RED MECCA release new album “Away”

The electronic duo’s sixth album after their most successful year: “AWAY”
Not here. Dreams of being somewhere else.
A commentary to the contemporary.
To the dread of 2020 and everything breaking down. Sometimes darker than ever before. Sometimes
ambient driven electropop tunes. Sampled pile drivers. Held together with dark wave atmosphere. All
the time outside the frameworks and in perpetual motion. This is us. 2021. Hopeful in spite of
Watch the video by Red Mecca – Runaway With Me here:
Jan Strandqvist, keyboards and music in Red Mecca, states about the new album:
“One positive thing the unexpected jigsaw puzzle of life last year came to be, was that me and
Susanne slipped into an overwhelming creativity of creating music when the live performances came
to a halt, and we found the expression and communication through the music we were looking for. We
stepped up and the flow was a lifebuoy.”
And more than well, Red Mecca survives even in times like these – with “Away” the electronic duo
writes another epic chapter after receiving the Manifest Award, being on some of the most central
scenes at some of Europe’s biggest festivals in the genre and not least, last year a sync in the
awesome BBC series “Killing Eve”.
“The album AWAY is our commentary to the harsh reality of 2020. And it´s in our opinion a diverse
canvas we´ve been painting. It´s been a year of new heights of oppression as well, from world leaders,
not just a pandemic roaring throughout the world. We´re very proud of what we´ve created and we´re
very much in constant progression and forward motion. And I think that we´re just in a startup mode.
There´s so much more to come. But now, our greatest wish is to be able to come out and play live
again, all our new material, throughout Europe.”
And vocalist Susanne Jonsson adds: “Trapped at home, afraid of meeting others I made my own
livestory on an album. Like living the dream in a fantasy. Making up stories, reading history and
making my own future in front of the microphone. Jan’s music makes imagination flow and the music
inspired me to build life stories. It could have been me, in another lifetime.”
The album “Away” is released on 30th of April via Massproduktion Sweden.
Jan Strandqvist – keyboards and music
Susanne Jonsson – vocals, keyboards and lyrics
RED MECCA online:

die krupps – new album ‘songs from the dark side of heaven’

out at the 28th of mai 2021

The mothership of German industrial/metal crossover strikes again. Since 1980, Jürgen
Engler, Ralf Dörper and their various comrades-in-arms have shaped the
alternative/electronic music scene like no other band, especially through the sophisticated
combination of the two styles “industrial” and “metal” that they created in the 1990s and that
didn’t even exist before. Countless other acts have since adapted this style, which was
invented and launched by this extraordinary band.
Now it’s time for DIE KRUPPS to pay tribute to their own heroes – and to do that, what could
be better than an album filled to the brim with cover versions in typical DIE KRUPPS electro
metal style? But see and hear for yourself, the men around Jürgen Engler have subjected
real gems to their “treatment”:

  1. The Number One Song In Heaven (originally by Sparks)
  2. Chinese Black feat. Jyrki 69 (originally by The Neon Judgement)
  3. Whip It (originally by Devo)
  4. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper feat. James Williamson (originally by Blue Öyster Cult)
  5. To Hell With Poverty! feat. Big Paul Ferguson (originally by Gang Of Four)
  6. No More Heroes feat. Ross The Boss (originally by The Stranglers)
  7. Another One Bites The Dust (originally by Queen)
  8. Marilyn Dreams (originally by B-Movie)
  9. Collapsing New People (originally by Fad Gadget)
  10. New York (Version 9/11) (originally by MCL)
Die Krupps gig pictures! – JurgaFoto.lt
Promo cover art

mister misery – new album ‘a brighter side of death’

After the pace-setting release of their praised debut album »Unalive« in 2019, modern horror metal band MISTER MISERY, spawned from the hollowed parts of Sweden (2018) has not slowed down, despite the fact a global pandemic crushed schedules, MISTER MISERY kept busy during quarantine, writing new breathtaking material, while still releasing numerous compilations for their fans in the meantime.
 MISTER MISERY recently launched pre-orders for their new album »A Brighter Side Of Death« and will be available as CD, a limited special colored vinyl, and a special fan bundle including CD and rare items on the 23rd of April 2021 via Arising Empire.
 Today, the band released the second single of the album: ‘Devil In Me‘ combined with another mind-blowing music video. This album marks a milestone for the band and opens up the next chapter of their horror story! Stronger, scarier, and more diverse than ever.

