TORRENTIAL RAIN will release their 4th single for 2021 ‘Differentiate’ on 16th of december 2021

Germanys metal highflyers TORRENTIAL RAIN catch you where everyday life
lets you down. Romance, Break-ups or reflecting on one‘s own life are just a
few of the themes to let their fanbase located in over 99 countries know:
You are not alone!
Coupled with the guiding principle of „Power meets precision“ they fuse the
unfusable: the brutal energy of bands like August Burns Red and Polaris
combined with progressive-virtuoso writing á la Periphery.

The four guys hailing from Germany create a perfect balance of both worlds in which
brute force and delicate thoughtfulness coexist and present these American
novelty trends to Europe’s stages.
Scene greats like Kvelertak, Equilibrium, Illumenium or Time, The Valuator
have already recognized the impressive musical potential of TORRENTIAL
RAIN and brought them on stage as support, where they were able to carry
away fans of all possible genres on 70 shows with the current line-up.

Since early 2020, the band has released one single after another, quarter after quarter. In addition to one million streams (over all), TORRENTIAL RAIN established themselves in several editorial playlists. After ‘TIME WILL TELL’, ‘WHY DO I CARE’ and ‘OBSTACLES’, the promised fourth single will be released on 16.12.2021. Songwriter Christopher Danner gives an insight: “In all the time we’ve been doing singles, we’ve been able to bring in a variety of styles to see what we like and what works. I think it’s best to end the year with a banger. Get ready for a beautiful crusher that contains all that distinguishes us as a band. One or two surprises can be expected 😉.”

MESENTERY have released their single ‘2025’

with their hard-hitting, aggressive single “2025”, released today, the German Death Metal band MESENTERY, newly formed after a break of almost ten years, shows a world plagued by war, with countries that only care about their own advantage to exploit them, until they fall into the abyss. “2025” is the second single after “The Time Before Death” taken from the combative new album “Soulfucker” to be released on February 11, 2022.

The threatening apocalyptic vision manifests itself especially in the martial hybrid of music and lyric video produced by Very Metal Art designer Andy Pilkington (Orden Ogan, Judas Priest, Motörhead), where tanks and soldiers march into the final battle, whipped up by angry vocals. With their mixture of Death Metal, Thrash as well as other Extreme Metal influences, the musicians from the Hamburg area hammer inject fresh life into their band. Between hard old-school riffs, brutal grooves and harmonious melody peaks, diabolic suspense is built up.

“Soulfucker” has been recorded at the legendary Chameleon Recording Studio Hamburg, featuring mastermind Marcel Braun on vocals, guitar and bass and Eryc Botz on drums. Produced by Eike O. Freese (Helloween, Alice Cooper, Heaven Shall Burn), the album is defined by anger and pain about the misbehavior of society. This manifests itself, especially in the title theme, which is based on the unsparing biography “Seelenficker”, where the author using the pseudonym Natascha traces her relentless, unprettified time on drug-related prostitution and as a crystal meth addict.

MESENTERY were founded in 1992 by Marcel Braun and Carsten Pickbrenner and joined shortly after by guitarist Florian Triska, bass player Boris Stellmann and shouter Christian Busch. In the year 2000, after three demos, the debut album “Blood Rain” was released, as well as later the EPs “Slaves” and “Bound Windows” via Low Records. Together they played numerous shows and toured with the Chilean Death Thrash underground cult band Undercroft. After the tragic death of ist Boris Stellmann in 2014, the friends initially put the band on hold and devoted themselves to other projects. But over the years, MESENTERY were not out of the bandleader’s mind and so he awoke his formation from the icy, deep sleep two years ago. Initially, he continued developing the sound on his own and created the new Death Metal album “Soulfucker” quite single-handedly. In the meantime, he convinced his old bandmates Florian Triska and Carsten Pickbrenner to bring MESENTERY back on stage with a full line-up. The ten songs with their mixture of Death Metal, Thrash as well as other Extreme Metal influences literally scream scream for their baptism of fire in the clubs. Between hard old-school riffs, brutal grooves and harmonious melody peaks, diabolic suspense is built up. The album’s lyrics are a warning and depict with full harshness and mercilessness what is going on in our sick, self-centered and greedy society. “Soulfucker” is a treat for underground Death Metal maniacs with its aggressive attitude, the exciting and drastic title theme as well as socio-critical lyrics, not only instrumentally.

GOMORRAN have released their debut record ‘Excerpts From The Dark Age’

Finnish Helsinki-based blackened death metal band Gomorran released their debut record Excerpts From the Dark Age on December 3rd 2021. To celebrate the release, band also released their third music video Esaiah.

