Melodic metal masters
unleashed a new single/video
'Northern Winds'

Finnish melodic metal band Dead End Finland released a new single and music video 'Northern Winds'.
The track is taken from the upcoming fifth studio album which is released later this year by Inverse Records.
Guitarist & Bass player Santtu Rosén comment:
"One of the strengths of Dead End Finland has always been the ability to turn a difficult situation into a resource. So when the corona storm was raging, we decided to throw ourselves into the wind and draw strength from it.

During the darkening evenings of autumn, we wrote more material and soon we were in a situation where making a full length album was a better option than the originally planned EP.

"Northern Winds" is the opening track of the upcoming album and it tells the story of a situation where an individual has to face an impending threat and follow his instincts in order to survive."

Mikko Virtanen - Vocals
Santtu Rosén - Guitars & Bass
Miska Rajasuo - Drums
Jarno Hänninen - Keys
pics by Mikko Virtanen

Finnish melodic death metal band MISALIGNED released horror movie
inspired music video
Finnish melodic death metal band MISALIGNED released horror movie
inspired music video

'Don't Get Used to This' is the first single from the upcoming debut album by Finnish Melodic Death Metal band Misaligned.
The track is relased along with horror movie inspired music video that was filmed in abandoned sausage factory.

Band comments on the new single
"'Don't Get Used to This' is about equality and that you do not consent to be a victim. Put up your fists and move up against the next challenger. Even if the track sounds aggressive there is a positive message."

For Misaligned the future brings another single and debut full length album "Colours" to be released later this year.
Band shall release music video of each of the album tracks during
this year.

pic by
Jere Hyppönen &
Jonas Eriksson

Finnish Stoner Metal band ZOMBIE RODEO
return with new single
'Mind Infestation'

Finnish stoner metal band Zombie Rodeo is back after six years.
The band released a new single Mind Infestation which is taken from the upcoming EP 'The Eyes Are Set upon You'.
EP is to be released on April 29th 2022 via Inverse Records.
The band comments:
"The song is a twisted tale, when one's mind is consumed with thoughts, that should not normally be there.

This time the vocals took a much harsher turn and also the music has a lot more pronounced mid 90's metal vibe, on top of the fuzzy delivery of earlier releases. The lyrics also reflect the music better this time.

After a lenghty search, no suitable replacement for Thomas Vee on vocals was found, so Miika decided to also take on the vocal duties on top of delivering commanding riffage. Otherwise the line-up remains unchanged this time."

Miika Partonen - vocals & guitar
Mika Rissanen - guitar
Mikko Puhakka - bass
Mikko Mustonen - drums
pic by Kalle Pyyhtinen

1. Eyes Upon You
2. Mind Infestation
3. Night's Jackals Howl
4. Unspeakable Fathoms
5. This Burning Wasteland

EP cover by Sami Lintunen

Finnish melodic death metal act SUPERDEATHFLAME releases their long awaited second album next month
Finnish melodic death metal act SUPERDEATHFLAME releases their long awaited second album next month

2007 founded Finnish melodic death metal band Superdeathflame releases new album 11 years after their debut album (The Last Wave, 2011).
March 25th 2022 to be relesed 'Dead is Dead' is an album pack'd with top-notch melodic death metal.

Now the band has released a single "Inside The Chamber"
from the upcoming album

From Southern Finlands gray landscapes rises SUPERDEATHFLAME, the Style-Masters-of-Metal ready to conquer the world with our mature and melodic music that catches the ear.
"Our songs are made for listener, no bullshit...they are hard, every piece tells a real story of life. The foundation, the Four Pillars of our Metal are Rock solid guitar riffs and punchy drumbeats coloured with flowing synths and world class choruses that are infectiously catchy. We are building our music with an increasingly determined focus to make every song sound simple and easy to a listener...not forgetting multidimensional interpretation in the lyrics, that gives "the deep" to the songs.

We have done this for a long time, we know what we are doing and we are good at it."

The chrystal clear sound of Superdeathflame comes from a long period of friendship and cooperation with the producer/mixer-wizard Teemo Aalto (Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium, Silenced).

Tomi Tilli - vocals & guitar
Marko Tuhkunen - drums


01. Innocence
02. Dead Is Dead
03. Dying Embers
04. Darkest Mind
05. Untold Burden
06. Inside the Chamber
07. Falling In Shades
08. Pain

Finnish symphonic doom metal band DEPRESSED MODE released a new single/video 'Eternal Darkness'

Finnish symphonic doom/death metal band Depressed Mode released a new single and music video 'Eternal Darkness', which features Veronica Bordacchini from Fleshgod Apocalypse.
The track is taken from their upcoming third studio album
'Decade of Silence', which is set to be released
on May 6th 2022 via Inverse Records.

