memories of rage
by john 510s

a few months before my official -in the papers- adulthood,
a very good friend of mine, with whom we are from the same village
in the country side of greece (together we have spent some 10 years of our childhood years at exotic Karpenisi) decides to come to my parents house
in athens for giving me my namesday gift.
It is an album. 'Perfect Man' of Rage.
A band until these days totaly unknown to me.
After we melted the vynil by playing it for hours on the record player
my love for this band began.
Love at first sight!
I don't know, how it happened, maybe the country they are from, maybe that hell of a drummer Christos Efthymiadis from Kozani
(at those days there were no Greek musicians in international bands), maybe that fucking leather cape peavy was wearing...
So, during my visit at my friend's house
(where the melting of his vinyls and cassettes for copying began),
I was very happy to discover the next release of the band
'Secrets in a Weird World'.
Apparently i totaly lost control, when I heard that album.
But i really went nuts, when I held in my hands that magic piece of paper for the entrance to paradise there at Marni street
…where the 'Hammersmith' of Athens used to be…
Sunday 18.02.1990 was the magic day.
I still served in the greek army and after a voluntary stay of 7 days of service in the camp, I got that weekend clearance paper for that day.
I went down the Alexandras avenue alone, because i didn't have in those days so many metalheads friends (yes, we were still walking in those days)…
I still was a 'good-looking and decent young man'
not like these healthy people, lol…
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peter peavey wagner
by john 510s

memories of rage
by john 510s
part ii

Shaved head in the spirit of the dogma either long hair or non at all, tight jeans melted in the buttocks from the cements of gate 13
of the stadium of panathinaikos and ripped at the knees
for the spirit of revolution, with hand-painted pattern
guns n roses logo on the thighs, old greek army boots,
black 'flying' with badges, borrowed and never returned by a classmate
(I still have it), a bag cap, so that the bald head does not freaze, motorhead t-shirt (what else) and the necessary accessory
rings-earrings-bracelets-belts, with a beer per hand
and the ticket in the pocket.
My joy was huge, cause even as a metal audience in greece
we were for centuries behind other countries in live concerts …
I imagined a lot before the live …
But what I did not expect was the performance of rage,
the participation of the audience in a relatively new band
that is essentially recommended to the audience
and the emotion-surprise-joy of all of us from the Greek flag
that was spread in the drumkit of Christos who with his broken Greek made the necessary recommendations under our cheers and the applause of Peavy and theshort-tempered Manni
… Not to mention… few knew them, many learned them at that night…
It was totaly insane. an incredible performance in an approximately
40 minute set-hurricane, which ended with my favorite (all of us)
'Don't Fear The Winter'.
Their first song ever that I heard from the album that my friend gave me
My opinion?
The band of the evening.
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peavy and fok 'bs' 18.2.1990
rodon club backstage

memories of rage
by john 510s
part iii

Not that Running Wild did not play well … they kicked asses.
But i saw them again last year there,
in a live where the performance of Conquistadores made the walls shake…
Maybe it was my curiosity for Rage and that incredible moment
to see the band i just discovered and i was excited of,
maybe it was that 4-0 loose, that the local arch enemy in football received in Xanthi earlier in the afternoon,
everything helped me to experience a musical metallic dream in…
After all, so many years have passed and the memory is weakening …
The only sure thing is that what increased from those first releases,
that I heard, but also from the later ones,
is undoubtedly my love for them and my weight …
Not only mine but also Peavy's…:-)
ps: their last album 'Resurrection Day' is awesome…

SETLIST 18.2.1990 rodon club athens, greece
01 Time Waits for No One
02 Animal Instinct
03 Invisible Horizons
04 Light Into the Darkness
05 A Pilgrim's Path
06 Without a Trace
07 Guitar Solo
08 Death in the Afternoon
09 Down by Law
10 Drum Solo
11 Talk to Grandpa
12 Don't Fear the Winter

'Witchfinder General'
a presentation
by Theodor L.