»Unalive« was the birth.
 »A Brighter Side Of Death« is the rise of MISTER MISERY!

The band released their debut record »Unalive« via Arising Empire in October last year.

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left hand solution the cult doom metal band from sweden is back again

Left Hand Solution just released their first single “First Day Of Winter” on the actual first day of winter and
winter solstice: on the 21st of December 2020. The first out “First Day Of Winter” is taken off the upcoming
album to be released in 2021.

Drummer and songwriter Erik Barthold about the song:
”I remember starting to write the song “First Day Of Winter” as the first snow fell in the year of 2002. Little did I
imagine that it would take another 18 years for it to be fully completed! The song was finished this summer in
a hot recording studio, but of course, we had to wait until the winter solstice for this release. Sorry, that we’ve
kept you waiting, but here it finally is in its full winter dress.”
What made Left Hand Solution always special was their combination of hard riffs, dark melodies, and Mariana
Frykman’s dark and beautiful voice. Being one of the early metal band with a female vocalist their influence
has been largely overlooked and their cult following has grown quite a lot lately.
And now, it’s time for a new album and a new development for the band. The new Album “Dead of Winter” is
scheduled for April 16th, 2021.

Left Hand Solution formed in 1991, released 3 albums and toured Europe, US and Canada, and made a large
impression with their unique take on Doom metal for more than 10 years. Then the band just faded away.
Until 2019, when they suddenly released – the in secrecy recorded album – “Through The Mourning Woods”.
An updated version of Left Hand Solution’s sweet nightmare that combined sounds from their early doom
days and goth elements of their later days and put it all in a new context. The band has been resurrected for
very successful local gigs several times during the last years, but it was not until Erik and original guitarist
Joakim became neighbors that things starting to really happen. Suddenly they found themselves writing songs
in Erik’s basement and soon Peter and Mariana happily joined in.
Line Up:
Mariana Frykman – Vocals
Joakim Mårdstam – Guitar
Peter Selin – Bass
Erik Barthold – Drums & Backing Vocals

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Lowheart ‘Rock Du Jour’ ~ A powerful, aggressive rock assault that never lets up! 

LOWHEART is an Australian Rock songwriting and recording duo from Victoria’s southern bayside area, consisting of singer/songwriter/guitarist JASON LOWE, and lead-guitarist/bass player/producer SIMON HART.Lowe also plays harmonica on several songs, and Hart creates all the drum tracks, with the two of them both contributing percussion and backing vocals.

The pair have released four albums, distributed worldwide by CD Baby: The hard-rocking “Act on Impulse”, the Alt-Country set “Long Hard Road”, 2016’s “Lost and Found”, which combined the two styles in a hard-edged Country-Rock sound, and their most recent album “Gravel or Gold”, which features an overall Classic Rock style. All four can be streamed or downloaded via Spotify, AppleMusic, Amazon, GooglePlay, Tidal, Deezer, YouTube, and most other platforms. Lowheart are currently recording two extremely diverse new albums simultaneously: the flat-out Heavy Rock outing “Rock Du Jour”, and a sparse, emotive, acoustic-based set entitled “The Catharsis File”. The duo have even started recording tracks for a pure Classic Rock follow-up to Gravel or Gold, called “Sleeping Dogs Bite”.

