StreetLore Band
Italien AOR project
has released single/video

Art Of Melody Music & Burning Minds Music Group
are excited to announce the digital release of "Aeglos",
third single taken from the official debut album
of the AOR high profile project, StreetLore.
The song features Jesús Espín (91 Suite, Secret)
and Luca Carlomagno (Mindfeels) as very special guests.
The lyric video is courtesy of Yellow Bang Studio.

StreetLore Band
Finnish psychedelic rock act
has released single
'Beyond the Realization'

Finnish psychedelic rock act Astral Bazaar
has released a new single entitled "Beyond the Realization".

Helsinki based Astral Bazaar's new song
dives deep deep into one's mind with its smoothly floating melodies,
mellow groove, and rich harmonies.
The song's introspective lyrics
pull the listener into a mystically self-aware mindset.
In this respect the song continues both the theme and story
of the band's previous album "A Sudden Realization", released in 2021.
Band comments the making of their new single:
"Our original intention was to include this song on the album A Sudden Realization that was released last year. In fact some of the song's musical elements were there already before we started making any other material for the album. However, in the end we decided that the song would perhaps work better on its own, and the listeners could then reflect the lyrics of the song on the story of the album."

Composer: Lauri Loikkanen
Lyrics: Lauri Loikkanen
Producer: Lauri Loikkanen

pic by Miikka Laitila

StreetLore Band
Greek creator & producer
has launched project

Creator and producer Niko Paterakis inaugurates his latest project OLAouto with a video/cover of the song 'The Rains of Castamere'
from the popular show Game of Thrones.
The external shooting took place at the famous Instagram-able
Iron Throne of Pavliani Park (Fthiotida region)
and internally at the tavern Meterizi
of the nearby village Athanasios Diakos (Fokida region).

Featuring cellist Alexandros Botinis, beloved for his unique
Youtube presence as CrazyCelloas well as his more recent solo work.
The video was published in time for the premiere announcement
of HBO's prequel show, House of Dragons in Sept 2022.
OLAouto is the latest project by creator and producer Niko Paterakis
After years of experience focused on music technology
and film composition abroad, Niko turns to his
native Greek traditional music with new eyes.
He interacts with it via his favorite instrument, the laouto,
with numerous modern influences
– folk, pop, rock, classical music and others!
The result is a sound with ancient roots that lives and vibrates
in the present and envisions the future with an international perspective.
Covers, medleys and jams that surprise
and delight audiences from around the world...
Niko Paterakis is a Greek composer, producer and performer.
As a multi-instrumentalist, he began composing music
for performing arts while living and studying in the UK in the late '00s.
During this time, he performed original material in the world-renowned SWSX Festival (Austin, TX – 2010) and premiered his first musical theater
production, ANO THROSKO: Musical for the 21st Century (sponsored by ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND).
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StreetLore Band
Greek creator & producer
has launched project
part ii

Later on, Niko was awarded a scholarship to study for a Master's Degree
in Film Scoring atBerklee College of Music (Berklee Valencia – 2013-14).
After graduating, he moved to New York to work with ROLI,
a thriving music tech start-up that brought to market innovations
such as the Seaboard & BLOCKS.
In 2018, Niko founded and directed KÍKLOS FESTIVAL NYC
under the auspices of the Consulate General of Greece in New York
to showcase Greek traditional music to international audiences.
After 2 successful years of planning and executing events,
he was invited to manage a North American tour
for major Greek artist George Dalaras.
Niko is currently based between NYC and his hometown Athens, Greece.

Production credits

Performed: Niko Paterakis & Alexandros Botinis
Music: Ramin Djawadi
Lyrics: George R. R. Martin
Arranged & produced by Niko Paterakis
Recorded & mixed by Nick Haldoupis @ Soundcave Studios (Athens, GR)
Directed by Niko Paterakis
Editing & Cinematography by Aggelos Kaltsis
Drone shots filmed by Alexandros Botinis
Produced by Niko Paterakis & Alexandros Botinis
Costumes by Resi Bender

Special Thanks to:
Stefano Skoul
Kostas Mastrokostopoulos

StreetLore Band
Finnish modern rock metal band
has released single
'Save A Life Tonight'

Finnish modern rock metal band Frail's latest single release
"Save A Life Tonight"
is a true story that deals with the fear of losing your own child.
The lyrics describe the symphony of fear, unfairness and helplessness
that rang out in one's head at the exact moment
when the doctors took a heavily sedated and babbling child
to open heart surgery.
Even if there are no direct musical comparisons for the song,
'SALT' will probably find its way into the playlists of those
who like the music of Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown.
Tarmo Kellomäki, the songwriter:
"Save A Life Tonight' is really personal and important song to me. It opens up my feelings and thoughts in a moment when doctors were taking my own child to a heart surgery. When the operating room's door closes I am left alone with my desperate feelings of unfairness and fear. I remember I shouted to the heavens 'punish me and not that child!''
Besides the story itself another notable point about this song is
that Tarmo's other son Roope Kellomäki plays electric guitar
on this recording.
Kellomäki continues:
'Without going into details this song isn't about Roope. But I wanted that he would be playing the guitars as this whole thing has touched my whole family. And as a father it was really breathtaking to record a story like this with own child playing the guitar tracks. Really important moment that I shall remember forever.'

