Finnish rocker
have released single/video
'If I can Dream'

Finnish rocker ASKO ARGILLANDER & THE BLUE FLAMEhave released single/video 'If I can Dream'.
The single was recorded for a worldwide charity livestream show
where Asko Argillander & the Blue Flame got the honor
to represent the Finland stage.

a German/Greek
power metal band

We are Legend, a European formation with musicians from Germany and Greece, is dedicated to modern Prog Power Metal.
With their new album "Fallen Angel" they open the next chapter
in the band's history.
In 2010 former musicians from STORMWITCH, ABRAXAS and CORONATUS got together for some jam sessions and the idea of a new band was born.
All that was missing was an extraordinary voice,
which could quickly be found in Selin Schönbeck,
an outstanding talent with excellent musical flair.
WE ARE LEGEND was born!
The 4-track EP "We Are Legend" was released in January 2012
within a very short time.
In mid-2012 they won in four categories at the German Rock
and Pop Awards, making them the most successful metal band of the year.
Due to the great reactions to the demo,
they were able to get a record deal
and so the album "Rise Of The Legend" was released in 2013.
Despite good reviews, the band broke up in 2016.
Nevertheless, mastermind Dirk Baur and singer Selin
continued to work on new songs.
In 2021 the cooperation became more intense again
and so it was decided to record these songs
for another WE ARE LEGEND album.
The line-up was supplemented with musicians from Italy and Greece,
who give the sound an intense spice and depth
and their very own progressive power metal,
with powerful drums and driving guitars,
carried by sophisticated vocals and choirs
and the use of neoclassical piano lines matured.
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1. Tale of a Legend
2. Fallen Angel
3. I don´t care
4. Angel Station
5. Only god forgives
6. I am this one
7. Prayer for the fallen
8. The inner Circle feat. Simone Mularoni
9. Society of Shadows
10. A human so strange

a German/Greek
power metal band
part ii

"Fallen Angel" also shines with an outstanding production
and a modern, powerful mix, for which
sound mastermind Simone Mularoni (DGM) is responsible.
In spring 2022 the worldwide contract
with METALAPOLIS RECORDS was signed!

Winner of german Rock and Pop Award 2012
1. Place: Best Metal Band 2012
1. Place: Best Metal Song 2012
1. Place: Best Metal Singer 2012
1. Place: Best Hard Rock Song 2012

Selin Schönbeck
Vocals, Piano
Dirk “Dee” Baur
Guitars, Harmony Vocals
Jimmy Konsta
Alex Endress
Bass, Harmony Vocals
Boris Kellenbenz
Guests musicians
on “Fallen Angel”:
Fabio Alessandrini - Drums
Eleonora - Vocals
Simone Mularoni
Solo on “The inner Circle”
Lysh - Prayer
Lara - Soprano and whispers
Martin - Choir backings

Norwegian AOR act
has released single/video
'Angels Come, Angels Go'

Art Of Melody Music & Burning Minds Music Group are excited
to announce the digital release of "Angels Come, Angels Go",
second single taken from "Appetition",
new studio album by Norwegian AOR sensation, Satin.
"Appetition" is scheduled for release on October 14, 2022
via Art Of Melody Music / Burning Minds Music Group.
A special personalized edition has been created by Outward Styles
in a very limited quantity of 30 copies,
and will be available exclusively
on the Burning Minds Music Group's official online shop.
CD booklet features introductory liner notes written
by Luca Tex & Mr. Double Trouble (Rock Of Ages / Radio City Trieste).
A dedicated Japanese version,
which includes the exclusive bonus track “Blame The Flame”,
will be released via Spiritual Beast / Universal Music.

