EUGENIO SAMBASILE has realesed his new single ‘He’s Your Father, Not Mine’

Eugenio Sambasile is an Italian musician, guitarist, music teacher and composer. He’s the founder and leader of death metal band Embryo. He shared the stage with famous metal artists on countless gigs all across Europe and collaborated with international musicians such as Marty Friedman and George Kollias during several educational events and seminars. His musical interests range from extreme metal to rock, with influences of blues and country music.

Eugenio Sambasile – Guitar & bass

Vitali Mats – Vocals
Ivan Bandera – Drums

THOMAS LIBERO has has released new album “Songs From The Lockdown II Live

Thomas Libero stated: “The Songs From The Lockdown project was my personal reaction to the weird time we all lived and it gave me the chance to present new sides of my music that I’ve never shown before. In the first chapter, 2020’s Songs From The Lockdown I, I wanted to introduce the audience to my roots; on this one, I collected some acoustic versions of my songs and a couple of covers, mixing a livestream I recorded in a studio with a few tracks taken from real live gigs I performed in Italy and Spain, in order to recreate the mood of a concert.”

Thomas Libero is a musician, singer and songwriter from Padua, Italy. As a solo artist, he released 2 EPs, 2 albums and several singles, including his Italian songs (“Nella Notte”, “IP”, “Favole”) that were featured in the national ranking chart. During his career, he worked with other bands and toured across ItalyEurope and Brasil sharing the stage with artists such as H.E.A.T, Tim “Ripper” Owens, DGM, Hardline and many others. Thanks to his melodic rock background and vast musical culture, Thomas Libero creates a very personal genre that ranges from pop-rock to hard rock, fast songs and deep ballads, always trying to give a message to the audience through his meaningful lyrics. 


01. A Letter To Me (Live in Menorca)02. I Will Go On (Live in Menorca)03. Red Zone (Live in Menorca)04.  In Questa Città (Live in Venice)05. Hallelujah (Live at The Central Recording Studios) Leonard Cohen cover06. Through Glass (Live at The Central Recording Studios) Stone Sour cover07. Nella Notte (Live at The Central Recording Studios) 08. I Want You Back Tonight (Live at The Central Recording Studios)


Thomas Libero: Vocals, guitars

OVERSENSE – new shows with Doro and Snow White Blood confirmed

Good news for the Modern Melodic Metal band Oversense! They just released their new album “Egomania” via Dr. Music Records and played first shows with i. a. Jaded Heart and Thundermother.

Right next week, it goes on for party-hungry ravenous headbangers, as OVERSENSE have been invited again by Metal Queen Doro Pesch for three more concerts as special guest. This time they will rock the stage together in Frankfurt, Neuruppin and Hamburg! But that’s not all.

With their friends, the Symphonic Metal band Snow White Blood, it goes on right away in January. At three shows in Rüsselsheim, Mannheim and Frankfurt, OVERSENSE will captivate their fans and take them on a fascinating journey through all facets of powerful Modern Melodic Metal with unique musical highlights.

Further dates will be announced soon. Here is an overview of the confirmed tour dates so far:
17.11.2021 DE-Frankfurt, Batschkapp w/ Doro
27.11.2021 DE-Neuruppin, Kulturhaus w/ Doro
28.11.2021 DE-Hamburg, Grünspan w/ Doro
15.01.2022 DE-Rüsselsheim, Das Rind w/ Snow White Blood
22.01.2022 DE-Mannheim, 7er Club w/ Snow White Blood
08.05.2022 DE-Frankfurt, Nachtleben w/ Snow White Blood

NYXBORN have released their 3rd album “Δαιμονολόγιο (Demonologio)” on the 30th of October

A small village between two pale mountains, is the home of Nyxborn, a one-man independent blackened heavy metal project from Greece. 

Nyxborn’s trademark sound is a blend of original blackened heavy metal riffs, accompanied by an aggressive high-pitched voice, creating a progressive, dark and at times atmospheric vibe. 

The project is active in the metal underground since 2016 with the “Eyes Of The Night” EP.  

The full length albums “Black Mirror of Silence” and “Fatesblood” succeeded it in 2018 and 2019 respectively. 

On September 2021 the Official Video for the single “Exiled In Arrakis” was unleashed to the unsuspecting masses. 

The song is based on the “Dune” science-fiction novel (1965) written by Frank Herbert, and it is included in the 3rd Nyxborn opus entitled “Δαιμονολόγιο” (Demonologio). 

EYES WIDE OPEN will release their album ‘Through Life And Death’ on the 12th of November 2021

“The World is on Fire!”
Devastation spreads through the human society with pandemics, misleading information and
corrupted leaders. Why can’t we change our ways?

