turns to his native Greek traditional music with new eyes.
He interacts with it via his favorite instrument, the laouto, with numerous modern influences
– folk, pop, rock, classical music and others!
The result is a sound with ancient roots that lives and vibrates in the present and envisions the future with an international perspective.
Covers, medleys and jams that surprise and delight audiences from around the world…
Niko Paterakis is a Greek composer, producer and performer.
As a multi-instrumentalist, he began composing music for performing arts while living and studying in the UK in the late ’00s.
During this time, he performed original material in the world-renowned SWSX Festival (Austin, TX – 2010) and premiered his first musical theater
production, ANO THROSKO: Musical for the 21st Century (sponsored by ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND). Later on, Niko was awarded a scholarship to study for a Master’s Degree in Film Scoring atBerklee College of Music (Berklee Valencia – 2013-14).
After graduating, he moved to New York to work with ROLI, a thriving music tech start-up that brought to market innovations such as the Seaboard & BLOCKS.
In 2018, Niko founded and directed KÍKLOS FESTIVAL NYC under the auspices of the Consulate General of Greece in New York
to showcase Greek traditional music to international audiences.
After 2 successful years of planning and executing events, he was invited to manage a North American tour for major Greek artist George Dalaras.
Niko is currently based between NYC and his hometown Athens, Greece.
Production credits
Performed: Niko Paterakis & Alexandros Botinis
Music: Ramin Djawadi
Lyrics: George R. R. Martin
Arranged & produced by Niko Paterakis
Recorded & mixed by Nick Haldoupis @ Soundcave Studios (Athens, GR)
Directed by Niko Paterakis
Editing & Cinematography by Aggelos Kaltsis
Drone shots filmed by Alexandros Botinis
Produced by Niko Paterakis & Alexandros Botinis
Costumes by Resi Bender
Special Thanks to:
Stefano Skoul
Kostas Mastrokostopoulos

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