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Canadian doom/gothic metal duo
has released their album
‘Dead Fields Of Woolwich’

Artwork by James Hutton

‘To Those Who Flower in Darkness’
‘Midnight In The Garden Of Earthly Delights’
‘Winters For Poets’
‘Casualties of Circumstance’
’31 Days For 31 Curses’
‘I’ve Made It To Hell’

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Performed by Kye Bell & Alyssa Broere
Written by Kye Bell
Produced by David Strba at Chainsaw Media
Mixed by David Strba
Mastered by David Strba

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2023Self-Titled – LP
2023I’ve Made It To Hell – Single
2022To Those Who Flower In Darkness – Single
2022Casualties Of Circumstance – Single

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Dead Fields Of Woolwich are:
Kye Bell – all instruments and songwriting
Alyssa Boere – vocals

No Clean Singing (single – I’ve Made It To Hell):
“Jolting chugs and booming drums will get heads moving as the vocals crackle with passion way up in the stratosphere, and near the end the music receives a surge of energy, through a rapid riff-pulse and bombastic percussion, as a prelude to a blazing finale in which all the song’s ingredients, including Alyssa‘s intense, spine-tingling voice, unite in a display of tragic magnificence. (You’ll probably find by then that the song has also gotten well and truly stuck in your head.)”

Kye Bell:
“I always try to keep to love of gothic culture interweaved within all my songs giving the listener a feeling of something haunting and heavy. Hopefully, this record will be received with praise and excitement! It’s been very fulfilling to create an album that is truly my own and I hope people will like the gothic elements fused with the heavy doom. As a whole, the album deals with a lot of darker topics like acceptance of death and personal struggles from within but also touches on dark romanticism and twisted love all while trudging along with heaviness and memorable hooks.”
As a whole the album deals with a lot of darker topics like acceptance of death and personal struggles from within but also touches on dark romanticism and twisted love all while trudging along with heaviness and memorable hooks.
‘To Those Who Flower In Darkness’:
“The album opens with the first track which was released as a single back in late 2022. Starting off with mid-tempo guitars that chug along in the back while the clean overlapping riff builds to a climax and releases into a heavy hook. From there, things are taken down for the verse only to build back up into the chorus. As the bridge and solo come into play melody becomes a major player and then exits into one final chorus. Lyrically it deals with using your inner darkness to improve yourself and build yourself up instead of letting it pull you down.”
‘Midnight In The Garden Of Earthly Delights’:
“This particular song starts with a nice heavy doom riff into a guitar harmony over the verses. Once the chorus kicks in you can hear a Type O Negative influence in the style on the guitar. Reaching the bridge it dives back into a classic doom-style riff. This one showcases a more romantic side than other songs on the album, basically finding a person who truly feels like your other half.”
’31 Days For 31 Curses’:
“One of my favorites from this album for sure. A nice slow-dirgey intro that breaks into a pre-verse like a heavy cold rain coming down. Once again the music leaves room for things to breathe during the verse then climbs back up into the storm for the chorus. As things quiet down a single guitar comes in ushering in a heavy bridge and powerful solo. As far as lyrics go this track talks about feeling like the month of October is doomed to be cursed for you because so many bad things have happened then.”
‘Casualties Of Circumstance’:
“I’ve always felt this one had an Alice In Chains or A Pale Horse Named Death vibe to it. Starting with a solid rhythm and single winding note into going into a pretty straightforward palm muted verse the song then comes into a powerful chorus. Following that we hear more harmonizing guitars over a tom groove. When we reach the peak we are treated with what I would call a simple but epic solo followed by a gothic-sounding melodic lead to the outro. I wrote this one based on the acceptance of death and that sometimes bad things happen just because of a circumstance you’re in.”
‘Winter’s For Poets’:
“This one came out as probably the most unique song. Starting with a very ‘Rotting Christ’ style riff into the verse it builds up and erupts into the chorus. As it approaches the end it goes into a nice yet mournful little outro. In terms of lyrics this talks about the isolation of winter and how it’s a great time to create music just because going outside is not really appealing.”
‘I’ve Made It To Hell’:
“I chose this one to showcase as the single for the album because it has a great dirgy riff until it hits a catchy chorus. Probably more simple than other songs but packs a great punch with its contrasting riffs of heavy and catchy especially as the last chorus comes around. This one deals with the idea of transitioning to the afterlife and being stuck there.”
Dead Fields Of Woolwich has its beginnings going back to the Autumn of 2020 in North Bay, Ontario when multi-instrumentalist Kye Bell created a project inspired by a love of bands like Type O Negative, Paradise Lost, and Wood Of Ypres along with their gothic-laden sound and gloom ridden lyrics.
Dead Fields Of Woolwich, though still considered a solo project at heart, would grow from an individual entity to a dark twosome with the addition of Alyssa Broere for session vocals and the upcoming release of the self-titled debut album.
Kye Bell:
“The name of the band comes from where I grew up in southern Ontario. I remember lots of old fields, scarecrows, and dense woods of twisted trees.”
“Recording initially started by using actual amps but was re-record using different amp simulators.”
“Most of the songs are based on true life events that have happened to me. For example, Casualties Of Circumstance is actually about a pet rat that gave birth but ended up eating all her young, and 31 Days for 31 Curses was inspired by losing a pet cat who I tried to save with everything I had but in the end, was not enough among other bad things that all seem to have happened in October.”
“Much of the drums are a mix of programming and live drums played on an Ekit.”
“During the shooting of the first music video you can see a book being read. It’s actually an old book from the 60’s dealing with black magic and demon incantation.”

For fans of
Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, Woods Of Ypres, A Pale Horse Named Death, Katatonia.

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