Lowheart’s songs have received airplay on ten Victorian radio stations, along with several interviews, as well as online stations in Greece, Spain, and the UK. They have appeared on Channel 31’s Nu Country TV, and many of their songs were featured on the soundtrack of the TV sitcom “Reps”. Their style encompasses elements of Rock, Metal, Punk, Pop, Country, Folk, and Blues, with a focus on strong melodies and hooklines, and powerful guitar and vocal performances.

The new Lowheart album, “Rock Du Jour”, has been two years in the making, and signals a return to the hard-rocking style of their debut set “Act on Impulse”, while taking the heavy sounds of that album further to the extreme – not letting the foot off the pedal for a moment.

After three albums that cover the sphere from alt-country, through country-rock, to the classic rock of 2019’s “Gravel or Gold”, “Rock Du Jour” blends anthemic hard rock, with frenetic punk energy and metal tinges, to create a powerful, aggressive rock assault that never lets up – all driven by Lowheart’s usual strong melodic sensibility, memorable hooks, and crunching guitar riffs. Lowheart’s pure hard rock direction on this album was heralded by the “Opportunity Lost” single – a stand-alone release that preceded the album’s arrival, at the beginning of 2021.

The punchy sound of “Rock Du Jour” aims to inject some gutsy fire-and-balls back into Australian Rock, and wears its hard rock influences proudly on its sleeve.


sons and preachers ‘consuming fire’

„Consuming Fire“ is the latest single from a vintage rock band from North Germany, Sons & Preachers.

Yonatan Pandelaki, the bandleader who also sings and plays the Hammond organ and synth bass simultaneously, is a passionate soul singer with a very distinct bluesy and rock sound.

The Indonesian born combined with Myriam Lemberger on the microphone, whose voice resembles Janis Joplin in her best years, are an explosive mixture. Hence the song title which makes you guess what might come from the four piece band. Opened with the guitar riff from Tobias Lemberger, the twin brother of Myriam, another uniqueness of the band, the song quickly smashes with a strong intro followed by Volker Starr on the drums. Like the other well known Starr drummer – pun intended – Volker has such a big sound. With a german precision yet funky feel the drummer leads the band with his strong beat.

Just by the time the hooks hit you with the powerful duett from Yonatan and Myriam, suddenly the song shifts to a tempo changed funky beat, where you can hear one of the funkiest instruments on the planet, a Hohner Clavinet D6 accompanied by Tobias delicious guitar sound. Before he plays his Solo the song shifts once again to a high paced psychedelic part, before switching back to the previous tempo. The song is a true roller coaster of big rock
guitar riffs, funky drum beats and vocal parts which ended in a big explosion at the end.

The lyrics itself talk about the paradoxes of love. The first line „Love is rough, love is mean“ implies it already and takes you to the depths of the meaning of love.

Sons & Preachers is an experience you have to hear and see for yourself. After being founded in 2018 the band released an album called „Blackstone“ and did an extensive Indonesia Tour in 2019, where they also had a concert in front of more than 20.000 people.

After they found a label called Major Promo Music they released a single titled „Leave Your Hat On“ at late 2020, a year where they could have a second Asian Tour which was cancelled due to Corona pandemic. „Consuming Fire“ is the second release under Major Promo Music. After the first release „Leave Your Hat On“ made its way to many international playlists and radio plays, the band is ready to land another hit.

ANTIHELD – Album »disturbia«

ANTIHELD have released their third and most important album. An album like a film by Scorsese – dark, written on white wine in the isolation of a pandemic. The political porthole of those living in privileges with a view on the misery of apparently infinitely distant people, the self-reflection of human error, the suffocation of fears in excessive intoxication, the reckoning with the church, the confrontation with the death of one’s own manager, right up to Hope for Greta’s supposed salvation of the world and our long-overdue rethink. Insignificant pop music is dead.
»DISTURBIA« Tracklisting:
 01. sommer unseres lebens
 02. motten um licht
 03. my only friend
 04. irgendwo stirbt grad ein kind
 05. himmelblau
 06. standing in line
 07. chaos
 08. alles gute für den winter
 09. oh bitte, mach mich ein letztes mal kaputt
 10. alles nichts
 11. wiegenlied
 12. von schmerz & apotheken

ANTIHELD, originally a band from the streets of Stuttgart. From one day to the next, you suddenly find yourself in the really big major business, shooting both albums in the charts, playing at Southside, Hurricane and co, playing tours with sold-out shows, only to break three years later and remember where you actually come from. To write an album with »disturbia« that has never existed in the German-speaking world.

