Single cover by Al Rinald

Kutte Gashi - Drums
Al Rinald - Guitars / Orchestral Arrangements
Stellan Berndtsson – Vocals
Filip Jovanov – Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals

picture by Al Rinald

Swedish melodic death metal band
released a single & music video
from their upcoming EP

Swedish Gothenburg-based melodic death metal band Sailor Hunter is set to release their new self titled EP on May 19th 2022 via Finnish record label Inverse Records.
The first single Scarred is been released.
Singer Stellan Berndtsson comments the single:
"To see what's left of a person's body after the end in the most violent way. When the remains are put in a black trash bag and to relive it in your dreams forever. That's your mind that is scarred.

You notice on the music video even if we´re just playing as a band, it actually portrays what you see on the color grading and the fast movements or "happenings" are about when the mind get scarred . It's a kind of a shadow or mark that remains in your mind forever after being shocked about something that ended violently."
Sailor Hunter a Swedish metal band started as a one-man online project by guitarist Al Rinald.
Sailor Hunter's influences are among others
the mighty metal Gothenburg sound.
With a touch of symphonic orchestra and American groove metal together with inspiration from the Mediterranean sea,
Sailor Hunter delivers metal from the heart.

In 2018 Al joined force with Drummer Kutte Gashi were began their journey to where they stand today, as co-founders to Sailor hunter.
Sailor Hunter grew in 2019 in pursuit of musicians suited for the vision and quality of the band.

Today Sailor Hunters official lineup is a four-man-band formed by the talented bass player Filip Jovanov and the charismatic Stellan Berndtsson, which delivers powerful and emotional vocals.
The heart of the band is four members giving their passion in songwriting and soul in every production.

british metal/punk band
will release on the 21th of april 2022
their new single 'sleepwalker'

'Sleepwalker' is a riotous track full of energy .
The track is a fitting tribute to a man,
who was a huge influence on the band.
Singer and Guitarist David explains 'As a huge fan of the band Power Trip, upon hearing the tragic news that the singer Riley Gale had passed away I picked up my guitar and wanted to write something fast, energetic and entertaining. I wrote the chorus first then the rest fell into place as I was inspired by Rileys onstage enthusiasm and to losing an amazing frontman.'
Formed in 2020, ACiD CLAW began writing music
that didn’t stick to conventional ideology.
Their musical approach is a combination of their tenacious lust for
‘out of the box’ thinking alongside a mantra of ‘anything goes’.
With roots in metal and punk, ACiD CLAW soon found they had created their own special kind of monster; a combination of genres, a unique approach and an ambitious zeal which, when all added to the melting pot, culminated in their debut release “Horror Comic”.
ACiD CLAW birthed “Horror Comic” over the Summer of 2021.
Recorded at the acclaimed Old Cider Press Studio under the expert gaze of Dave Draper, their debut album has had a rapturous reception amongst their musical peers and crowds alike.
This album meant something – it means everything, in fact.
“Horror Comic” is an expression of the amalgamation of a year of disruption, a lifetime of inspiration and, most poignantly, it is a personal requiem for singer and guitarist David Anderson’s late grandfather,
who was his greatest supporter in life and music.
ACiD CLAW are now firmly established.
They are unleashing theircreation, performing live throughout the UK and quickly gaining notoriety. ACiD CLAW are set to twist some melons and take the alternative scene by storm.

melodic death metal band MISALIGNED
has released their second single

Finnish melodic death metal band Misaligned has released their second single from the upcoming debut album "Colours",
which is to be released in May 2022.

Band backgrounds the story:
"Misaligned has always been into handling themes like mental health issues and intoxicants on their lyrics. Our society reflects a dystopic image that alcohol, drugs and mental health issues are something that you prefer to keep silent about. Silver Moth symbolizes another deceitful savior that aims to escapism to ease the pain of the dystopic world by drowning the sorrow to alcohol and drugs. And that is something that leads to even worse perdition on the war against the addictions and broken minds.

Musically the song has some Gothenburg style melodic death metal vibes. And the message is pretty much that we cannot win every fight, but losing the war isn't an option."

Composed and written by Jonas Eriksson

Picture: ​
Jere Hyppönen &
Jonas Eriksson

Finnish alternative death metal act
will release debut album
'Shades of Pale'
on April 21st 2022

Extinction In Progress (EIP) plays alternative death metal, which is a combination of aggression, unique arrangements,
skillful playing and a little bit humor on top of it.
Lyrics Are mainly inspired by movies, video games and comic books.