Composer: Tarmo Kellomäki
Lyricist: Tarmo Kellomäki

pic by Jarno Hämäläinen

StreetLore Band
Finnish Female Fronted metal
has released single/video
'Dead by the Dawn'

Finnish metal band Autumn's Grief released 'Dead by the Dawn' single
which is taken from their eponymous second studio album
which is set to be released on December 9th 2022 via Inverse Records.
The band comments:
"In this title song of the album fate sets the storyteller in the middle of the battle one can not avoid or win. The inevitable can no longer be escaped. All that is left is the calm surrender to destiny. The shadow of the past follows a tormented mind as some stains have come to stay. Loyalty is being measured. Alliances will be tested. The hopeless fight will take place and the face will be covered with a shield – whether it's real or invisible."

Composed & lyrics by
Autumn's Grief

Single cover painting by
Kris Olson Art
Edited by Mikko Virtanen
pic by Mikko Virtanen

StreetLore Band
Finnish grunge band
will release album
'Circle of Bones'

Scarlet is a Grunge band from Eastern Finland founded in 1999.
The band returned from over 10 year hiatus in 2015.
First few years band just keep on playing since long brake
had rusted their skills.
Soon the groove was found and the band noticed
that they were making an album.
Songs just keep coming.
Long hiatus had made their sound even stronger.

The debut album “Circle of Bones” pops out on 11/11/2022.
It’s a package full of rough energy for the Grunge era music fans. Authentic music with strong vocals and real feelings.

The album was recorded, mixed & mastered in ten days @ Astia Studio
by Anssi Kippo (Children of Bodom, Ensiferum, Impaled Nazarene etc)
as analog recording.
Everything you hear is real man made sounds.
No computers were harmed in the making.
Album comes out in three different vinyl colors
and it’s a full analog recording.
Also full analog chrome tape is available + cd and streaming.
All this via Inverse Records.
The whole album song by song explained
by Scarlet’s singer Ville Tuomi & his brother Vesa Tuomi,
lead guitarist of the band:
01. Big Fat Downplay
“Last song that was composed for the album ended up to be the opening song. When one is bullied and pressed down enough something usually happens. After turning point there’s two options, which path do you choose?”
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1. Big Fat Downplay
3. Melt
4. Rusted Sound
5. 6ft
6. Circle of Bones
7. Will
8. Frame
9. My Cradle
10. Inside

StreetLore Band
Finnish grunge band
will release album
'Circle of Bones'
part ii

02. RGRT
“In this song you can find a grunge beard from Seattle mixed with tiger of Bradford. This chameleon of a song got new chorus in every rehearsal. It shedded it's skin from being heavy as hell to a Motown influenced song about women’s liberation front. Writing process was an unique experience for the band.”

03. Melt
“Inner power song. This song was born after really difficult period in personal life. But in the end there was light, snow melted and holy shit, there was batman!”

04. Rusted Sound
“Deep in the south man sits by the porch in a rocking chair with a banjo in his lap. Wind is blowing and Bud light bottle is falling down. Dogs are barking, necks are turning red. Employee of a steel mill is cursing about the karma of his life while gasping his last breath. One of the first songs that was made for the album.”

05. 6ft
“This song was a result of quite a few jam sessions. We hope you like jammin’ too! Ode to joy. Can you hear it? Neither can we. When dark waters change to black. Black mindset, language of the soul. It sings so out of tune. This you won’t fix with pain killers…”

06. Circle of Bones
“Raw power, energy pulse. First demo we did and it was so nice we decided to do more, so now you got an album to listen to. Music video is there too, go check it!”

07. Will
“Absolutely the hardest song to make. Arranging this song continued even in the studio sessions. It’s about addiction. Snake behind the eyes makes you believe in her lies if there isn’t a cure found in time…”

08. Frame
“Our most artistic one. The start is quite massive and flamboyant. Life of an artist isn’t always peachy. This might surprise many of you (NOT). This one was one of the easiest to make even it’s kinda strange bird in our set list.”