EYES WIDE OPEN is a four-piece modern metal band based in Karlstad (Sweden).
Their music carries the torch from the Swedish melodic death metal scene, mixing it with
modern sounds and new influences inspired from metalcore. Catchy melodies, heavy
drumming, pumping rhythms and versatile vocals are merging into an own style of metal.
Toured with: 2 shows with HATEBREED, 2 Europe tours with THE UNGUIDED
The track Echoes on the new album we have featured both Richard Sjunnesson and
Jonathan Thorpenberg from THE UNGUIDED.
The album is self produced by Erik Engstrand and Kristofer Strandberg and mixed and
mastered by Kristofer himself. Recorded in their own ES Music Studio in Karlstad, Sweden.

01 World on Fire; (Instrumental intro to Devastation)

02 Devastation; Us destroying ourselves and the earth with greed, depression and hate and how we all stand
silent doin nothing about it, disconnected by a self made mask.

03 Fallout; We need to change our perspective, see how deep down we really are and therefore change
our ways to heal. Forge a new day.

  1. Burn ’Em;
    Burn down those dark thoughts, those festering inner demons we all carry and win the fight
    for your life.
  2. End of Days;
    Stranded on the black beach between life and death I struggle to find my way back to the
    light of life. (Inspired from Death Stranding the video game)
  3. Through Life and Death;
    Our lives are not a straight line, it’s rather an intense roller coaster through the deepest
    depths of despair to the highest mountains of joy. On this journey we will stumble, fall and
    it’s all about getting yourself up and rise up to the greater things in life.
  4. Eraser;
    A cold and dark winter depression that are blocking your energy, your will to seek out your
    dreams and hopes. Pray for the Eraser of the frozen to melt and mend your broken bones.
  5. Brother;
    Your best buddy that burned down your whole friendship and slowly became the fairweather friend you really don’t want or need in your life.
  6. Wildfire;
    Misleading information spreads like a wildfire and it is truly dangerous in how it sways
    peoples minds and how easy and fast it spreads. All of us is victims to misleading information
    and it is so frustrating to hear people have opinions of matters they don’t really have a clear
    perspective on.
  7. Echoes; (feat Richard Sjunnesson & Jonathan Thorpenberg of The Unguided)
    Still in the upside down we are working to become better beings.
    To find a place where we can grow like equals we have to try, fail and try again to discover
    our true selfs.
    Our actions today will mark the future of ourselves and generations to come.
    Our Echoes will never die.
  8. Where Death Meets Paradise;
    Deals with the loss of loved ones and the struggle for those who are left behind.
    Dedicated to our dear friend Silas Jonsson and his family.
    You will be missed!
  9. Bridge to the Future; (Instrumental outro)
    This serves as a bridge to the future, with a sad but still hopeful feeling towards new

Line Up:
Erik Engstrand | Vocals
Kristofer Strandberg | Guitars
Jesper Lindgren | Bass
Lucas Freise | Drums

COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS have postboned the release of their album ‘The Hindsight Notes’

new releasedate will be the 4th of February 2022

COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS are a respected and forward-thinking progressive metal outfit from
Copenhagen, Denmark. Swaying the world with their innovative take on progressive metalcore and
playing numerous shows across Europe and even the far east of India, these guys are no freshmen.
Having explored dense, technical prog metal on their two previous full-lengths, their new release
»The Hindsight Notes« shows a more mature band with a cleaner, softer sound, focused on wellcrafted, innovative songs with a progressive edge.
The clean, minimalist aesthetic of the artwork covers a sprawling record that dials back the heaviness
where needed to let the song-writing and myriad of creative details shine. Whether it’s moody
synths, bouncy 8-string guitar grooves, or tasteful, layered choir arrangements, the musical side of
the band captivates and shows a multi-faceted, creative outpouring without conventional limitations.
This approach also shows in the lyrical and vocal tour-de-force from frontman Johan Pedersen,
dealing with personal trauma, hopes, and doubts in a far more intimate and exposed way than what’s
usually seen in the guarded prog metal genre.
In the flourishing Danish metal scene, COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS truly stands apart as a hard to
categorize, and rewarding listen with their new record, which dares to stand out and thoughtfully use
their well-honed skills.
The band states: “This record is the sound of us growing up as people and musicians. Before and
during the pandemic, the creative process was a fixed point in a lot of personal chaos, which we tried
to channel towards an honest and personal statement. Everything was allowed, but also had to be
executed to perfection. We brought in a ton of cool collaborators to make this vision come through
and truly feel like we made a fully formed record that does not follow trends and does not
compromise. Whether it was going softer, more straight forward or more experimental, we made a
point to follow where our common creative sensibilities led us. It was a huge amount of work, but the
album feels intensely rewarding and personal for that reason.”
»The Hindsight Notes« is co-produced by the band, Mirza Radonjica (GHOST IRIS, MØL, SIAMESE)
and Chris Kreutzfeldt (CABAL, MØL, GHOST IRIS). Mixing and mastering was done by Jacob Hansen

CYCLOPEAN WALLS have released on the 29th of October 2021 their debut album ‘Enter The Dreamlands’

CYCLOPEAN WALLS is an international Progressive Metal project founded back in 2019, in Paris, France, by Greek guitarist Yiannis Tziallas.

