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Canadian metalcore act
will release EP
‘The Decay’

EP art by Keith MacLeod

Better Men
Dead Idols
The Divergence of Man
Divided by Everything
Pay to Prey

to watch the video-clip ‘Divided By Everything’, please click play…

All songs written and performed by Orchid’s Curse
Produced by Brian Jones
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Bowers
Recorded by Brian Jones except Drums Recorded by Palmer Jamieson
SOCAN member
Canadian Content MAPL

to watch the video-clip ‘Dead Idols’, please click play…

Orchid’s Curse are:
Josh Hogan – vocals
Brian Jones – guitar, vocals
Keith MacLeod – guitar
Jason Szeto – bass
Alex Wrathell – drums

2023The Decay (Independent)
2018Graveyard of the Gulf (Independent)
2018Split with Deadgaard
2016Cynics & Liars EP (Independent)
2013Words (Diminished Fifth Records)
2010Voices The Tales of Broken Men (Diminished Fifth Records)
2006Goodbye is when the Casket Closes (Diminished Fifth Records)

music placements:
The Candy Show (2013 – S3 E3)
Todd & The Book of Pure Evil (2010 – S1, E3)

Awards/Album of The Year:
‘Graveyard of the Gulf’:
Loud Recording of the Year‘ – Nova Scotia Music Week 2019 (WINNER)
‘Cynics & Liars’:
‘Loud Recording of the Year‘ – Nova Scotia Music Week 2016 (WINNER)
‘Loud Recording of the Year’ – East Coast Music Awards 2017 (Nominee)
The Coast, Halifax’s Weekly Best of Music 2014
Gold Winner – Best Music Video( ‘If We’re Divine’)
Gold Winner – Best Merch By An Artist
Bronze Winner – Best Metal Band
Bronze Winner – Best Album (‘Words’)
‘Voices: The Tales of Broken Men’
The Coast 2010 Critic’s Pick
Noisography.com Top 10 Records of 2010
2011 Nova Scotia Music Week + ECMA ‘Loud Recording of the Year’ Nominee
Hellbound.ca writer ‘Jason Wellwood’ Individual Top 10 Metal Albums of 2010 [#8]
PureGrainAudio.com writer ‘Chee Kam’ Individual Top 20 Metal Albums of 2010 [#18]

Orchid’s Curse:
“We are elated to finally be releasing ‘THE DECAY’ to the masses. Writing for this EP started before the pandemic and we are glad the time to release it is finally here. One positive is that with the shutdowns we had a lot of extra time to spend refining these songs to ensure it was most mature and competent release to date. We really wanted to ensure ‘THE DECAY’ picked up where our last few releases left off. With each new record we always try to continue to progress and up the ante musically and artistically. We all feel really confident in these songs and this release as a whole. Although the release was delayed longer than we had hoped, we are happy that the time is finally here.”
“Musically this EP is our most mature work yet. 5 songs with a variety of different musical influences but also still having the Orchid’s Curse sound. Songs range from a 2:30 thrash banger to a 6::30 epic melodic metal song. Lyrically the EP looks at the continued to decline and decay of our modern society.”
Track By Track:
‘Better Men’
“The first song to open the EP starts with a lo-fi build before opening up with a thunderous rhythm. Midway through the song it alternates between spacial atmosphere and the unrelenting rhythm which opens the track. Before closing with an epic, hardcore-inspired breakdown. Lyrically this song looks at men’s complacency in what is often deep-rooted and historical misogyny.”
‘Dead Idols’
“Unlike the opening track, this song gets right into it from the opening note. ‘Dead Idols’ is 4-minute melodic death and thrash-inspired banger. Lyrically this song explores society’s idolization of people who may not deserve the adoration.”
‘The Divergence of Man’
“Track 3 is our homage to sludge and vintage melodic hardcore bands like Burnt by the Sun. This song is not only more patient in scope than the others on this EP but also more experimental. Lyrically this song looks inward at our willingness to sit back apathetically watching the collapse of our society.”
‘Divided by Everything’
“This song is short and to the point. A 2:30 ripper that serves its purpose and gets the mosh pit moving. Lyrically this song dives into the political farce that is left versus right divide occurring in most western cultures with the chorus stating simply ‘Divided by Everything, Bonded by Division’.”
‘Pay to Prey’
“There was no doubt this song would close the EP. At just over 6 minutes this song takes all elements of Orchid’s Curse sound and wraps it up into one tightly wound package. Lyrically this song revisits a theme from past albums and is a scathing look at the commercialism behind religious institutions.”
“Orchid’s Curse formed way back in 2005 with our first release in 2006. 18 years have passed and we have withstood the test of time. Whether persevering through member changes or a pandemic, the band continues to push forward and release new music. ‘The Decay’ is our 6th release and will highlight that the band has no plans to stop creating music any time soon.”
“For this EP we did all pre-production at Brian Jones home studio ‘The Lab’ with Jones producing and engineering. After being confident the songs were where we wanted them to be, we recorded drums at Golden Palm Studios and finished Guitars, Bass and Vocals in The Lab.”
“Over the course of our career Orchid’s Curse has gotten to perform and tour with some of our favourite bands. Getting to tour Atlantic Canada with 3 Inches of Blood and Goatwhore a few years back was definitely one of our biggest highlights. Getting to see metal legends perform each night was absolutely incredible.”
“We’ve played a lot of stages (and floors) over our career. From big stages at the Forum opening for Children of Bodom, the Maritime Tattoo Festival over the sound of buzzing tattoo guns, on National TV for ‘The Candy Show’, but we’ve also had our fair share of tiny stages, dive bars and dirty floors. Regardless of the venue, one thing is certain, every single show the band brings 100% energy and entertainment.”
With over a decade of musical output, Orchid’s Curse continues to create a beautiful amalgamation of brutal metal, progressive melody, and intelligent thought-provoking lyrics.
Whether in a live setting or on an album, Orchid’s Curse refuses stagnation and orders your full attention.
Since forming in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in late 2005, Orchid’s Curse has positioned itself at the forefront of the highly underrated East Coast metal scene in Canada.
Ensuring that every show left the band drained of all they had and every album was created with the most care and the best team they could find.
Now with their sixth release ‘The Decay’ ready to release, the band continues to position itself at the forefront of maritime metal.
Metalsucks.net captured the band’s goal of blending various genres of metal, declaring:
“Orchid’s Curse is one of those bands that play around with melodeath, groove, thrash, and occasionally prog with enough fluidity to rid themselves of any sort of pesky sub-genre tags and earn the simple, yet elegant classification of ‘metal’.”
While Canada’s Hellbound.ca recognized the bands continued progression and growth over the years stating:
“Few bands demand that each album be a progression, a growth, in the way that Orchid’s Curse does. No musical influence is turned away, but everything is twisted, melded into an intense metal experience that makes your head bang one moment and your toes tap the next.”
Since 2006 Orchid’s Curse has shared the stage with an incredibly diverse lineup of bands including, The Black Dahlia Murder, Children of Bodom, Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats, 3 Inches of Blood, Goatwhore, Exhumed, Fuck the Facts, KEN Mode, Misery Index, Counterparts, Baptized in Blood, Martyr, Beneath the Massacre, Vilipend, Ion Dissonance, Neuraxis, L’Espirit du Clan, Unexpect, Trigger Effect, Ninjaspy, Unbreakable Hatred, Misguided Aggression, Greber and many more.

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