Vocalist Otto Salonen comments:
"I forgot 'Eternal Darkness' in a desk drawer so to speak for 15 years. As I was composing for the new album I went through some old songs and this one popped up. The guys wanted instantly to work with it, so I finished the song and the rest is history. The lyrics bypass indirectly the state of the world, but it's truly a story about darkness."

Otto Salonen - vocals & orchestrations
Teemu Heinola - Guitars
Henri Hakala - Bass
Iiro Aittokoski - drums
pic by Jamppa Lamminpää

Track list:

1. Death Walks Among Us
2. Endless November
3. Dissociation of the Extinguished Mind
4. As the Light Dims
5. Parasites of Mind
6. Kaamos (Land of Winter)
7. Serpents
8. Eternal Darkness
9. Aeternus

Indian-American heavy progressive-rock artist
has released 'Blood-Starved Beast'

Highly acclaimed from the likes of Rolling Stone India, Saahil has established himself as one of the most exciting new prog rock artists.
'Blood-Starved Beast' is out now and showcases not only Saahils ability to create explosive cinematic rock but also his incredible story telling.
The song is actually all about being a gamer and how life can sometimes be like being stuck on that level that you just can't win.
“Pulsating drums, distorted guitars and Bhargava’s soaring vocals” -
Rolling Stone magazine

Having established himself as one of the most exciting new prog rock artists following the release of the 5 track debut EP ‘Ronin’,
Indian-American heavy progressive-rock solo artist Saahil Bhargava is back once again with the new single ‘Blood-Starved Beast’.
Produced alongside Eric Emery with additional production from Keshav Dhar (both of renowned progressive metal band Skyharbor), the new
single once again showcases Saahil’s ability to create explosive cinematic rock soundscapes as well as his talent as a songwriter and performer.
Opening with an eerie, reverb tinted piano riff, Blood-Starved Beast quickly sets the scene for the haunting metal tinted progressive rock track which is about to ensue.
Bursting to life with thick layers of heavily distorted guitars, punching drums and driving bass, Saahil’s charismatic, pinpoint vocal delivery soon enters, taking centre stage before introducing
the infectious earworm chorus.
The single is both a demonstration of Saahil’s ability as a musician
as well as his ability to tell stories through his music.
An avid gamer, the track thematically revolves around what it’s like to be a gamer:
the trials and tribulations of being stuck on a level and using this to compare to real life experiences.
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Indian-American heavy progressive-rock artist
has released 'Blood-Starved Beast'
part ii

Using this synopsis, Saahil has created a track that is theatrical, catchy and striking in performance and production akin to the likes of Dream Theater.

Speaking about the single Saahil said:
“My latest song, “Blood-Starved Beast,” embraces my gamer side. Inspired by the horror game 'Bloodborne', 'Blood-Starved Beast' is about the obsession and drive that gamers experience, with the thrill of the battle only beaten by the crushing anger of defeat. The music and lyrics of this song explore the “horror” elements of the dark nightmarish environment, as the main protagonist struggles to fight his way through a
never-ending loop, much like a gamer stuck on a level. 'Blood-Starved Beast' has been brewing for a long time, so I’m excited to finally release it. And I’m even more excited to see how gamers respond to a song that should be extremely relatable, in both nostalgic and sigh-inducing ways. Raise a glass to all the broken controllers, cracked TVs and tears shed over games like Bloodborne.”

Having received widespread acclaim for his debut five track EP from the likes of Rolling Stone India, Telegraph India, Indian Express, GQ India and many others, Saahil Bhargava has built a growing fanbase including among the gaming community after being championed by a number of gaming influencers.
With appearances on the likes of the Mike Wagner show (KFYR AM 550, KFYR.COM, 99.7 FM and iHeart Radio) and two award nominations alongside the likes of Yo-Yo Ma and Paul McCartney at the prestigious
Los Angeles Shorts International Film Festival, his career has already shown immense promise as
Saahil prepares to release yet more new music.
The new single ‘Blood-Starved Beast’ is release February 4th via The Orchard.

