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an American hard rock newcomer
an interview by
Maria Stella Tsatsi

Barak Alexander Seguin – vocals
Adrian Aerostone – lead guitars
Chris Jordan – drums
Jeff Simmons – bass

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Since the beginning of time there was Eden, then came the Malice?
I don’t know…
I only know one thing, about Malice in Eden.
Four rock’n’roll fires, spreading from Austin/Texas in 2021 and slowly to the whole world, in order to thrill us and addict us forever.
Their music combines modern rock and often has traces of metal elements, the intense splashes of guitars in the background, is one of the parts that makes them so unique, a velvety, erotic voice with a strong rock tone spills into the room, under the dynamic sound of the bass, making the audience applaud over and over again.
‘Now you Know’, ‘Diamond Bright’, ‘Chains’ and ‘Trance Electric’ are their fabulous and successful songs.
The massive self-titled debut-EP is available on all streaming platforms, which have made a splash at their live shows.
So, let’s welcome, all the Malice in Eden team:
Barak Alexander Seguin on vocals, Chris Jordan drums, Jeff Simmons bass and Adrian Arostone guitar.
Through his super exclusive interview to radio highway pirates Jeff Simons talked to us about Malice in Eden, music, their ideal singles, their cooperations and their upcoming plans.
How was Malice in Eden born?
“Chris, Adrian & I started playing together in 2020 with rebooting the band named South Bound Saints in Austin, Texas. This was one of Chris Jordans (drums) previous bands. Then Pandemic hit, that band fell apart and the three of us decided to start a new band. Sometime in 2021 we started writing music while looking for a singer. We had multiple ads out all over Texas and landed Barak Alex Seguin as our Vocalist Sept 2021. December 2021 we were in the studio recording. March 2022 our debut EP was released, March 31, 2022, was the first Malice in Eden show.”
Where was your first show?
“It was at a place called COME & TAKE IT, LIVE in Austin, TX”
How did the name of the band come about?
“It took a while because we were so focused on defining our writing. We were a three-piece band at the time. Chris our drummer came up with the name, we all agreed it fit what we were doing! The name is based on good & evil, right and wrong. We are always faced with things like that, you know.”
Introduce us the rest of the gang
“Sure! the band is – Vocals: Barak Alexander Seguin, Lead Guitars: Adrian Aerostone, Drums: Chris Jordan, Bass: Jeff Simmons”
Is there any Malice in your Eden?
“That’s a good one! overall were pretty chill together & get along very well. The only ‘malice’ you could say is when we are arranging new music. We all have ideas for how we want it to work, but in the end our chemistry works very well together. We have accomplished a lot as a new band. So, there is no malice.”
Do you believe that the rock element, has always been into you?
“Yes, we all bring different styles and ideas of rock that influenced all of us. Our music represents that very well.”
What were the influences and the basis on which you were walking?
“Oh, that’s a big one! Hard to list them all if you know what I mean. Zeppelin, LA Guns, Iron Maiden, etc. We could list a whole lot more!”

