march 2021 with chris skull

– 05.03.2021

Rainbow – Stargazer
Deep Purple – Burn
Rory gallagher – Philby
gary moore – out in the fields
Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
the michael shenker group – armed & ready
Guns n’ Roses – Welcome to the Jungle
ac/dc – Heatseeker
motley crue – Piece Of Your Action
W.A.S.P. – Wild Child
Cinderella – Gypsy Road
Bon Jovi – Runaway
Alice Cooper – House of Fire
Ozzy Osbourne – Shot In The Dark
Accept – living for tonight
Motorhead – Eat The Rich live
Rage – don t fear the winter
Helloween – Ride The Sky
Iced earth – DESERT RAIN
black sabbath – die young
Dio – The Last in Line
Saxon – Denim and Leather
Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast
Anvil – free as a wind
warlock – Fight for Rock
The Great Kat – Metal Messiah
rock goddess – satisfied then crucified
Annihilator – Phantasmagoria
Exciter – Violence & Force
Testament – Trial By Fire
Sepultura – Dead Embryonic Cells
mercyful fate – Black Funeral
Megadeth – Peace Sells
Overkill – In Union We Stand
Motley Crue – Shout at the Devil
yngwie malmsteen – I’ll See The Light, Tonight
y&t – Mean Streak
Grim Reaper – Rock You To Hell
motorhead – iron fist
Dio – Stand Up and Shout
Iron maiden – purgatory
Judas priest – Heading Out To The Highway
Motorhead – The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
Savatage – Hall Of The Mountain King
Manowar – Metal Daze
Metal Church – Metal Church
Helloween – Judas
Metallica – Whiplash
Sepultura – Territory
Slayer – Chemical Warfare
Judas Priest – Desert Plains
saxon – power & the glory
Ozzy Osbourne – Breaking All The Rules
Queensryche – Revolution Callin

– 12.03.2021 the IRON MAIDEN special

iron maiden – The Ides Of March
iron maiden – Wrathchild
Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden
Iron maiden – Total Eclipse
Iron maiden – 2 Minutes To Midnight
Iron maiden – Be Quick Or Be Dead
Iron maiden – The Wicker Man
Iron maiden – Dance Of Death
Iron maiden – Heaven Can Wait
Iron Maiden – murders in the rue morgue
Iron Maiden – Children Of The Damned
Iron maiden – Infinite Dreams
Iron maiden – Back In The Village
Iron maiden – The Prisoner
Iron maiden – Caught Somewhere In Time
IRON MAIDEN – Phantom Of The Opera
IRON MAIDEN – Sanctuary
IRON MAIDEN – Revelations
IRON MAIDEN – Bring Your Daughter… To The Slaughter
IRON MAIDEN – Hallowed Be Thy Name
IRON MAIDEN – The Trooper
IRON MAIDEN – Powerslave
IRON MAIDEN – Flight Of Icarus
IRON MAIDEN – The Clairvoyant
IRON MAIDEN – Fear Of The Dark
IRON MAIDEN – Genghis Khan
IRON MAIDEN – Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
IRON MAIDEN – Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
IRON MAIDEN – Still Life
Bruce Dickinson – Tears Of The Dragon
IRON MAIDEN – Wasting Love

– 19.03.2021

– 26.03.2021

GARRY MOORE – friday on my mind
RIOT – Restless Breed
Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak
WHITESNAKE – Here I Go Again
Anthrax – I’m eighteen
ac/dc – War Machine
Lita ford – Kiss Me Deadly.
Tygers Of Pan Tang – Love Potion Number 9
def leppard – Armageddon it
Wasp – the real me
Witch Cross – Rocking The Night Away
Dokken – Kiss Of Death
Pretty Maids – Future World
Ostrogoth – Full Moon’s Eyes
DEMON – Don’t Break the Circle
MANOWAR – Gloves Of Metal
Anvil – Metal On Metal
Thor – Lightning Strikes Again
girlschool with motorhead – Please Don’t Touch
UDO – Dominator
Wrathchild – Stakk Attakk
Candlemass – Dark Reflections
Flotsam & Jetsam – No place for disgrace
Testament – Rise Up
Slayer – Killing Fields
Sepultura – inner self
Amon amarth – Guardians of Asgaard
King Diamond – Abigail
Motorhead – Dancing On Your Grave
Black Sabbath – Paranoid
y&t – Mean Streak
motley crue – Red Hot
DAD – Sleeping My Day Away
FOZZY – Judas
Black Label Society – Suicide Messiah
ozzy osbourne – Breaking All The Rules
Bruce Dickinson – The Magician
Accept – Objection Overruled
Iced Earth – Angels Holocaust
Avantasia – Another Angel Down
Helloween – Victim Of Fate