09. My Cradle
“Lullaby from hell. It tells a story of suicide attempt of a close person. Not that humorous subject. When we were mixing this with our producer Anssi Kippo the mighty fine Otari tape recorder that is used in Astia studio collapsed. That’s how heavy the song is. Our studio session ended there and we finished the mixes later after repairs. Can you hear the bells in the end?”

10. Inside
“Our oldest song. This one lead the way for the whole album to come. Ghost inside ice. This song wrote itself. Simple balladlike ending of the album. Girls dig it.”

StreetLore Band
Finnish melodic death metal
will release album
'Rogue Five'

Finnish melodic death metal band Admire the Grim is set to release
their debut EP 'Rogue Five' on January 13th 2023 via Inverse Records.
Admire the Grim is a melodic death metal band from Lappeenranta, Finland. The group was formed by five friends in early 2021.
In May 2022 the band released its first single ‘Storm the Barricade’
and in September 2022 music video and single for ‘Rogue Five’
saw the daylight.
Jani comments on Single 'Rogue Five':

“My goal was to write a song that has a catchy chorus and lead parts. There’s good energy and spirit for a sweet party. I wrote the intro riff first and that set the song up for a fast paced guitar riffage. And to be honest, this is definitely a song for guitar maniacs”.
In November 2022 the second single ‘The Flood’ from ‘Rogue Five’ -EP
will be released and the EP itself is published
on January 13th 2022 via Inverse Records.
The band comments on the beginnings of the group:

“In the turn of 2020-2021 childhood friends Jani (guitar) and Kalle (bass) started to write songs and plan putting a band together. They asked friends to join and soon Sirja (guitar) and Tommi (drums) jumped in. Lastly Katri (vocals) found her way to the group and the band was complete.

After some get togethers and song writing sessions started relentless rehearsing (not forgetting the parties at Kalle's house ofc). We all had very different backgrounds in both music and life, which eventually somehow proved to be a fully functional chaos. The soundscape of our music bases heavily on 90's and 00's melodic death metal, but each of us have thrown in our individual musical backgrounds in search of the band's sound. We feel like we've developed so much in just over a year and still (and forever) progressing.”

Track list:
01. The Flood
02. Mad Queen of the Second Sun
03. Admire the Grim
04. Rogue Five

Katri Snellman (vocals)

Jani Loikkanen (guitar)

Sirja Ojaniemi (guitar)

Kalle Raatikainen (bass)

Tommi Vante (drums)

StreetLore Band
UK Indie-Rock band
have released EP

UK Indie-Rock band Skelephant have released brand new EP 'Ivory'.

Full of future classics this 6-track mini album showcases
the young bands diverse sounds and accomplished musicianship.

There are tracks and riffs to be found
that wouldn't be out of place on a Pink Floyd album.
Focus track 'Ash' shows the heavier side to the band
and has been a firm favourite at their energetic live shows.

The track was mostly written by drummer Callum
and is an ode to the desert and stoner rock
that the they all share a love for,
fleshed out with some more heavy metal tones
and vocals inspired by Josh Homme.

Lyrically say the band:
'Ash is about when two people love each other very much... It is fuck. It is just another night spent in bad company, adjusting to ones new, decrepit life, and learning to love it. It is about letting go; taking your hands off the wheel, putting the pedal down, and closing your eyes. What could go wrong?'
This four piece rock band originally began with brothers
Isaac and Aidan Howell performing as a duo in June of 2019.

The band evolved and grew to include old schoolmates Callum
and Will by the end of the year.
Heavily inspired by the classic guitar music of Led Zeppelin and Hendrix,
as well as later bands such as the Strokes and Queens of the Stone Age, Skelephant have been writing and performing music
that effortlessly combines classic influences with more modern indie
and alternative sounds since they began.
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No Time To Waste

Katri Snellman (vocals)

Jani Loikkanen (guitar)

Sirja Ojaniemi (guitar)

Kalle Raatikainen (bass)

Tommi Vante (drums)

StreetLore Band
UK Indie-Rock band
have released EP
part ii

Spread out across the length and breadth of the UK,
with members now relocating from their native St Albans to Bristol
and Manchester, Skelephant are taking every opportunity
to get their music heard live throughout the live scene in their new cities.

With rave reviews of their live shows and previous releases
the young band has been played on BBC Introducing,
appeared on JuiceBox Live TV
and had consistent support from ILRs worldwide.