Witchfinder General aka Matthew Hopkins:
Witchfinder General aka The Conqueror Worm (UK 1968)
Genre : Action Drama/Folk Horror
Director : Michael Reeves
In this more period action drama than a horror film,
Vincent Price portrays Matthew Hopkins,
a real life Witch Hunter (1620 – 1647) during the English Civil War.
As many of the Inquisitors & Witch Hunters, he is corrupted
and his methods are heavily inspired by King James’s Daemonologie.
The film saws some of them, like the swimming test or The Devil’s Mark.
Vincent Price after the Poe-Roger Corman cycle
& some outrageous comedies came to England to star
in one (and first) of the three classic “U.K.Folk Horror” films.
The other two would be Blood on Satan’s Claw (1971)
and The Wicker Man (1973).
It is also the first Witch Finder Film
that began a cycle and a Horror subgenre with many films to come
like Witchhammer (Czechoslovakia 1970),
Jesus Franco’s The Bloody Judge starring Christopher Lee (1970)
or Inquisition (Spain 1977) starring the Spanish Horror Icon Paul Naschy.
The filming locations of the film are beautiful and many of them
in the British countryside and the photography is very good
with some nice camera moves.
The film is very bloody & brutal for the time that it was made
and it reminds in many scenes, a western made in UK
and during the English Civil Wars (1642-1651).
Very good direction also from Michael Reeves in his final film
before his death by drug overdose.
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'Witchfinder General'
a presentation
by Theodor L.
part ii

The plot is a part revenge story where a cavalry British officer
(Ian Ogilvy) is trying to end the career of the evil witchfinder
and his sidekick (Robert Russell)
who brutally terrorized his fiancée (Hillary Heath)
and killed her uncle(Rupert Davies) who happened to be a priest,
with the accusation that he was a witch.
The movie inspired Lee Dorian of Cathedral to write the song 'Hopkins'
(The Witchfinder General) that released in their 3rd album
'The Carnival Bizzare' (1995).
The video of the song, also includes a small intro with footage
from this cult classic.

Fred Berger
reminds us all of LEMMY

Fred Berger reminds us all of Lemmy
Lemmy was a man with a fine sense of humor and a feeling,
when he has to be loud or not.
His points of view on many things going on around the world
deeply impressed me.
He was our idol, mentor and hero for over 37 years
and of curse, a cool guy!
I remember 2 funny stories about him and the band:
Before a gig in Hemmerleinhalle Neunkirchen near Nuremberg,
Phil was sitting in the dressing room. There was a small window going outside to the hallway and he starts drumming against it.
But a few hits later the glass broke and he just laughed.
After the gig we and the whole band drove to Nuremberg city.
We entered a hard rock club called 'metal Mania'
and Lem said to the owners, 'Ok, here is some money,
all guests have to go now, we will make a private party.'
I cannot remember all details of this party,
but to mess with the hangover, it must have been great!
What year it was? 'Iron Fist' or 'Bomber' tour?
I dunno, cos I am getting old...

motorhead, flames and fok 'bs' backstage
13.3.1988 sporting, athens, greece


what can i say, it was one of the best festivals i ever went to.
it was an event to remember.
enjoyed all the bands...
ok i was not at the most bands in the crow watching them,
but from the spot we were sitting,
we easily could hear their performance.
you see, for me a festival is more
all that what is happening beside the liveperformance...
meeting people, drinking some beer, having a good time, having a party...
and that was exactly, what pyraser classic rock night was offering...
an awesome party...with awesome bands...
and amazing knowhow to organize everything in a perfect way...
Doro - U.D.O. - Phil Cambell & The Bastard Sons - Coreleoni -
Crystal Ball - Stinger
midnight special: Girlschool
thanks to the whole pyras classic rock night team...
thanks for that amazing hours we spend there...

phil cambell
& the bastard sons -
pyraser classic rock night 2022

fred berger
fok 'bs'

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