EIP has been acknowledged for their live show
because of their attitude and contagiousness:
Every gig is played with professional attitude and giving 100%.

The debut album 'Shades of Pale' isto be released
on April 21st 2022 via Inverse Records.

Juho Ahlgren: vocals
Joni Kinnari: guitars
Samuli Kaakinen : guitars
Atte Kuvaja: bass
Antti Nurmikoski: drums

Track list:
1. Cold, Part 1: The Queen
2. Cold, Part 2: Mårran
3. The Wedding
4. The Loudest Silence
5. Ashes
6. Limbo
7. Feasting Upon A False God
8. Devouring Of Human Flesh
9. Motherland

Athenian doom-gazers
CHURCH OF THE SEA return with their first full length album 'Odalisque'

Three years after the release of their EP Anywhere but Desert, the Athenian doom-gazers Church of the Sea return with their first full length album 'Odalisque'.
'Odalisque' was introduced to us a few weeks ago with the song that brings the title of the album,
constitutes the evolution of Church of the Sea.
Dark electronic rock, combines the atmosphere of shoegaze
with the weight of doom.
Dreamy mood, is reflected in the ethereal vocals, but also in the distorted sounds of the guitar and the synths.
Beats that contribute to building the atmosphere, in addition to simply determining the rhythm, by introducing unique sampled sounds, such as broken piano strings or the bow of a violin on a cymbal.

'Odalisque' is an ode to unfulfilled desire, wrong choices and the awareness that if we could go back in time, we would repeat exactly the same mistakes and participate again and again in the same sadistic dance with absolute consciousness.
Church Of The Sea, formed in 2017 in Athens, Greece, when three individuals came together to create a distinct sound, balancing between doom and dark electronic rock.
They embrace fuzzed sounds, heavy distorted beats and ethereal,
chant-like vocals.
They consist by Irini (vocals), Vangelis (guitars) & Alex (Synths & Samples).
'Odalisque' was recorded at Suono Studios, engineered and produced by Alex Bolpasis and Church Of The Sea, mixed by Alex Bolpasis, and mastered by Nick Townsend at Infrasonic Mastering
(Alice In Chains, Garbage, LA Witch, The Black Angels).
Cover photo by Danai Simou,
cover design and artwork by George Gkousetis for Semitone Labs.
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Athenian doom-gazers
CHURCH OF THE SEA return with their first full length album 'Odalisque'
part ii

Their debut EP ‘Anywhere but desert’, was released on October 2nd of 2018, recorded at Artracks Studios and Coti K’s Suono Studios,
engineered and produced by Alex Bolpasis
(Whereswilder, Noise Figures, Cyanna Mercury) and Church of the Sea, mixed and mastered by Chris Common
(Chelsea Wolfe, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Emma Ruth Rundle).
On February 8th 2019 ‘Anywhere but desert’ was released on cassette tape by A Man out of A Man Records
and on April 13th on vinyl by Smash Records.
The band has taken part in several festivals
(Happening Now, Cult of the Amps, Templefest), was the opening act for Antimatter on March 24th 2019 and The Murder Capital
on September 26th, and completed the live cycle for ‘Anywhere but desert’ with a sold-out performance
at St. Paul’s Anglican Church on February 22th 2020.

american doom metal band
release in june 22
'Doomed Planet'

HANZ KRYPT is a doom metal band from venice beach California.
They consist of original vocalist Vincent Farrentino,
guitarist Larry Roservese, bassist big bad Gemini Williams and original drummer Randy TAZ Von Uden.
Currently they are recording a new cd 'DOOMED PLANET' coming out in June of 2022.


