have released single
“Bourbon Skies”
from the album “Choose”

Multivision is the name of an alternative rock band, originated from Greece.
Under influences of different rock styles from 80s till late 10s, the first EP album “Lucius” was created at a studio apartment between vocalist Stelios Iatridis aka StIL, bass player Bill Ntanos and lead guitarist Dimitris Tzilopoulos.
With the addition of drummer Steph Laskos, the band released the EP, which was mixed and mastered by Dimitris Douvras at Lunatech Sounds Studio, in the spring of 2018.
The band appeared on numerous radio shows, promoting their EP album accompanied by the announcement of their pre-production of a second studio album, alongside their conceptual logo persona “Lucius”.
Guitarist Bill Melachrinos completed the setup before the recording of the FL album Choose, which was recorded in 2020, before collaboration with Lunatech Sounds Studio finalized the whole project 1 year later.
The album expands on the alternative rock sound of its EP predecessor, engaging with blues and punk styles.
By fall 2021, drummer Jason Glykidis was brought into the setup as a main member.

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