Russian gothic doom metal band INNER MISSING released their ninth studio album
'Dead Language'

Russian gothic doom metal band Inner Missing released their ninth studio album Dead Language.
The band also released an epic music video from the title track.
The music video is made in collaboration
with extremely talented sand artist Tatyana Pertovskaya.
Sigmund comments:
"No one would argue that poetry is a dead language today and music is going to share its fate sooner or later. This album is an allegorical requiem to all forms of art that are already gone and to all forms of art that will be gone in the future."
The band was formed in the spring of 2008.
In that time it was called Odium and appeared to be a studio project, consisting of 2 members:
Sigmund (vocals,guitars,bass) and Cosmic Drone (keyboards).
They recorded demo “Decay”, that included 3 songs, the demo has got lots of positive opinions and after that musicians were looked for, and after successful search in autumn 2008, the band was given its actual name.
The band’s debut concert was given on December 19th 2008 and not long after that the first Inner Missing EP “All the lifeless” was recorded.
The EP was released by Russian independent label Satanarsa Records
in March, 2009.
After that the band participated in several local festivals in St. Petersburg and Moscow and shared the stage with such bands
as Ordog and Throes Of Dawn.
In summer of 2009 Inner Missing participated in
Metal Crowd Festival (Rechsitsa, Belarus) – it was the first show abroad.
In autumn 2009 the band participated in the most famous
doom metal festival in Russia - Shadow Doom Fest for the first time.
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1. Dead Language
2. The Quest
3. Empty Rooms
4. Long Odds
5. Mute
6. At Sea
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Max Morton
at Morton Studio
Assisting and editing engineer: Dmitry Kim
Album cover by Olga Kann

Russian gothic doom metal band INNER MISSING released their ninth studio album
'Dead Language'
part ii

After that, Inner Missing recorded its first full-length album ‘’The Age Of Silence”.
In spring 2010 Inner Missing performs as an opening act for Katatonia in St.Petersburg and right after that gives concerts in such cities
as Kazan and Vologda.
In 2011 “Escapism” is released by the Russian label Darknagar Records,
also in 2011 the band shares the stage with Saturnus in Minsk, Belarus.
In 2012 Inner Missing shares the stage with My Dying Bride
in St.petersburg and takes part in some local festivals.
The third album, "Perjury", was recorded in 2013.
Like all previous albums, it was released by Darknagar Records and
it has got high marks in many webzines.
Then, during 2013 the band undergoes a lot of line-up troubles and
finally records "Defeat" as a duo
(Sigmund - voice and guitars and Melaer – bass and keyboards).
This album demonstrated that the band's style has turned to atmospheric\depressive rock and since 2013 the band exists as a duo (although session musicians are recruited for studio work and live shows).
In 2014 Inner Missing supports Saturnus during their Russian shows and then takes a short break during which both band members play
in a progressive rock\metal band Karma Rassa.
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Sigmund - voice and guitars
Melaer - keyboards and bass

Russian gothic doom metal band INNER MISSING released their ninth studio album
'Dead Language'
part iii

After the hiatus "The Sentinel And The Murderer" was recorded in cooperation
with well-known Ukrainian sound producer Max Morton (he also recorded bass for this album).
Supporting this album, Inner Missing performs live shows in Ukraine (at Kiev Kills Festival),
Egypt (at Metal Blast Festival), Mongolia (at Noise Metal Fest) and Romania (at Rock'n'Iasi festival) in 2016.
In the years 2017-2018 the band does not give many shows (with the exception for an exclusive gig in Istanbul) and concentrates on the studio work mostly which results in “The Ineffable” and “Ghostwriter”,
the 6th and the 7th studio albums.
In 2019 Inner Missing participates in The Room Of Doom Festival (Athens, Greece),
Mullae Metal City (Seoul, South Korea), Shadow Doom Festival (Moscow, Russia)
and gives a lot of local shows in Russia and Belarus.
2020 turned out to be a productive year for the band as well – 8th album Deluge was recorded and released and after its release the band gives a lot of shows in Russia and Belarus.

releases new single
'Now We Are Strangers'

Jimbo's Garage from Finland is a band that combines the hookiest elements of modern heavy rock and traditional hard rock.
They are releasing their debut album later this spring and now they present the second single from their upcoming album.

Band leader Jimbo Mäkeläinen comments on the new track:
"I knew that I got here something that I really like. Strong guitar riffs and even stronger vocal melodies. I decided to highlight the band's excellent singing talent. Taage and Maya created really strong vocal tracks on this one. On drums and keyboards I wanted to create a feeling about a Central European disco hall. You know the gigantic arenas that have like crowd capacity of thousands. In fact I actually didn't need to do much about it as the track already naturally had that vibe. But you always need a vision. When I had the mix in my hands I was like - this is it!
Damn good song"
The band's main architect is the drummer Jimbo Mäkeläinen,
former sticksman of Ironcross and Lordi.
Vocalists on the single are Taage Laiho (Kilpi, Altaria, Mad Hatter's Den) and Maya Liittokivi (Deathlike Silence).
Guitars are played by Kari Riihimäki and bass by Jari Riitala.