Album cover by Sanna

Gustav Lund
Lead and rythm guitar, vocals
Cristoffer Strand
Lead and rythm guitar
Anders Gustavsson
Rickard Lundmark

picture by Adam Björk

Swedish hard rock band
released a new single

Swedish Skellefteå-based hard rockers Blister Brigade released a new stand-alone single and music video Carousel.
Beside from being a groovy and heavy rock song, it is an homage to the fabulous ink studio Carousel Tattoo.
The band comments:
" "Carousel" is in its foundation a heavy rock song. But with this one we decided to also get a little experimental. Since this song was written partly as a tribute to a tattoo studio, we found inspiration in circuses, carnivals and of course, tattoos. With these keywords in mind we just had to go outside our comfort zone and get a little nutty. It's also the first song we've written together from scratch and it's safe to say that we think this jam ended up really awesome. "
Blister Brigade was formed in 2010 by guitarist/vocalist Gustav Lund and drummer Jerker Avander.
Joined by guitarist Cristoffer Strand and bassist Simon Lundström,
the band started jamming on some ideas.
With inspiration from bands like Motörhead and Skid Row
Blister Brigade quickly developed a raw but yet a heavy and solid sound.
In 2013 the band released their debutalbum "To Serve And Punish".
The album was well recieved and the gigs started rolling in.
Blister Brigades second album "The Executioner" was released in December 2016, and by that time drummer Jerker Avander had already left the band, leaving the drumchair to Rickard Lundmark (Zonaria, ex-Feral).
Before the release of the E.P "Pissed, Outraged And Outgunned in 2018, Simon stepped down as the bands bassplayer.
After a thrilling audition shortly after,
bassist Anders Gustavsson joined Blister Brigade.
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Composed by
Gustav Lund, Cristoffer Strand, .Anders Gustavsson & Rickard Lundmark.

Lyrics by Gustav Lund

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Max Malmer at Malmer Productions in October 2021

Swedish hard rock band
released a new single
part ii

With the new line-up, the spark was lit again and after playing some gigs the band hit the studio once again
to record their third full-length album.
"Slugfest Supreme" was released in February 2020 and with a harder, faster and heavier sound than before,
Blister Brigade got ready to hit the stages.
But as for so many other bands and artists, the pandemic ruined all plans.
But the band didn't give up and stayed intact
throughout the recent bleak years.
With the brand new single "Carousel", Blister Brigade is more alive
and rock'n'roll fueled than ever.

Finnish metal band
WHERE'S MY BIBLE released third single and music video 'Chapter III: Nest'

Finnish Heinola-based metal band Where's My Bible released their third single and yet another impressive music video 'Chapter III: Nest'.
The track is taken from their upcoming EP 'Circle',
which is set to be released on May 13th 2022 via Inverse Records.
There will be four tracks on EP and music video is done for each song.
Singer Jussi Matilainen comments:
"Winter, death, deep end. Story gets to the breakdown. Exhaustion and hopelessness dance around hand in hand and it's so dark that it's hard to remember existence of light. Hope a distant memory and journey so heavy, like something is dragging you. Towards the end...

As a song this is hands down the heaviest and darkest we have gone, which is close to my heart, and I feel like I'm on my area of strength with this one. I have waited releasing this part extremely much and I'm excited to see the reaction."
Drummer Teppo Ristola continues:
"Before I told the band that I was interested in a regular place as a drummer, I knew the upcoming songs would be strong and the band would take a step forward. This particular song most influenced my decision to inquire if the permanent drummer's seat would still be open. I think the song combines exactly the new and darker side that the band represents today. The journey is just beginning!"

Single cover by Niko Hiltunen

picture by
Teppo Ristola Photography

Finnish old school metal band
'Dogs Bark But The Caravan Rolls On'

Old School heavy rock band Wishing Well from Helsinki, Finland, have released the other side of their double single,
titled "Dogs Bark But The Caravan Rolls On".
The hard rocking song rolls on with an irresistible groove from the opening riff until the closing bass outro.
The song introduces new vocalist Pepe Tamminen, who's voice fits like a glove in Wishing Well's overall sound, made of classic, distorted Marshall-Hammond combination with some extra spice
from acoustic guitar and piano.
The song was recorded and the video was shot in E-studios, Sipoo, at the end of March together with "Flying Finn" instrumental,
the other side of the double single.
The sessions were engineered and the video was shot by their trusted man Henrik Sirelä, who has worked on all Wishing Well's albums.
"We wrote the song seriously tongue in cheek and the idea is to have faith on what you do and for the future. The point is to do your own thing, no matter what's going on around you or what other people say, no matter how hard it may sometimes be", says Anssi Korkiakoski, the guitar player and leader of the band. "We are most certainly not the most skillful or fashionable band out there and our timing is 40 years wrong, still we keep going with our heads up in the clouds and feet down on the ground, standing on our toes", he says.
"Bands come and go but we have our little thing and we hang on to what we've got because we love what we do. We don't swing for the fences but we have our natural standards and each new song is a home run for us. We follow our path though it's sometimes a rocky ride", says Arto Teppo, the nestor of the band whose roaring Hammond organ is quintessential part of Wishing Well's sound. "It's all about the journey, not the destination", he says.
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1. Dogs Bark But The Caravan Rolls On

