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Philadelphia-based punk band Elephant Protocol emerged from the depths of the local underground scene as the brainchild of charismatic lead singer Josh Calkins.
With their explosive energy and refusal to play by the rules, the band quickly carved a niche with their unique blend of punk rock and diverse musical influences.
Elephant Protocol’s journey began 7 years ago when they recorded a series of demos at Fresh Produce studios.
Those demos formed the foundation of their first full-length album, ‘Thailand’ which spawned three remarkable singles that captured the attention of both fans and industry insiders alike.
‘Good Idea’ and ‘Burn’ gained widespread recognition.
However, the third single, ‘Sever & Break’ became the band’s breakout hit, captivating audiences far beyond their native city.
‘Thailand’ showcased the band’s willingness to experiment and defy musical norms.
Elephant Protocol’s upcoming EP, ‘Sink In’ promises to push Elephant Protocol’s sound even further into the realms of intensity and raw power.
The new release was recorded at Sleepless Sound studios and helmed by skilled producer and drummer Lucas Kozinski.
The first track of the new EP, ‘GRIDWALKER’ embarks on a thrilling new chapter for Elephant Protocol’s journey.
‘Gridwalker’ encompasses the intense feelings of existing today at the crossroads of values, relationships, and the ever-pressing task of finding the true north.
Searing vocals and a pummeling rhythm give way to a bright and melodic chorus section, which serves as the blazing opening salvo in a string of highly anticipated new singles.

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