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German hard’n’heavy act
had released single
‘I’m So Goth’

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Postel – Vocals
Holly – Guitar
Marple – Bass
Alex – Drums

When an equally rough and pally end-time bunch brushes ‘DEAD POP SEX ACTION‘ as a musical style on its skull, embroidered Rock’n’Roll flag, it’s time for a collective uproar.
And if those passionate tattoo maniacs in their ratty rags also look as seriously determined as the LORDS OF SALEM, then of course, you‘ve got to pump it up a whole lot louder.
In the middle of the tasteless, barren no-man’s-land of the diluted mainstream, the charismatic four-piece strikes in the scene.
LORDS OF SALEM let a massively invigorating overdose of the spark spraying 80s HARD ROCK flare up out of the amplifiers with the EP “Hell Over Salem”.
Electrifying songs come to life with a beguiling dark-occult touch.
Lascivious, tongue-in-cheek songs that could not possibly be firmer, juicier and more compelling.
The EP “Hell Over Salem” was officially published on October 31. 2018.
On January 11th, 2019, LORDS OF SALEM presented their official music video for the title song of the EP.
The video was produced by bass player Marple’s own production company FabrikDrei / Marplepixx. Filmed by Miguel.
The cut was arranged by PADI of Nightfall Entertainment, a close friend of the troupe.
The casual thoroughbred rockers are saying about:
“We do not need big, inflated words to say anything about it. What we want to convey as a band is, after all, the good old spirit of eternal Rock’n’Roll, and that with an explicit ‘All Night and Party’ factor!”

As a marketing strategy, fraudulent cunning fashion rockers, pseudo-rebellious leatherjacket-weekend-wearers, unspeakable trend-clowns and other little softener-boys are tearing holes in their new jeans, like to call that kind of appearance and music-making ‘vintage’ and thus are queuing up rather pettily into an artificial genre zeitgeist.
However with the four incurably decibel-addicted LORDS OF SALEM, it’s just pure genuineness, deepest conviction and ultimately haunting reality.
The timeless LA sound of the conspired heap around exceptional singer Postel dances ominously rapt, but deliciously frisky on a damn stable foundation that rivets the enormously powerful formation of guitar riffs that drive straight into the bones, hellishly hot with greedy pumping power drumming.
A dash of Danzig, a thick dose of Kiss, a poisonous injection of Mötley Crüe and a thick splash of Lordi refines the efficient formula.
The interesting band cross references are one thing, the other is the profound individuality of the crisp, yet also atmospheric material of LORDS OF SALEM.
Four intuitively-unerringly composed, enthusiastically performed and magically catchy bitchin‘ tracks are being pounded into your ears,
which you won‘t forget.
The songs of the 2018 published EP “Hell Over Salem” were powerfully produced by grandmaster Achim Köhler, whose work has also convinced such acts as Sinner, Brainstorm,
Symphorce, Primal Fear, Sodom, Sonic Syndicate,
Headhunter etc. (Markus Eck).

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