Guitarist Joonatan Wiitasalo & drummer Olli Lappalainen comments: “It is an incredible feeling to behold the final product. When we first started this project in 2019 with Joonatan and thought about all the things we could do, the making and publishing of our own record was barely a dream. We talked about “what would be cool to do”. In the end that alone motivated a lot and it sparked a deep will to create something real. In a way it was evident, that nothing happens by itself and no one is gonna make anything come to fruition for you. Then we formed a band and now after two years of hard work we have a complete record and big hopes and medium sized plans for the future. We have poured countless hours of time and energy into this record, but lo and behold this chapter came to an end. This record is our magnum opus at least so far, a project that let’s us show the work we have done during this quarantine year. This record encapsulates four musicians’ lifelong love of metal music – the song ideas that have finally come into reality.”

Gomorran was formed in Helsinki in the Fall of 2019 when Olli Lappalainen‘s hiatus from playing drums came to an end. There was a burning desire to form a new band and get back to producing metal music. Guitarist Joonatan Wiitasalo ended his own hiatus and joined to release his heavy music creativity. In the following months many new song ideas came to light.

Even though the composing was proceeding strong, the band desperately lacked members. By the end of summer 2020 the band was joined by an ambassador of evil soundwaves, singer guitarist Perttu Laamanen. Perttu gave a huge boost to the composing of new material. Song structures and ideas formed into complete songs and Gomorran started to plan on producing its debut record. In the beginning of 2021, right before the recordings of Excerpts from the Dark Age, bassist Panu Nykänen joined to amplify the lower frequencies.

When Olli and Joonatan wanted to compose merciless ass-kicking music, inspired by Ajattara and Cannibal Corpse, Gomorran’s first song Black Plague was born in the spring of 2020. The song was held as a beacon to the direction the band should musically strive forward to. Gomorran perceives their music as death metal that draws influence from the murkiness of black metal. The impact of other music genres cannot be downplayed, since the members of the band own a wide range of musical influences. Lyrics on the Excerpts from the Dark Age record include harrowing stories about the Roman empire, Middle Ages and from pagan literature.

The band ended up recording their debut record Excerpts from the Dark Age independently in the band’s rehearsal room in Vallila, Helsinki. Mixing and recording was done by Gomorran’s drummer Olli Lappalainen. Choir, keyboard and strings were arranged and produced by Markus Lappalainen. The recording and mixing of the album was finished in July of 2021, following mastering done by Sound Spiral Studios’ Juho Räihä. Excerpts from the Dark Age was published in the fall of 2021 by Inverse Records, a record label and a release agency.


Perttu Laamanen – vocals & guitar
Joonatan Wiitasalo – guitar
Panu Nykänen – bass
Olli Lappalainen – drums

Promo pic by Janne Pappila

BRUTE FORCE TRAUMA will releaze on the 17th of December 2021 their debut EP ‘World Is Burning’

What to do in the fallout of the corona pandemic if you’re bored? Start a band, of course! Brute
Force Trauma saw the light of day in November 2020, when a bunch of punks (ex-members
from Wolfbrigade, Boot Bois, and Filthy Bastard) felt the urge to make some new music. Since
then they have been crusting away, and in august of 2021 live concerts were back – so watch
out on the road when the Brute Force Trauma tank comes rolling 2022…

Line up: (Ex-members from Wolfpack, Wolfbrigade, Filthy Bastard, and Boot Bois)

Jokke – vocals
Sören – vocals
Tommy – guitars
Markus – bass
Christian – drums

HERBST have relesed their new Single ‘Besser Ohne Dich’

Rock band HERBST release new single / video ” Besser ohne dich” feat. Matthias Engst and announce
their first tour for the coming year!

“The song tackles freedom of expression,” explains Olli from Herbst. “Out of fear of isolation, many are anxious not
to offend anyone or to express their personal opinion. There is always an admonisher for each and everything and
pointing fingers.”
By merging opinions and topics, everyone has similar experiences in social media today. In the music video, this
emotion is exaggerated because “sometimes it just feels like we want to punch such hate speech people in the
face for this unsolicited advising,” comments the band. “Maybe there’s something like being healed through pain?”
laughs frontman Olli, who plays that role in the corresponding video clip for “Besser ohne dich.”

HERBST will support the band ENGST as support on their Germany tour.
The ENGST “Brave New World Tour 2022” begins on February 18, 2022 in Munich. The tour will be for HERBST
first time through ten clubs nationwide.
Olli von Herbst said on Instagram: “We are overjoyed that ENGST are taking us on the road!
This is a great opportunity for autumn, the people of our EP and first tracks from the upcoming album
to play. Come by, tear down the clubs with us and Engst - we're really looking forward to a beer with you
to drink together! "
At Herbst the name says it all, because the sound of the four Berlin musicians is hard, rough and dark.
Herbst already made it clear with their current single "Das Haus" that we are never alone. It needs in
every situation in life a support that takes us by the hand and gives us strength. The German texts from Herbst tell unadorned from the life of the musician and feel so authentic that you can feel yourself in it. Herbst will be their first EP on the new label Träumer & Helden in February 2022.
»Schöne neue Welt Tour 2022«
Support: HERBST
18.02.22 München
19.02.22 Stuttgart
20.02.22 CH-Zürich
24.02.22 Berlin
25.02.22 Leipzig
26.02.22 Hamburg
27.02.22 Hannover
03.03.22 Bochum
04.03.22 Frankfurt
05.03.22 Köln
Olli Weckert - vocals
Mark Rötz - Bass & vocals
Rilo Messer - Guitar
Steffen Böhm – drums