Back then Yiannis was working on the project’s first songs, composing all the music and recording guitars, bass and keyboards himself.

For the vocals he got in touch with Raphael Gazal -from the Colorado based, Progsters LEVIATHAN-, while Sean Lang and Jonas Schütz -both top names on the session drumming world-participated for some preliminary drum tracking.

The result was the EP “Embrace the Mythos” that was released on May 2020, in digital format, including four originals of lyrical and darkly shaded Progressive Metal based on the universe of the mighty H.P. Lovecraft.

From the very first listen of this digital EP everyone in Steel Gallery Records was simply left speechless, so we approached Yiannis offering a deal for a complete full length release. This opportunity made Yannis to focus even more on the project.

Five new songs were composed, and all the material was orchestrated in order to follow a very specific aesthetic that combines the Prog Metal, the classical and the cinematic vibes of the music.

A female singer (Andrea Krux), a saxophonist (Hugo Lee), two more guitarists (Steelianos Amoiridis (ENEMY OF REALITY) & Stelios Anatolitis) and even a string quartet (Esession) were invited to join in and complete specific pieces of the album’s sonic puzzle.

The “Enter the Dreamlands” full length is ready to reach our realm. An outstanding album, balancing between European and US Prog Metal of the 90s and 00s. The classical elements, the dreamy melodies and the amazing vocal performances generate a darkly beautiful musical portrait.

The album was mixed by Yiannis Tziallas and John McRIS at Hell’s Kitchen Studio in Athens and was mastered by Kostas Scandalis (HORIZON’S END, ex-WARDRUM) at Infinity studio, Thessaloniki.

This is a magnificent journey to the land of dreams. Get ready to live it.



1. Polaris 2. Dagon 3. Festival 4. The Rats In The Walls 5. The Doom That Came To Sarnath 6. The Church Of Starry Wisdom 7. Celephais 8. The Dweller In Darkness 9. The Garden


Raphael Gazal –Vocals Yiannis Tziallas –Guitars, Bass Jonas Schultz –Drums Sean Lang –Drums (Track 5) Hugo Lee –Sax Andrea Krux -Female Vocals (Track 8) EsessionStrings Quartet -Strings On Polaris


Yiannis Plastiras: Hammond B3 on “Festival” Steelianos Amirides & Stelios Anatolitis: Guitar solos in “Rats In The Walls”

All music & lyrics written by Yiannis Tziallas Except: track 1 Fugue composed by Yiannis Plastiras on a theme by Yiannis Tziallas Tracks 3 and 9, Lyrics by H.P. Lovecraft

IMMINENCE ‘Chasing Shadows’ – The 9 minute short film out nowtaken from their upcoming album »Heaven In Hiding«

Fronted by vocalist and violinist Eddie Berg, guitarists Harald Barrett & Alex Arnoldsson, drummer Peter Hanström and
bass player Christian Höijer; IMMINENCE have released the astonishing season finale, featuring the new single ‘Chasing
Shadows’, which is the very last music video from the »Heaven In Hiding« cycle. With the new single, the band premieres a
9 minute short film, an outstanding cinematic project that challenges the entire concept of how a music video can be
performed in these modern times. Following the success of recent singles ‘Temptation’, ‘Heaven In Hiding’ and ‘Ghost’,
releases that instantly became the fastest growing tracks in the bands history, IMMINENCE has in a matter of months
released some of the most successful metalcore songs of 2021. The new music videos have been praised beyond words by
fans and critics, leading IMMINENCE to raising the bar one more time with a visual concept that by far exceeds any
expectations built up by the previous releases. The premiere offer something never seen before, acknowledging
IMMINENCE as a truly extraordinary creative force in the alternative music scene.
Director Pavel Trebukhin and IMMINENCE have invested more time and effort than ever on the last video production,
ensuring the viewer to experience a completely new level of artistic story telling and pushes the boundaries of what can be
expected from a quickly uprising metalcore act today.
Watch the short film ‘Chasing Shadows’ now: https://youtu.be/6RXAZ9cQLEE

”I think we’re at the point where we could have released a music video within the regular concept. I guess it would have
turned out fine and hopefully people would have enjoyed it – but what about us? Why should we need to repeat ourselves
over and over again? I truly believe that outstanding creativity starts beyond the frameworks of how things should be done.”