The first impression of the record label Arising Empire, skeptical, almost critical.

Not enough pop, not enough radio. The second impression; Quote: “This could be the album of the year.”

This development is known by many bands. You are brimming with credibility and you don’t write your music for the money-making anti-art industry. Then you realize that it is getting harder and harder to fill the fridge and jump headfirst into the empty, interchangeable radio landscape. The five Stuttgarters had a similar experience, but the other way around.

After the band crashed into the shark tank with the first big major deal as unexpectedly as violently, the second album »Goldener Schuss« and the associated label change to Arising Empire were followed by a first musical emancipation. Get out of the world of unified pop, towards an album for which there are no predefined target groups. The lyrics deep & bitter, the sound not that of a classic German rock band. A mix of HIGHLY SUSPECT & THRICE, with a bit of Grunge, Punk, and Rap attitude.

Line Up:

Luca Opifanti | Vocals & Gutiar

André Zweifel | Guitar

Matze Brendle | Bass

Sven Fischer | Drums

Henry Kasper | Accordion & Piano

Cro-mags – new album – 2020 – out now

CRO-MAGS 2020 plays out more like a time-capsule playlist to the year rather than a group of individual songs. 

The record itself is unintentionally 20 minutes and 20 seconds. CRO-MAGS founder and kingpin Harley Flanagan explains, “Just by coincidence we recorded 20 minutes and 16 seconds of music, so we simply added a few seconds of real-world chaos. The album cover is meant to look like a calendar – 7 squares across, with one picture from 2020 per day. Inside the booklet, there are 12 pictures, one for each month of 2020; and the back is a shot of something I have never seen before in my life – a totally empty New York City. Corona Virus, quarantine, empty streets, brutality, burning buildings, violence, and destruction: 2020 is a year none of us will ever forget.”

The first song, ‘Age of Quarantine’, is about how the year started off, and the global quarantine that had us all locked in our homes, isolated, not working, and afraid to come in contact with other humans for fear of the virus. At the end, you hear NYC’s 7:30 pm healthcare worker support rally where everybody would cheer and make noise from their apartments and down in the streets. I just hung my phone out the window and recorded it.

‘2020’ is about the overall year – all of the madness and how insane it has been for everyone. 

‘Life On Earth’ – explains where we’re at 11 months later – the global health crisis and the continued collapse of societies and economies.

‘Violence And Destruction’ – addresses what we are seeing all around us now in this country. It forces us to ask a simple question: “If you don’t agree with someone, does that justify violence against them?”  What if it was your father, your brother or your children on the other side? I myself have people I love dearly who I disagree with on many different topics. Does that make me love them any less? No, and I try to keep that in mind when I don’t agree with others in general. Until people learn how to communicate, there’s not much hope for anyone.

‘Chaos In The Streets’ – self-explanatory regarding mob violence and self-defense. The beliefs of others no longer matter when you are defending your life or the lives of your loved ones.

And ‘Crofusion’ wraps up the year. It was part of a 20-minute freestyle jam we did at the end of the recording session. It’s just total musical chaos ending with the sounds of riot and felt like a perfect expression of this year. It could be likened to a fusion-type assault in the vein of Lenny White or Billy Cobham’s early records- but done hardcore style…total madness and chaos. It’s definitely more funk/fusion than hardcore. Cro-Mags + Confusion = Crofusion!