Does the guitar’s commanding element take us to a journey, through each of your songs?
“Great question! Yes, the guitar in our sound is very much in front and prominent. Very often the lyric content or theme of each song we have blends and attaches very well with the music that we create.”
Do you think it’s difficult or easy mixing rock and metal in one?
“Rock and Metal can be difficult because we (like other bands) are trying to stand out and sound unique. But the four of us together when we’re writing, mixing and performing our sound is very distinct and it does stand out from other bands, I think. We don’t want to be just another band on the scene. We want to be THAT band on the scene.”
By what criteria do you select your songs?
“We share ideas a lot. Our selection is very intricate and detail oriented. We all contribute and individually present new ideas or riffs. Then we work on it, some songs get scrapped others are written quickly. It just depends on the idea. The music presented for new ideas can be slow and melodic or fast and pounding, I think that I say a lot about what is going on in our life at the moment individually.”
Could you tell me two of your songs that your fans adore?
“Trance Electric from our EP has captured fans attention, it’s gritty and driving with a catchy hook of ‘Summon the devil you know’. The other song is Benevolent Abyss, we recently just recorded it and it will be released soon. It’s a deep song for the band, and I think that fans pick up on that. So, live it goes over very well.”
Tell me a few words about your new song, and your cooperation
“So, one of the new songs that I just spoke about, the lyric content is about addiction (to anything), the music was present by our guitarist Adrian. No date yet. Likely will be released on our LP later. That one was a long one to record and mix because of how special it is if you know what I mean.”
What means music for you in one word?
“LIFE. Because without music life would not be complete. I saw a comment once made from an Iron Maide fan. It said: ‘Iron Maiden is my religion’. That is great because, as musicians and music fans some of the greatest music is like that, it is our religion!”
Describe me the first time, you were on stage live and how did you feel (as a band)
“Yeah, so malice in Eden’s first show was March 31st 2022. We were unknown, but there was actually a lot of hype happening before this show about, who we were. In fact the bill that we were on. We were the very first band to play, so we were on the early time slot, so we weren’t really sure, how the evening was going to go, because we were playing so early, and actually to our surprise there was a great crowd and huge turnout, so there was a lot of people, that actually wanted to see us. It was a great experience for our first show.”
Tell me a few words about your recently live events
“Epic and Energetic! The last show was great! Our last show on April 29 we opened for Quiet Riot. The show was great, we had fans show up and got new fans too! Great response from the crowd there. The guys from Quiet Riot were very cool to hang out with, much respect for them.”
What are your impressions at your concert at Cedar Park?
“This was the Quiet Riot show. The crowd was fantastic, the people didn’t know who we were, got into our music a lot! The fans that came to see us were all wearing Malice in Eden shirts and rocked. It was just that while we were playing, we could see them. After the show, we were meeting them and new fans at our merchandise booth, they were wearing our band t-shirts and cheering and rocking. It was a good time!”
Do you believe that diamonds are always bright?
“Diamond Bright was our first single and video we released. The song deals with being lured into something very shinny and bright. But in the end, it was a trap and does not end well. It is based on the poem of the spider and the fly, creepy ha ha! Bright is based on who is looking at the diamond. What is bright to me is not the same as what is bright to you or someone else.”
Are there any lyrics in any of your songs that reflect you? (As a band and as jeff)?
“Good question. We have a song called ‘Now you Know’, talks about what someone would do for another. Thats is one that is relatable!”
What are your plans for your near future?
“Currently, the band is booked through August. We are going to be recording and releasing more music. We just recently recorded new music and will be releasing a new single very soon called ‘WHAT IS NEXT’. In fact, this weekend making a new video for the single. Lots happening for us! It is a hard-driving song. It is great! The next shows are in Texas. Were ready to keep rocking live!” Maria Stella Tsatsi

Texan hard rock act
has released their
self-titeled deput EP

pic by Steve Miller

Texan mini-tour:
Sat Jul 23 BFE ROCK CLUB 8:00 PM in Houston
Sat Aug 20 The Deadhorse 8:00 PM in San Angel
Fri Sep 09 Come and Take It Live 8:00 PM in Austin
Sat Oct 01 Anderson Mill Pub 8:00 PM in Austin
Sat Nov 19 Hanover’s 8:00 PM in Pflugerville

Malice In Eden, is a newly formed rock band out of Austin, Texas.
They have released on march the 12th their self-titled deput EP.
Recorded in December 2021 at 512 Studios in Austin, TX (engineered by Omar Vallejo).
The EP showcases the bands powerful soaring vocals from Barak Alexander Seguin, a precision pounding rhythm section with Chris Jordan (drums) & Jeff Simmons (bass).
The massive and fierce guitar work is crafted by Adrian Arostone.
Since the beginning of time there was Eden, then came the Malice…
A band, a group, a partnership of gathered individuals who have come together to join their talents and express themselves like artists and writers of previous generations.
Each one holds his own calling card or identity, whether it’s their voice or instrument which screams individuality.
Like spokes on a wheel, they build strength and are the pillars of the gateway that leads to Malice in Eden.

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