The release of this EP will surely cement them
as one of the most exciting and musically gifted bands of their generation.
Lee Grote, Music Journalist:
'One thing is for sure Skelephant are on our 'must-see' list.'
Vandalism Begins At Home:
'Skelephant are the heirs and they have arrived to be crowned'






No Time To Waste

Katri Snellman (vocals)

Jani Loikkanen (guitar)

Sirja Ojaniemi (guitar)

Kalle Raatikainen (bass)

Tommi Vante (drums)

StreetLore Band
California’s heavy hardcore band
has released single/video
'Hell On Earth'

Fresh off the completion of the biggest headline tour of their career, Lionheart are back with their brand new single 'HELL ON EARTH',
taken from their upcoming new album »Welcome To The West Coast III«, set for release on 9th December via Arising Empire.
»Welcome To The West Coast III« is 11 tracks of crushing riffs
and violence-inciting grooves, which boasts a star-studded guest
feature line-up including Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed),
Alex Taylor (Malevolence) and more, joining frontman Rob Watson
for a maximum vocal assault.
Their third chapter was produced by Jamey Jasta
and mixed and mastered by Will Putney.
The photography for their artwork is done
by renowned California street photographer Angel Macias.
The album will be available as CD, limited colored vinyl,
and a limited special box together with exclusive merch options.
Bay Area, California’s reigning kings of heavy hardcore
first stormed into the scene in 2007 with their debut album:
»The Will To Survive«.
Taking influence from bands like
Blood For Blood, Hatebreed, and Madball;
Lionheart came out swinging with a full-blown assault
of blistering metallic hardcore.
They quickly followed it up with 2010’s »Built On Struggle«,
2012’s »Undisputed« and years of nonstop touring.
Following a short break after their release »Undisputed«,
the band came back stronger than ever with 2014’s
»Welcome To The Westcoast«.
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Rob Watson - Vocals
Nick Warner - Guitar
Walle Etzel - Guitar
Richard Mathews - Bass
Jay Scott - Drums
pic by Moritz Hartmann

StreetLore Band
California’s heavy hardcore band
has released single/video
'Hell On Earth'
part ii

The album debuted at #1 on both iTunes Metal
and GooglePlay Metal Charts.
Lionheart stormed into the scene again in January 2016 with
»Love Don’t Live here«.
The album title, a nod to a classic R&B/ Motown Song by the same name, shows the band's unwillingness to conform to the typical „hardcore mold“, as well as the bitter
and unforgiving lyrical content the band is known for.
November 2017 saw Lionheart unleash »Welcome To The Westcoast II«.
A sequel to »Welcome To The Westcoast« (2014),
the album brought forth a new era in California Hardcore,
and saw them again debut at #1
across the iTunes Metal Charts and Google Play Metal Charts.
2019, after endless touring around the Globe,
Lionheart returned with their most punishing Album to date:
»Valley Of Death«.
Backed by a combination
of blistering metallic hardcore and heavy West Coast groove,
front-man Rob Watson provides an insight into a life of torment,
violence, and an unrelenting will to overcome.
With »Valley Of Death« Lionheart climbs
into the German Top 20 Album Charts, as well as #1
on iTunes Metal Charts and Google Play Metal Charts.

02. DEATH COMS IN 3'S feat. Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed)
04. LIVE BY THE GUN feat. Ice-T (Body Count)
06. STORIES FROM THE GUTTER PT. II feat. Antmoney (E-Town Concrete)
08. DEATHBED CONFESSION feat. Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed)
09. AT WAR WITH THE GODS feat. Los (Desmadre)
10. BONNIE & CLYDE '05
11. EXIT WOUNDS feat. Alex (Malevolence)

StreetLore Band
British metalcore act
will release album
'Bloom Season'

What do you get when you combine ferocious, hard-hitting metalcore
in a blender with elements of hip-hop, grime,
hardcore and alternative metal—then finish it off
with a dash of introspection and more than its fair share of
brazen, no-holds-barred atmosphere?
You get Borders, a young but driven collective
hellbent on taking the heavy music community by storm
with an onslaught of
thought-provoking, sinister and brutally aggressive tracks.
Built around an impetus that obliterates any notion
of single-genre classification in favor
of an immersive yet punishingly heavy experience,
Borders continually push the limits of what one would expect
from any band in the metalcore circuit.
From taking the UK’s live music scene by storm
supporting legendary deathcore act Martyr Defiled
on their last run to their immersive, conceptual,
and thought-provoking 2019 debut full-length release »Purify«,
the band is well on their way to making themselves
a staple in the underground heavy music community.
a goal sure to be achieved with their addition
to Arising Empire’s ever-growing roster.

Borders is:
Jordan Olifent
Gavin Burton
guitar & vocals
Tom Britton
Dan Hodson

01 fadetoblack
09 MDM

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