the specials for 2022 with john 510s

accept – metallica – black sabbath – saxon – ozzy osbourne

– 05.05.2022 OZZY OSBOURNE

01 Desire
02 Lightning Strikes
03 Miracle Man
04 Let Me Hear You Scream
05 Shot In The Dark
06 I Just Want You
07 Mr. Crowley
08 Demon Alcohol
09 Thunder Underground
10 No More Tears
11 Road To Nowhere
12 Perry Mason
13 Bloodbath In Paradise
14 Devil’s Daughter
15 Flying High Again
16 Diary Of A Madman#
17 Tattooed Dancer
18 Secret Loser
19 Fool Like You
20 Crazy Babies
21 Believer
22 Fire In he Sky
23 Mama I’m Coming Home
24 Walk On Water
25 Crazy Train
26 Rock ‘N’ Roll Rebel
27 Waiting For Darkness
28 Steal Away (The Night)
29 Revelation (Mother Earth)
30 S.A.T.O.
31 Back On Earth
32 I Don’t Know
33 Center Of Eternity
34 Bark At The Moon
35 Breaking All The Rules
36 Over The Mountain

– 07.04.2022 SAXON

747 (Strangers In The Night)
Back On The Streets
Valley Of The Kings
Denim And Leather
Frozen Rainbow
Strong Arm Of The Law
Wheels Of Steel
Forever Free
Fire In The Sky
Backs To The Wall
Motorcycle Man
Never Surrender
Unleash The Beast
Heavy Metal Thunder
Princess Of The Night
20,000 Feet
Solid Ball Of Rock
Dogs Of War
Nosferatu (The Vampire’s Waltz)
Overture In B-Minor Refugee
Baptism Of Fire
Just Let Me Rock
Power And Glory
Rock ‘N’ Roll Gypsy
Ride Like The Wind
Requiem (We Will Remember)
Ministry Of Fools
Back In 79
Carpe Diem (Seize The Day)
I Can’t Wait Anymore
I’ve Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)
The Eagle Has Landed
And The Band Played On
Broken Heroes

– 10.03.2022 BLACK SABBATH

War Pigs
Am I Going Insane
Iron Man
Electric Funeral
Back Street Kids
Lord Of This World
Sabbra Cadabra
Children Of The Grave
Into The Void
Turn Up The Night
Symptom Of The Universe
Lady Evil
The Thrill Of It All
Behind The Wall Of Sleep
Sweet Leaf
The Wizard
Never Say Die
Dirty Women
Tomorrow’s Dream
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Neon Knights
Die Young
Falling Off The Edge Of The World
The Law Maker
Heaven And Hell
Headless Cross
You Won’t Change Me
Live Forever
Born Again
After Forever
Fairies Wear Boots
Black Sabbath

– 24.02.2022 METALLICA

01 One
02 Damage, Inc.
03 Dyer’s Eve
04 Whiplash
05 Through The Never
06 Sad But True
07 Devil’s Dance
08 All Nightmare Long
09 My Friend Of Misery
10 Eye Of The Beholder
11 Don’t Tread on Me
12 Harvester Of Sorrow
13 Master Of Puppets
14 Wherever I May Roam
15 Enter Sandman
16 And Justice For All
17 Creeping Death
18 Fight Fire With Fire
19 Trapped Under Ice
20 No Remorse
21 The Four Horsemen
22 Ride The Lightning
23 Leper Messiah
24 Phantom Lord
25 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
26 For Whom The Bell Tolls
27 Blackened
28 Battery
29 Hardwired
30 Metal Militia
31 Hit The Lights
32 Seek And Destroy

– 13.01.2022 ACCEPT

01 China Lady
02 Get Ready
03 Balls To The Wall
04 Living For Tonight
05 Restless And Wild
06 Breaker
07 Head Over Heels
08 Midnight Mover
09 Screaming For A Love-Bite
10 I’m A Rebel
11 Metal Heart
12 Objection Overruled
13 Bad Habits Die Hard
14 Aiming High
15 Monster Man
16 Princess Of The Dawn
17 Losing More Than You’ve Ever Had
18 Son Of A Bitch
19 Flash Rockin’ Man
20 Too High To Get It Right
21 TV War
22 Up To The Limit
23 Sick, Dirty And Mean
24 Dogs On Leads
25 Russian Roulette
26 London Leatherboys
27 Burning
28 Hard Attack
29 Heaven Is Hell
30 Fast As A Shark
31 Losers And Winners
32 Run If You Can
33 Man Enough To Cry
34 Teutonic Terror
35 Stone Evil
36 Slaves To Metal
37 Love Child
38 The Rise Of Chaos
39 Turn Me On
40 Neon Nights