Swiss alternative rock act
will release album
‘Far Beyond The Moon’

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The Swiss alternative rock band DIRTY VELVET will release their debut album “Far Beyond The Moon” on the 14th of april, 2023, via Fastball-Music / BOB-MEDIA.
The band was founded in Lausanne / Switzerland in 2019 and since then has attracted a lot of attention with their live performances, especially in their home country.
The album’s ten tracks grew organically over the years until the decision was made to head into the studio to record the album in 2022.
DIRTY VELVET deliver an extremely diverse sound, which, alongside punk metallic influences, has a healthy bit of early SONIC YOUTH influences,
while always remaining crisp and melodic.
The band knows how to fluctuate between quiet passages and snotty, cracking sounds, whereas the voice of singer Ekaterina (Kathy) resonates with a good shot of 70s female punk.
“Far Beyond The Moon”
sounds carefree, snotty and refreshingly non-constructed.
Straightforward rock music from the heart and soul.
The band will release two singles plus video clips in support of the album and will play some live shows this year,
which will hopefully take them beyond the Swiss borders.

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