december 2022 with nadia

– 25.12.2022

Eddie Money – Another Nice Day In L.A.
H.E.A.T – We´re gonna make it to the end
Night Ranger – Big Life
Meat Loaf – I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)
Cheap Trick – No Mercy
Balance – In for the Count
Van Halen – Why Can’t This Be Love
Nestor – These days
Harem Scarem – The Sky Is Falling
McAuley Schenker Group – I Am Your Radio
Pretty Maids – Don’t Settle For Less
Lion – The Transformers (Theme)
Tone Norum – Stranded – Re-Mixed Version
John Parr – Man With a Vision
Rio – She’s A Virgin
McAuley Schenker Group – Love Is Not A Game
Urgent – Cat On The Prowl
Frank Stallone – Peace In Our Life ( Rambo II) First Blood
Rough Cutt – Take Her
Robert Tepper – No Easy Way Out
Mitch Malloy – Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere
Warrant – Thin Disguise
Jimmy Lawrence – All We Have is Our Dreams
Black Paisley – Without Us
Alessi Brothers – Savin’ the Day
John Parr – Restless Heart
John Parr – The Minute I Saw You
Lou Gramm – Lost in the Shadows
Hybrid Ice – Secret Dreams
Karess – Call on me
George Lynch – We Don’t Own This World
Arkado – Eagle

– 18.12.2022

Harem Scarem – Slowly Slipping Away
Hardline – Can’t Find My Way
Glenn Hughes – Talk About It
Thunder – Low Life in High Places
Max Bacon – The Higher You Climb
H.E.A.T – One by One
White Lion – Tell Me
Paul Di’Anno – Let Your Body Rock
Bad English – Savage Blue
Moving Pictures – Never
TOTO – Only the Children
Bad Company – This Love
John Norum – Back On The Streets
Work Of Art – Let Me Dream
Lionville – True Believer
Idle Cure – Runnin’
Loverboy – Chance Of A Lifetime
BAD HABIT Sweden – Living on the Edge
Michael Bolton – How Can We Be Lovers
Starship – Desperate Heart
H.E.A.T – In and Out of Trouble
Strangeways – Love Lies Dying
Hardline – If I Could I Would
The Storm – What Ya Doin’ Tonight?
Maxus – The Higher You Rise
KISS – Who Wants To Be Lonely
Shell And The Ocean – We Own The Night
Bruce Hornsby – The Show Goes On
Dan Reed Network – Ritual
Alcatrazz – Dangerous Games
David Foster – Walkaway
La Fase – Suspiros 2.0

– 11.12.2022

John Miles – Run
Hardline – Everything
First Signal – Show Me the Way
Mr. Big – Just Take My Heart
1st Avenue – Never Too Late To Live
Journey – The Way We Used to Be
Huey Lewis & The News – I Never Walk Alone
Frank Stallone – Far From Over (Staying Alive)
Alice Cooper – Freedom
Hurricane – Hurricane
Vega – Mess You Made
Uriah Heep – On the Rebound
Zebra – Tell Me What You Want
Trixter – Road of A Thousand Dreams
Timothy B. Schmit – Was It Just The Moonlight
Blue Öyster Cult – Eyes on Fire
Wild Blue – Fire With Fire
Lita Ford – Shot of Poison
Lou Gramm – Angel with a Dirty Face
Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love
Michael Sweet – Together
Nitrate – Children of the Lost Brigade
Y&T – Lipstick And Leather
Find Me – Midnight Memories
REO Speedwagon – Can’t Fight This Feeling
Foreigner – Break It Up
STEELHEART – All Your Love
Tattoo Rodeo – Tell Me Why
Magnum – Vigilante
Perfect World – Out Of Bounds
LeRoux – Lifeline
Glenn Hughes – Why Don’t You Stay

– 04.12.2022

01.TOTO – Straight_for_the_Heart
02.TNT – Everyones_A_Star
03.ROX DIAMOND – Heart_of_Mine
04.GIANT – Without_You
05.VENUS & MARS – Dancing_On_The_Highwire
06.SPANDAU BALLET – Be_Free_with_Your_Love
07.GOTTHARD – Light_in_Your_Eyes
08.ROXETTE – Spending_My_Time
09.PROPHET – Sound_of_a_Breaking_Heart_-Remastered 10.VAN HALEN – When_Its_Love 11.BON JOVI – Only_Lonely 12.WORK OF ART – Why_Do_I 13.STEVE PLUNKETT – If_I_Had_My_Way 14.TIFFANY – Harden_My_Heart 15.ROD STEWART – Young_Turks2008_Remastered 16.THE DEFIANTS – Waiting_on_a_Heartbreak 17.FATE – I_Wont_Stop2004_Remastered 18.BITE THE BULLET – Change_of_Heart 19.ROUGH CUTT – Dreamin_Again 20.PAUL LAINE – We_Are_the_Young 21.NIGHT RANGER – Love_Is_Standing_Near 22.JADED HEART – Live_and_Let_Die 23.SLAUGHTER – Real_Love 24.DELTA – Night_After_Night 25.DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES – Out_of_Touch 26.ERIC CARMEN – Hungry_Eyes-_From_Dirty_Dancing_Soundtrack
27.PHENOMENA – Banzai
28.WAX – Shadows_of_Love
29.ANIMOTION – Calling_It_Love
31.TREAT – Still_In_Heaven
32.BRUCE HORNSBY – The_Way_It_Is