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new album ‘Vemod’ out on
24th of September 2021

Bastian Kempe – vocals
Gustav Holst – guitars
Adrian Lyxell – guitars
Lukas Löken Olsson – bass, vocals
Johan Blomberg – drums

Forgetting the Memories combine intricate, headbangable rhythms with melodic choruses that will have you singing along in no time, constructing a unique blend of deathcore and metalcore that is unparalleled in complexity and intensity.
‘Monophobia’, their first self-released full-length in 2016, was a sprawling labyrinth of ferocious, hard-pounding breakdowns and catchy choruses, peppered with meaningful lyrics detailing deeply personal journeys through issues like battling cancer, losing a friend, and heartbreak.
The band continued on this path on their first release with their new label ‘Long Branch Records’.
The EP ‘Known Darkness’ was released in 2019 and featured 6 songs, further confirming the band’s rapid growth and potential.
Now ‘Vemod’, the second longplayer of the 5 Swedes, is a clear further development of the already known trademarks of the band and thus comes across even more intense than its predecessors.
The 10 tracks on the new album, which was mixed and mastered by Buster Odeholm (Vildhjarta, Humanity’s Last Breath), are lyrically haunting and deal with personal setbacks, world-weariness, anger and melancholy or wistfulness (=’Vemod’ in swedish).
Over the years, Forgetting The Memories have remained true to their particular style, yet have constantly evolved and defined themselves as a truly essential force within the genre.
‘Beneath The Creek’:
“The meaning of this song is about finding the purpose in your life by overcoming the darkness within yourself. There’s always some sort of doubt orregret that lies heavy on our soul, but by trying to face that darkness we might beable to push ourselves to a better life. This song tells a story about a person whostruggles with this, trying to fight for a better life.”
‘The Solstice Rebirth’:
“This song is about manipulative behavior that occurs more often than it should. We try to put ourselves in the perspective where you are being manipulated into doing things for others’ cause. With that, you’ll live in that mindset until the darkness has swallowed you whole. You’ll become self-destructive and dangerous to others but mostly to yourself.”
‘The Lake’:
“The story is set outside in the outskirts of the big cities close to a lake where the melancholy of the forest continues on forever. It’s about getting too close to someone even though they have a profound evil inside them, and then being left alone when they’re gone. ‘The Lake’ is about loneliness and abandonment when the only person you hold dear is gone.”
‘A Voice In The Static’:
“This songs story is about love loss and the aftermath of dealing that horrible experience. To cope with being reminded by the little things you used to resemble with this person. The outcome of this incident causes depression and self-hatred in order to believe that you are in fact alright.”
‘Mask Ov Lies’:
“This song is about a journey through the life of a person who has a very distant relationship with his dad and the effect it has to the beholder. The song takes a dark dive into what goes through the head of the son who sees nothing but the wrong doings of his father. When it comes to becoming a parent of his own, he is eager to be the better parent. To give a better life to his child.”
‘Cowards Tongue’:
“This song details the latent resentment that builds up over years of living in someone else’s shadow. Eventually resentment turns to rage as it boils over and results in murderous intent. Sadly, the impact of such an act is a tremendously heavy burden to bear.”
‘From Soot’:
“This song is about by making certain acts that can be the end of everything that you love. In this case ‘From Soot’ is a story of a man who mistakenly burns down his home with his family still inside. In prison he’s waiting for the end of his days, he finally accepts death as his only way out. So that he too, can be with his family once again.”
‘Cursed Earth’:
“This song is about the story of a man who lives a reckless life of pain and suffering. He who has caused d – The trauma that has been caused over so many eath throughout a small town now faces judgement by being buried and then burned alive. Carved his remaining thoughts onto the wooden boards. The meaning of ‘Cursed Earth’ is the acceptance of the afterlife which brings peacefulness to the bearer through fire.”
“The trauma that has been caused over so many years makes one want to lose all hope of existence. The angst fills your body as you know that you share the same blood with the evil in your household. This song is about wanting to cut ties with your father after being raised in an abusive home. ‘Trauma’ executes the hate without remorse.”

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