German heavy hetal act
has released single/video
'Live Now'

BIWO a melodic melodic Heavy Metal band from Germany's Ruhr area has released their single/video 'Live Now'.
Mastermind Sven Biwo explains "Live Now":
"There are enough assholes in the world - people who want to pull you down. We invite you to forget all that shit for a moment. Live now - and do what you feel like doing! Because tomorrow might be too late. Don't waste your time with negative stuff - grab a beer, raise your fist and shout it out loud!"
BIWO stands for absolutely honest, infectiously catchy,
emphatically down-to-earth and classically timeless
MELODIC HEAVY METAL with a well-dosed shot of Teutonic bullishness.

It is clear to hear
that here is a musically thoroughly inspired genre fan ambitious
at the start, who makes his real music for just such real fans - uncomplicated Heavy Metal brotherhood is there so very heavy!
The enormously varied and sustainably catchy songs breathe the unique, unused 80s spirit with delicious fervor and in such depth
that you simply cannot escape the charm of BIWO
if you feel sincerely connected to the early Heavy Metal from that time.
the very special time when the blessed and equally obscure GAMA Records released unforgettable records by top artists like
Stormwitch, Veto and Tyran' Pace -
and the scene cult around it grows with every year.
Self-promoting and giga-virtuoso orgies of perfection
are therefore not at all what BIWO is about,
rather the eternally attractive underground is indulged in.
And although bandleader Sven sees himself more as a soloing mainman with guest musicians, the result sounds damn organic, homogeneous
and completely free of wear and tear.
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cover by Gudrun Müller

01. Live Now
02. Fountain Of Youth
03. Win This Fight
04. Mother Earth
05. Poor Boy
06. I
07. Alone In The Dark
08. Judgment Of The Gods

pics by sven biwo

German heavy hetal act
has released single/video
'Live Now'
part ii

All songs on "Life And Death" were composed and recorded
by Sven Biwo single-handedly.

The mix and mastering were also done
by master Biwo at Cubi Studios Bochum.
The pleasantly idiosyncratic artwork is deliberately not
an obligatory Photoshop bombardment -
it comes from the brushes of Gudrun Müller.
The idea for the band was born in January 2020
when Sven (guitar and vocals) and Justus (bass) met at a benefit concert.
With Hanno (drums), whom Justus knew from his school days,
a man for the kettles was then also found.

Shortly before the first rehearsal the pandemic came
and with it the break for the formation.
However, Sven took advantage of the creative break
and began to transform the ideas into songs
and to realize a finished album.

The final touches were put on "Life And Death" in the summer of 2022, when the first real rehearsals began
and the tracks were given a new shine in the rehearsal room.

Sven Biwo
Vocals & Guitar

German progessive rockers
have 'rereleased' album
'Seasons 25'

"Seasons" is an old album.
With their 1997 debut, the German band FLYING CIRCUS from Grevenbroich (somewhere between Düsseldorf and Cologne) immediately became
an insider tip for all lovers of classic rock music
between hard rock and progressive rock.
Enthusiastic reviews flooded in from all corners of the world,
and that hasn't changed with the seven additional releases
that the band now has under their belt;
both the excellent reviews and the status of FLYING CIRCUS
as an insider tip - until last year,
when the band's "best of" album suddenly found itself at number 14
in the German album charts for metal and rock
and stayed in the hit list for a whopping 10 weeks.
Since then, the band has received significantly more media attention,
and so Michael Dorp / vocals, Michael Rick / guitar, Rüdiger Blömer / keyboards and violin, Roger Weitz / bass and Ande Roderigo / drums decided to rewind the band's history for all newcomers to the band
and to completely re-record the 12 original tracks contained on "Seasons" for the album's anniversary 25 years after its release.
And in this process, the band took all liberties:
Instead of just adapting the song arrangements
to the current FLYING CIRCUS line-up and instrumentation,
the five musicians treated the initial tracks
as if they were new musical ideas that still had to be fully developed:
Some songs are now in a different key and/or have new parts added
and others left out, most of the pieces were tightened up or even
(in the case of the ballad "Follow the Empress") saw the singer changed (drummer Ande Roderigo instead of main singer Michael Dorp).
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1 The Jewel City
2 Footprints in the Sand
3 In All Ways And Always
4 Follow the Empress
5 Seasons Acoustic Version
6 Antigone's Lament and Triumph
7 Let It Be Gone
8 Interior Monologue
9 Evening Solace
10 Supersonic Man
11 Never Again
12 The Jewel City...Reprise
13 The Jewel City
14 Footprints In The Sand
15 In All Ways And Always
16 Follow The Empress
17 Seasons
18 Antigones Lament And Triumph
19 Let It Be Gone (Dont Bother)
20 Interior Monolgue
21 Evening Solace
22 Supersonic Man
23 Never Again
24 The Jewel City... Reprise