2. Flying Finn

Composed and written by: Anssi Korkiakoski

picture by
Jussi Koskinen

Finnish old school metal band
'Dogs Bark But The Caravan Rolls On'
part ii

Wishing Well continues to record their fourth album later this spring in order to release the album later on in 2022.
Band's previous albums have been very well received among classic hard rock fans and they have gained a good following in Finland.
Band's albums "Chasing Rainbows" (2016), "Rat Race" (2018)
and "Do Or Die" (2022) have all been released through Inverse Records.

The band will announce live dates later
through their social media channels.

picture by
Jussi Koskinen


01. God Is A Witness
02. Freedom
03. Around Me
04. Live For Somebody
05. Boring Lovers
06. Bright Eyes
07. Look Who’s Back
08. The Dancers
09. He Says
10. Like Colours Of Flowers

Elle Noir: Vocals
Elio Caia: Bass guitar
Francesco Di Nicola: Guitars
Diego Emiliani: Drums

Italian hard ’n’ heavy band ANIMS
will release on the 29th of april
their cd 'God Is A Witness'

“God Is A Witness”, self-released debut album of the Italian hard ’n’ heavy band Anims, led by former Danger Zone and Crying Steel guitarist Francesco Di Nicola, has been released on all
major digital platforms on August 6, 2021.
The band has now signed a brand new deal with Sneakout Records / Burning Minds Music Group for the release also in CD format,
scheduled on April 29, 2022.
The album “God Is A Witness” came to life in an old-school way, with various face-to- face encounters in a music rehearsal room
in Bologna, Italy.
The project started with the clear and precise intention of creating and recording an album containing ten tracks; ten songs that were clearly united by the same "hard ‘n’ heavy" influence,
yet each with their own specific character.
The ten songs originated from the guitar riffs composed by Francesco Di Nicola (Danger Zone, Crying Steel), put together with the collaboration of bassist Elio Caia, drummer Diego Emiliani and singer Luca Bonzagni (Crying Steel), who proceeded to elaborate
nine of the ten vocal melodic lines.
After the composing and arranging of the songs, as well as the recording of the ten arrangements, the singer, unable to continue the work for personal reasons, abandoned the project, inevitably leaving room for new evaluations, including that of the use of a voice that could offer a totally different and therefore absolutely unexpected twist to the band's sound.
It was therefore decided that a classic hard/heavy metal voice was not what the band envisioned, so various specialized and experienced
male voices were auditioned.
The group therefore decided to wait for the right opportunity,
without necessarily rushing into the completion of the album.
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01. God Is A Witness
02. Freedom
03. Around Me
04. Live For Somebody
05. Boring Lovers
06. Bright Eyes
07. Look Who’s Back
08. The Dancers
09. He Says
10. Like Colours Of Flowers

Elle Noir: Vocals
Elio Caia: Bass guitar
Francesco Di Nicola: Guitars
Diego Emiliani: Drums

Italian hard ’n’ heavy band ANIMS
will release on the 29th of april
their cd 'God Is A Witness'
part ii

Meanwhile, the tracks were recorded by Roberto Priori
at “Pristudio” in Bologna.
During a work break to check the backing tracks and to listen to some tracks recorded in said studio, the opportunity arose to entrust the task of completing the album to Elle Noir, a singer who, by virtue of her own experience and singing versatility, subsequently accepted the challenge of steering towards a decidedly “hard” horizon as she had never done before.

The ten lyrics were written by Francesco Di Nicola, who, speaking from his own experiences, dreams, desires and fears, tried as much as possible to follow the previously composed melodies, composing the missing one
(“The Dancers”) and, with the collaboration of Elle Noir, completing, perfecting and adapting the singing parts to suit the new voice.
The overall result, fruit of the combined effort and common taste of the four musicians, yet inevitably characterized by the freshness, power and femininity of Elle Noir's voice, subsequently inspired the name of the band.

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