SIVA SIX will soon release their 5th album ‘Death Cult’

"DeathCult" the long-awaited fifth album of Siva Six will be released soon.
Twelve songs about the great mystery and the terrible tragedy that is death: the glory, the pain, the madness…
Z (vocals) and U-Ri (keyboards) invite you to the ultimate macabre dance performance and deliver their most dramatic, dark and moving album.
With Psychon (mix / mastering / production) on their side, they looked straight into the Beast's eyes with humility and respect.
Spooky choirs and loud screams to hell with rhythms,
Siva Six serve us a deadly elixir from their artistic influences ranging from dark electro, industrial to ebm, to classical music and goth.
1. Ghost Dance
2. The Cult
3. Jack The Black
4. Fight The Machine
5. Club Macabre
6. Psychopath
7. Lily Dale
8. Omega
9. Alpha
10. Hatred
11. 15th of …
12. …December

RESOLVE will release on Friday the 26th of November 2021 their album ‘Between Me And The Machine’

The best things in life come to those who work.
Dipping your toes before jumping in at the deep end is something that will reward you in more ways
than you realise. Those extra hours spent wondering, “what if?” will all be worth it when you figure
out the best way to make it a reality rather than pushing too soon and being left to wonder, “what if
we had done this differently?”
RESOLVE are a band that have been savouring every second of their journey so far and biding their
time – observing, learning, building – and making sure that every single aspect of how they’ve wanted
the band to function was fully realised before delivering it to the world. But now is their time to show
you what they have been working on, and it is quite the spectacle.
Starting their journey back in 2016 after their previous projects parted ways and their intentions set
on this being their forever band, vocalist Anthony Diliberto, bassist Robin Mariat and drummer
Nathan Mariat have spent the last half a decade tinkering with the formula that feels the most suited
to them. Making their first mark in 2017 with debut EP »Reverie« before following with standalone
single ‘Carmela’ in 2018, it wasn’t until 2019 that they felt truly at home in their sound.
That was in the form of ‘Pendulum’, a collection of three songs that not only represented the
beautifully bludgeoning and densely expansive sound that was resting in the back of their heads but
that also found them appearing on Spotify’s New Core, New Metal Tracks and Kickass Metal

“It was with those three tracks that we really started to find what our sound was and how it was
resonating with people,” Nathan explains. “We had been working so hard on everything already, but
it was us simply figuring everything out. It just felt more natural than making a big jump.”
“At that time, it was about getting a community together,” Anthony nods.
“And because of our music suddenly getting to more people than had before, it all became much
more serious.”
Though as the pressure to succeed increased, the band stayed cool and calm. The hard work had
already been done, and the tools were in place to create something that truly represented who they
Made in the surroundings of Resolve HQ, a studio, rehearsal space and sanctuary built from the
ground by the Mariat brothers, and crafted through the uncertainty and radical societal changes that
came with the COVID-19 pandemic, the trio set about forging »Between Me and The Machine«, a
record that perfectly encapsulates the chaos and callousness of the world we’re living in through
Resolve’s ambitious lens.
Recorded and mixed by Robin, the record is a richly textured and gutturally poignant collection of
tracks that bat between white-hot riffs and shimmering ambience with the flick of the wrist.
From the gorgeously pummelling storytelling of ‘Emerald Skies’ and the melodic genius of ‘Seasick
Sailor’ all the way through to the textured grit of ‘Cycles’ and haunting atmospheres of ‘Sing Me To
Sleep’, it is as varied as it is visceral, showing off the bands attention to detail as much as their ear for
an addictive chorus.
Though dig a little deeper, you’ll find that the band delve even deeper into the emotional side of the
times we live in. It’s an adventure, told through the eyes of a space explorer searching for a new
world to inhabit after being overwhelmed by the level of technological advancement on his own
planet and internal struggles he experiences along the way, into the deepest corners of the heart and
soul, a search for tranquillity in a world controlled via buttons and wires. It’s about the balance
between the self-doubt that we’re losing who we are as a society and the fear of what we would be
without the means to live our lives as they are right now. More than anything, it’s about humanity,
connection and community, three things that have inspired the band from the very beginning.
“It’s about finding your own place within a world that is becoming more and more dominated by
machines,” Robin states. “We are part of the last generation that grew up without the Internet. Even
though it feels natural to us, it’s also easy to still feel a little bit lost.”
When looking out for each other and soul searching feels more crucial than ever before, RESOLVE
have put together a record that transcends borders altogether. They’ve created a universe littered
with as much darkness as light and as much hardship as hope. »Between Me and The Machine« feels
like just the beginning of a truly spectacular voyage to the stratosphere, but right now, it is the sound
of a band making the most brutally honest and beautifully human music they can.


Anthony Diliberto | Vocals
Robin Mariat| Bass
Nathan Mariat | Drums