German progessive rockers
have 'rereleased' album
'Seasons 25'
part ii

The result of this exciting experiment presents the five musicians
audibly matured and each individual as a virtuoso
in his respective profession, while all the 12 pieces sound incredibly fresh - not only because of the powerful, contemporary production,
but above all because of the band's infectious joy of playing
that makes one thing utterly clear:
"Seasons 25" is a NEW album.
The separately available, elegant digipack of the new recording alone demonstrates this in a more than impressive way.
In addition, a double CD pack adding in a remaster
of the original recordings from 1997 as a bonus disc
gives everyone the possibility of a direct comparison
between yesterday and today.

Michael Dorp
Michael Rick
Rüdiger Blömer
keyboards and violin
Roger Weitz
Ande Roderigo
pic by rainer leigraf

Multinational symphonic
power metal band ASTERISE
released single/video
'Falling Stars'

Multinational symphonic power metal band Asterise is set to release their debut album "Two Worlds" on December 2nd 2022
via Finnish record label Inverse Records.
The first single 'Falling Stars', which features Jimmy Hedlund (Falconer), Tristan Harders (Terra Atlantica),
Arnaud Menard (Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom) is released.
The mastermind behind the band Bartlomiej Mezynski comments:
"Asterise is not a typical Power, Speed Metal project. I wanted it to sound different, to take the listener on an emotional trip. Of course it still has fast guitar riffs, high vocals and amazing shred guitar solos - everything thanks to great guest appearances. The idea to have multiple vocalists on the album was heavily inspired by Avantasia. The lyrics on the other hand, by old Stratovarius albums. You will hear a lot of references to albums like Visions, Destiny or The Metal Opera 1&2. With everyone presenting different styles of singing and playing, we were able to create an interesting material that will be stuck in your mind for a long time."
Asterise is multinational Power Metal "opera" project.
The project started in 2018 when Bartlomiej Mezynski
and Dionysis Maniatakos joined forces to create something fresh and new, however which will also refer to the classic bands like Stratovarius, Gamma Ray or Avantasia.
The lyrics are about a person being trapped between two worlds.
Souls being locked between good and bad sides.
It tells a little story about different states of minds.
Showing a journey from being lost, being deceived by own desires, searching for home and finaly reaching the top of the world
and fulfilling the destiny.
While listening to the album you will experience great emotional trip thanks to a lot of slow, beautiful orchestra and piano parts.
The journey starts right here.

Composed & lyrics
by Bartlomiej Mezynski

Single cover
by Natalia Nowacka

melodic rockers
released single
'My Own Way'

On October 7th, the new MAGICAL HEART album "Heartsonic"
will be released via Fastball Music.
The title song of the album was released on August 26th as a single
with a music video followed
by the new single "My Own Way" on September 16th.
The official video for this new single will be released on the same day
as the album hits the streets.

MAGICAL HEART play analogue-sounding, straightforward rock following their instincts, with much heart as well as a sense of melody and a good deal of fun while making music.
the band also hired the perfect man for mix and mastering,
who was able to perfectly and homogeneously round off the sound
of the individual songs across the album.

The band will finally be able to tour live again
for the album release in autumn.
In October, they are going to start with individual shows
and in December 2022, they will continue supporting
eight SERIOUS BLACK shows.