Composer: Jimbo Mäkeläinen
Lyrics: Jimbo Mäkeläinen & Taage Laiho
Picture: ​Kimmo Heikkilä

Finnish progressive rock band VARJO-ORKESTERI released a second single 'Luoto'

Finnish progressive rock/metal band Varjo-Orkesteri released a second single and music video Luoto.
The track is taken from their upcoming debut album Prima Volta which is released on April 1st 2022 by Inverse Records.
The Band comments:
"Where to find a better place to wrestle with dark thoughts and mistakes of the past than rocky shores in the face of stormy waves? Luoto, second single from upcoming Prima vista debut album, Varjo-Orkesteri takes the listener in front of a stormy sea to measure who falls: Man or past?"
Varjo-orkesteri is a Finnish-language group flavoured by
rock, metal and proge.
The band is the "ready-to-go" missile of the hot Karhula scene, which is always ready to kick the nation with freshest and thickest beats.
The band sort of formed by accident when the Fog Light boys
(Jarmo Pikka, Pasi Hakuli, Saku Hakuli) were planning to put together a new album based on almost complete instrumental demos.
Coincidentally, possible vocal contributions (Markku Pihlaja)
was discussed.
At first as usual, lyrics were to be written in English.
But led by something unconscious, the text began to emerge in finnish.
This intuition was definitely worth following.
The album's demos were therefore largely ready when singing melodies and text began to be written in the demos.
At the same time, when the songs were demoed, tracks were already recorded for the album.
Recording sessions were built according to the spirit of the times "remotely" so that each party recorded their share in their own studios.
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Track list:

1. Vihtahousun illallinen
2. Hiljaisuuteen sisältyy kaikki
3. Mielenkarkotin
4. Luoto
5. Sydänmusta
6. Kivinen
7. Lootus
8. Kuvajainen
9. Jumalallinen kuolema
10. Kalmanviiva

Finnish progressive rock band VARJO-ORKESTERI released a second single 'Luoto'
part ii

By late autumn 2021, the recordings were ready.
Mixing and mastering were agreed with their final form
at the beginning of December.
The end result surprised the whole band, the album (Prima Volta)
became a really fresh-sounding revelation,
not least for the native languge in the text.

The members of the varjo-orkesteri are quite familiar at least to the music people of the home area (South Kymenlaakso).
The members have a background from bands such as
Omnium Gatherum, Total Devastation, Manitou, Kaihoro, Return To Void, Demonic Death Judge etc.
'Prima Volta'
Recording: Saku Hakuli, Pasi Hakuli, Jarmo Pikka, Markku Pihlaja
Mixing: Markku Pihlaja, Peaceville Porridge Ear Studios (FIN)
Mastering: Steve Kitch, SK-Mastering (UK)

Finnish WHERE'S MY BIBLE released a second single and music video 'Chapter II: Void'

Finnish Heinola-based metal band Where's My Bible released
a second single and another stunning music video.
The single is named 'Chapter II: Void' and it is taken from the upcoming
EP 'Circle' which is set to be released
on May 13th 2022 via Inverse Records.
There will be four tracks on EP and music video is done for each song.
Singer Jussi Matilainen comments:
"Void a.k.a Autumn...the Story continues. We dive deeper into the human mind. A beautiful video but inside it will be a stormy dark path.
(The video will be beautiful but the visuals/mood/context/story/etc. will be a stormy dark path)

This part of the story is about the feeling when you are deep in your depression and every step will be heavier than the other. How will you survive? If you even have any reason to, or how that feeling leads you to an even darker place where there's nothing left anymore. And how it's all real for you. Even the people near you can't see your personal apocalypse and what's inside you. What comes to the song, I really love it. 'Cause it's more melodic and melancholic than anything else in wmb:s history. Beautiful piece of art."
Guitarist Pasi Löfgrén continues:
"With this song we wanted to do something slower, more melodic and beautiful but also big and heavy to support the lyrics. I like this song very much and I can't wait to get to play it live even though it brings new challenges for myself because here I jumped to take more care of clean singing along with guitar."

picture by Teppo Ristola

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