  • Harald Barrett (guitar)
    »Heaven In Hiding« is an outstanding collection of songs written with an unhindered manifestation of emotional outburst and
    sincerity. With an organic approach and honest creativeness, the group delivers an album where each song stands out in
    character and story telling, whilst still connected in a larger concept. The new record undoubtedly displays a musical and
    visual persona that instantly challenges the idea of how a modern metal act is perceived today, and acknowledges
    Imminence as ready to take the place as one of the genres front line artists.
    The new album was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Sweden by Henrik Udd: Award-winning producer that has worked on
    some of the most critically acclaimed albums with acts such as ARCHITECTS, BRING ME THE HORIZON, AT THE GATES,
    and many more, including IMMINENCE as well. After the remarkably successful announcement of the band’s exclusive
    acoustic tour ”Live In Concert Halls”, granting the Swedish quintet a placing in Eventim’s Official Charts as one of the
    fastest selling tours in Germany, IMMINENCE recently announced a new European headline tour taking place in 19 cities
    during February & March 2022. All venue sizes has increased largely in capacity and these will be the bands biggest
    headline shows to date.
    Contra Promotion presents:
    »IMMINENCE: Heaven In Hiding Tour 2022«
    15.02.22 DE-Leipzig, Täubchenthal
    16.02.22 DE-Hamburg, Gruenspan
    17.02.22 DE-Schweinfurt, Stattbahnhof
    19.02.22 PL-Krakow, Kwadrat
    20.02.22 CZ-Prague, MeetFactory
    22.02.22 HU-Budapest, Barba Negra
    24.02.22 DE-Munich, Backstage
    25.02.22 DE-Stuttgart, Im Wizemann
    26.02.22 IT-Milan, Legend Club
    27.02.22 CH-Zurich, Exil
    01.03.22 BE-Antwerp, Kavka
    02.03.22 DE-Cologne, Kantine
    03.03.22 UK-London, The Garage
    04.03.22 FR-Paris, La Boule Noire
    05.03.22 NL-Utrecht, De Helling
    07.03.22 DE-Frankfurt, Batschkapp
    08.03.22 DE-Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg
    09.03.22 DE, Muenster, Sputnikhalle
    10.03.22 DE-Hanover, Musikzentrum

    Following the release of »Turn The Light On: Deluxe Edition«, an album era that has acted as a significant milestone,
    where IMMINENCE took the step from being a promising up & comer to an established headline act, »Heaven In Hiding«
    follows as the bands fourth full length studio album, written by vocalist/violinist Eddie Berg and guitarist Harald Barrett.
    With a placing in the Top 100 Official German Album charts, a sold-out run of album release shows and a 100% increase
    in ticket sales, and doubled venue capacities during the last EU headline tour, IMMINENCE has proven to be one of the most growing and exciting bands in the metal scene today.
    IMMINENCE was formed in the south most part of Sweden and have over the years become one of the country’s most
    promising acts with a diverse sound and universe, embracing everything from metalcore to acoustic music. Founded in 2010
    by Eddie and Harald when they were just teenagers, the band grew organically with a constantly expanding fan-base all
    over the world while touring actively in Europe since the release of the band’s breakthrough single ’The Sickness’ (2015).
    IMMINENCE has released three studio albums, »I« (2014), »This Is Goodbye« (2017) and »Turn The Light On« (2019).
    IMMINENCE are:
    Eddie Berg | Vocals/Violin
    Harald Barrett | Guitar
    Alex Arnoldsson | Guitar
    Christian Höijer | Bass
    Peter Hanström | Drums

MESENTERY releazed on the 28.October 2021 their single ‘The Time Before Death’

MESENTERY released with the single “The Time Before Death” the first cynical harbinger from their new Death Metal album accompanied by a sinister lyric video

On 10/28/2021, the melancholy “The Time Before Death” is released as the first single taken from MESENTERY’s upcoming album “Soulfucker”.

The song deals with the transitoriness and waste of a useless human existence, characterized by blind consumption and a non-existent meaning.

HOT SUNDAY BLOOD ft. TREVOR (SADIST)- new single “Here and now”

Hot Sunday Blood is an Italian band, formed in Turin in 2013.

The sounds are inspired by alternative rock music, with heavy rock influences. Each band member affects the sound in a unique way, coming from different backgrounds, such as metal, stoner, grunge, black metal, prog and new wave. 

One hundred concerts in action, in July 2018 they are called to open Doyle for the Turin date of his European tour. 

In May 2019 they organized a mini promotional tour in Romania, Croatia and Slovenia. 

After 3 full-length albums now they release their new single titled “Here and now”, ft. TREVOR (SADIST).