Canadian rock act
released single/video
'Greedy Piggy'

Greedy Piggy is a delirious juggernaut, vividly portrayed.
It's as entertaining as you could possibly hope for.
And should be a sizeable hit.
This is a Stadium sing-a-long and live festival crowd-pleaser if ever.

Disturbed the Black Veil Brides.&

Greedy Piggy is an empowering fantasy
that may be attractive toadolescents undergoing physical, mental
and circumstantial changes in their lives.
Or pathological.
Mostly the latter.

Metal all-star project
releases single/video
'After The Rain'

Metal all-star project ERANAËS inked deal with Dr. Music Records
and releases first single "After The Rain"
(feat. Margarita Monet & Derek Sherinian).
With ERANAËS, former Second Reign vocalist Stephan Lipp kicked off
his solo project to create extraordinary sound cosmos
with top-class guest musicians, each bringing their character
and playing style to the table.
For the release of the first single "After The Rain" on 10/06/2022,
the Swiss musician signed with Dr. Music Records
and has gained the support of Edge Of Paradise vocalist Margarita Monet and keyboard wizard Derek Sherinian
(i. a. Dream Theater, Joe Bonamassa, Whitesnake).
But the other members with Eluveitie drummer Alain Ackermann
and guitarist Simon Burri (Rage Of Light, Vorax, Sinverse)
are also quite impressive.
Producer Mack Schildknecht (China, The Three Sum, Fueled By Grace)
was not only twisting the knobs but also contributing bass.
Chris Beyerlein from Stem Masters
(Schandmaul, Fiddler's Green, Stahlmann)
subsequently provided the finishing touches to the mastering with his tight, tidy and powerful, imposing sound.
With the single "After The Rain"
(feat. Margarita Monet & Derek Sherinian) accompanied
by a music video with subtle visuals, ERANAËS have created
a remarkable mix of Melodic and Progressive Metal,
bringing the serious topic of child abuse to the fore with profound lyrics.
...to continue, please go to the next side...

Metal all-star project
releases single/video
'After The Rain'
part ii

ERANAËS present the single cover of "After The Rain",
which is not up to standard,
showing a painting by Swiss artist Christophe Terraz,
tackling the oppressive subject with his very own imagery.
Despite the severe background, all players' particular interaction
makes this single a unique musical experience.
Thanks to its strong catchiness, the song immediately gets stuck
in the head and more than deserves massive attention from fans and media.
The single, includes a second version recorded only by Stephan Lipp
and his Swiss musicians.
After the release of this remarkable yet thematically oppressive
debut single, "After The Rain" (Piano Version) will first be released
as a single on 12/08/2022,
another softer but no less intense version of the song,
which also includes an additional orchestral version,
followed by more music in the coming year.
Let's be surprised who will be involved in the upcoming songs.
For the moment, let's enjoy the outstanding musical quality
of "After The Rain" (feat. Margarita Monet & Derek Sherinian)
and give due attention to the very first ERANAËS chapter.

Stephan Lipp
Margarita Monet
Derek Sherinian
Simon Burri
Mack Schildknecht
Alain Ackermann
pics by Marcel Bruderer

Greek glam metal band
has released single/video
'Perfect Sensation'

Cyanide 4 is a Hard Rock/Glam Metal band formed in Athens, Greece
back in 2008 mixing their influences varying
from the Los Angeles' 80s glam era to the new rock 'n' roll wave
of Scandinavian bands of our days.

The band, quickly built a strong fan-base in Greece
and abroad by releasing 3 albums and doing many live shows,
both headlining and as a support act to acclaimed artists.

They shared the stage with Scorpions (x2), Bonfire (x2), W.A.S.P.,
Lizzy Borden, Crashdiet, Over The Rainbow, Ten, etc.


"Everyday is a Masquerade"
[2012 - Perris Records (USA)]

[2017 - Perris Records(USA)]

[2022 – Perris Records (USA)]

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