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Canadian rock band
has released single
‘By The Side Of The Road’

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Canadian band Deadbeat Superheroes has just released their latest single ‘By The Side Of The Road’ a track that brings together an ambient, nuanced 80s sound with mellowed catharsis.
With inspiration from the likes of Roxy Music, Florence and the Machine, and Fleetwood Mac, the song is a heavyweight in its own right, thanks to the production of Marek David.
The song began as a nod to Creedance Clearwater Revival with organs and a spooky Theramin track, but it wasn’t until Julie Sun Lee layered on her violins and vocals that the song truly took on a new dimension.
Ultimately, Marek David’s Roxy Music-tinged arrangement spun the track into a 180, the end result is a track that has a heightened sense of orchestration and an assured ease that showcases the band’s musical prowess.
‘By The Side Of The Road’ is a testament to the band’s evolving sound and their ability to create music that resonates with listeners.
With its ambient, delay-filtered guitars and nuanced 80s sound, the track is a standout in the band’s repertoire.
Deadbeat Superheroes was formed by Toronto-based songwriters Vikas Sharma (guitar) and Ayesha Adhami (singer), and later expanded to include Love Tapper singer/guitarist MT, who added his signature rock-a-billy riffs and sweet vocals.
Adhami came up with the name Deadbeat Superheroes, and in 2014, the band released their eponymous EP.
Since then, the band has gone through a few lineup changes, with drummer Eric Purcell joining during the EP release party, bassist Locksley ‘Dutty’ Murray and violinist Julie Sun Lee joining in 2016, and guest keyboardist Marek Forysinki establishing a long-lasting relationship with the band.
Adhami decided to pursue her career outside of music in 2020, and Julie Sun Lee assumed the role of lead vocals.
The band’s latest EP, ‘Edmonton’, was released in 2022, featuring guest appearances by Taylor Charles (drums), Charlotte Germaine (background vocals), and The Poubelles guitarist Stephen J. Horak.

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