CRO-MAGS were set to kick-off a world-wide tour starting in NYC on March 15th (with Body Count at Webster Hall). Within 48 hours of the show, quarantine went into effect and the state’s governor and mayor banned all public gatherings. Flanagan goes on to disclose, “We pooled our resources and put together for what was one of the first, if not the first, live quarantine shows on March 15th.” Seen by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, the CRO-MAGS ‘Quarantine Show’ was the beginning of trying to turn an unfortunate situation into something positive. “(Drummer) G-Man was stuck in New York for seven months because of the travel ban, so we started writing songs, and as soon as we were able to get into the studio we started tracking,” Flanagan adds. Recorded at Steve Zing’s (Sam Hain, Danzig) newly launched Trick or Treat Studio, and brought back Arthur Rizk who produced the band’s first full-length album in 20 years, 2019’s In The Beginning.

“Bad things are always going to happen, we have to learn how to pivot and adjust when they do,” Flanagan points out. “Our show got canceled, so we did one online for the world to see. Our tours got canceled, so we recorded an album.”

“After months of confinement, with a political climate unlike any I have ever seen in my lifetime, many have lost their minds and turned on each other. Everything has become polarized and extreme. I am hoping we can take something positive from this experience forward with us into the future. I know I will.”

Harley Flanagan | Vocals & Bass
Rocky George | Guitar
Joe Affe | Guitar
Garry ‘G-Man’ Sullivan | Drums
Additional Musicians:
Lemont Cooper – Cello
Hector Guzman (aka DreadfulGooz) – Additional guitars on ‘Crofusion’
Harley Karsten Flanagan, Jonah Odin Flanagan, Elleny Seda – Back-up vocals 

GHOST IRIS “Comatose”

Release Date: May 7th, 2021
Label: Long Branch Records
Available as CD, Vinyl, Download and Stream.

Hailing from Denmark, Ghost Iris is one of the most uncompromising and promising acts in the metalcore scene. Exploring diverse moods and atmospheres, Ghost Iris provide the listener with an experience that is both hard-hitting and catchy. Their sheer tenacity leaves you a band that takes no prisoners.
Since the release of their critically acclaimed album, Apple of Discord, the band has made a name for themselves with relentless touring throughout Europe, UK and Japan – touring with the likes of Dream Theater, Jinjer, After The Burial and Soen, and playing renowned festivals such as Copenhell, Rockstadt Extreme Fest and Euroblast. Winning over new fans every night with their intense and energetic performance, audiences around the world instantly hunger for the band’s return.
Gearing up for the release of their awaited 4th full length album, Comatose, Ghost Iris are building upon the sound explored on their previous album. Pulverizing instrumentals, bleak lyrics, catchy and hard-htting – Comatose is no exception to these descriptors, being their most visceral material yet.
Line Up:
Jesper Vicencio Gün – Vocals
Nicklas Grønlund Thomsen – Guitar
Daniel Leszkowicz – Guitar
Sebastian Linnet – Drums

Siva Six new Digital Single & Video “ Ghost Dance “ Out Now !!!

Greek cult dark elektro / industrial duo SIVA SIX break the silence and invite you to the ultimate “Ghost Dance” and reveal the first song from their much anticipated new studio album. Constructed on the foundations of the 19th century “Gnossienne No1” masterpiece by French avant-garde pianist and composer Erik Satie, this new song expands the haunting atmosphere of the original piece and takes it to a darker and macabre dimension once reflected through the obscure sonic kaleidoscope of SIVA SIX. The tortured dark vocals, the echoing icy piano lines, the oppressive atmosphere and the upbeat electro sequences all contribute to the particular, disturbing and almost deviant setting of this noir song. This single comes with 3 radically different reinterpretations by MACH FOX, CONJECTURE and MYSTICAL PROLETARIAN.  See them…feel them…and “Ghost Dance” with ‘ em…

Siva Six Web Site : www.sivasix.gr  

Bandcamp : https://sivasix.bandcamp.com/  

Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/sivasix/

YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB45pdqItQd57is1fct3F1w