KILLER ASPECT returns with powerful single “Naked Flame”

Single “Naked Flame” is released.

“Naked Flame is a story about love that breaks all of the boundaries. Love that doesn’t yield to man made artificial restrictions, ideologies or prejudices. It connects people, no matter where they come from.” Singer Max Paananen describes.
“Human being, who ironically tries to control everthing and everybody is finally on his knees in front of this power of nature” he continues.
Naked Flame is produced and recorded by Tuomas Kokko.

2004 founded Finnish rock band Killer Aspect is group that’s musicians connect to several Finnish well known bands (Apocalyptica, Sunrise Avenue, Warmen, Disco Ensemble etc.).

Killer Aspect was founded in 2004 by two former members of the band Killer
– Timo Huhtala and Teijo Jämsä – and Samuli Relander who used to play the
guitar for the bands The Winyls and Personal Aspect. Singer Max Paananen
joined shortly after and the group was completed by keyboard player Jukka
Backlund who left the band in 2006 after joining Sunrise Avenue.
The band started writing songs immediately and rehearsed diligently to hone
their chops perfect. In 2007 Killer Aspect released their first single ”TV”, which
reached number 1 chart position on national radio station YleX. It was followed
by single ”Bloodshot”, that was also a radio favourite and reached number 5 on
radio hit charts. Debut album ”How Does it Work” (Bonnier Music) was released
in April 2008. At the same time the band played lots of gigs, some of which were
quite high profile (they were the opening act for 30 Seconds to Mars in 2008).
After some line up changes (Jukka Savela on guitar) the band released their
second album ”Brand new start” (57 records) in April 2013. The album, which
included singles ”Box Car Champion” and ”Writings on the Wall”, was well
received by fans. However, the band members had lots of other projects going on
and Killer Aspect was put on hiatus after a few gigs following the album release.
In 2015 the band begun to write new songs with fresh line up (Jaakko Teittinen
on guitar and Jarkko Toivanen on bass) and since then they have been recording
and rehearsing together to be the next big thing in rock music. They have
released five singles between 2019 and 2020.
Killer Aspect’s mission is to become the next big thing in guitar-driven rock by
writing the best songs and playing intensive live gigs to audiences all around the
Max Paananen, vocals
Jukka Savela, guitar
Jaakko Teittinen, guitar
Jarkko Toivanen, bass
Teijo Jämsä, drums

Photo by Terhi Ylimäinen